What’s in a name? TAG Heuer’s Android Wear smartwatch to cost $1,400


  • It’s Me

    Wonder how much their gold version will be.

  • Eluder

    I’d pay that for a nice Tag smartwatch, not for an Apple which looks like a toy.
    Hopefully it looks premium like their regular watches usually do.

    • It’s Me

      Then at that point the value is purely based on aesthetics.

      A lot of people had a problem with the Apple watch being pricey because it would be obsolete in 2 years. Seems that would equally apply here, at the least.

    • Eluder

      Well really depends what it looks like. If it looks like a premium timepiece, the life of the device could be longer.

    • Looking good doesn’t make it any less obsolete after a couple of years, and doesn’t prolong the lifespan of the battery in any way.

    • FlamesFan89

      I might pay a premium price for a watch if it is something that I know could be handed down to my son, and perhaps later his son should he have one, but it is just plain silly to drop that kind of money on something that will be outdated in a year or two, be it made by Apple, Tag, or elves riding on unicorns.

    • It’s Me

      And therefore your consistency in valuation is commendable.

      My issue is with people that said paying such a premium for a brand is ridiculous or, as you feel, that paying so much for something with so relatively short a lifespan is ridiculous, but then say “well, if it’s this brand it’s ok to pay so much; even more in fact”.

    • FlamesFan89


    • Eluder

      Just to note, I didn’t say anything about the brand, it’s about the premium look and feel of the watch, which in my opinion Apple seriously lacks with their watch. Unless of course you throw down money enough to buy a car.

    • It’s Me

      My comments about hypocrisy because of brand weren’t about you. Sorry if it came off that way.

  • Accophox

    Think Google’s aiming for the trickle down effect here. Possibly aiming for mechanical/automatic movement, and then a partially translucent LCD panel on top. Maybe. Who knows. Google wouldn’t be collaborating with TAG unless it was getting something out of it too.

  • Hensher


  • van_N

    Brand name on a piece of $35 tech makes it $1600…hmmmm…

    I prefer a real watch myself.

  • AW Sudo

    I will stay with my mechanical Seiko. However, I will always choose a TAG over Apple watch especially if I was going to fork over $1400.

  • scroogeguy

    Given that $1400 would make it one of the cheapest Tag watches if it maintains the quality they are known for I think it will sell well. They have also said that it will have a 40 hour battery life. That alone will put it heads above any competition if true.

    That being said, I can’t see myself taking off my carrera to put this on. The feeling of a proper mechanical watch is just too nice. Especially when you can feel it through your wrist as the coil unwinds every once and a while.

    I think this will introduce a lot of people to the Tag brand. I do not think it will attract too many of their current customers though (myself included).

  • Andrew English

    Good going TAG! But I am sure they know their normal watches will outlast any Apple or Android watch and still be fashionable and usable 20 years down the road! 🙂

  • “Overpriced”.

    • Ulfredsson The Vanquisher

      Awww muffin… Are you butt hurt because people don’t think Apple is as premium as TAG?


      So many sads.

    • It’s Me

      Nothing to do with perceptions “premium” I expect. Lots of people were saying things about the Apple Watch like “only i****s will pay $1000 for a digital watch no matter who makes it”, “iSheep only paying and over paying for a brand”, etc, etc.

      Those same geniuses are now saying “oh, well, if it’s a Tag, it’s OK”. Suddenly brand by itself does make it ok to spend large amounts of money. There’s no reason to think Tag will make a Wear device that is better than any other OEM, in fact since they aren’t a digital technology company and this is a digital technology, there is more reason to think they they won’t do it as well. But that doesn’t matter, because brand. Hypocrisy is sort of funny.

      It’s unfortunate when people need their hand held to explain this stuff.

    • Ulfredsson The Vanquisher

      You need to not take life so seriously.

    • FlamesFan89

      On this, we agree.

    • jayzon12

      You have to be careful with comments like these because how will everyone’s life be complete if you go around and impart knowledge on them and they cant blindly hate on company’s (apple, Samsung, blackberry, etc)…. Oh who are we kidding they still will because anything that goes against their blind uneducated hate is just a fanboy right? LOL

    • Ulysses Grant

      No need to take people’s opinion seriously.

      Yes, you may be right that Tag may not be as good as Apple when it comes on designing the interface but you cannot discount that Tag makes good watches. In addition, I am sure Tag is getting help designing the interface so there…

    • It’s Me

      Not just the UI. Tag makes great mechanical watches. So does Rolex. But I don’t expect either to make a great computer, which these wearables really are. Similarly, I wouldn’t expect Samsung or Apple to easily make a better mechanical watch than Rolex or others.

      But in this case, because it looks like a watch, and Tag makes watches, it’s worth a premium? It’s not a watch, and Tag makes watches, so is it worth a premium as a Tag wrist computer?

    • lol

    • Ulfredsson The Vanquisher


    • Ulysses Grant

      trolling much, Brad? I thought you don’t troll?

    • I told you less than 24 hours ago that I troll. Did you forget already?

  • P1l0t3

    Hi I have to say that a TAG at this price point would be good. However I’m still not into this smartwatch thing. i already have my phone to recharge everyday. Why would I had another tech that I will need to take care daily ?
    I have gone batteryless (Hamilton) some years ago and this is paradise. As with all batteryless watch I have to re-time it once a week for 2-3 minutes but I have move away my anxiety of when the battery will died.
    People are complaining everyday that they are wall huggers (unless you got a Sony Phone) and yet, they all run on the smartwatch that need the same attention. Silly.

  • Mo Dabbas

    Apple watch looks better than this.

    • Mo Dabbas

      Lol. I wish I said this comment earlier. Imagine the possible drama that it can generate.