Bell agrees to alter its Relevant Advertising Program after Privacy Commission releases scathing report


  • Guest

    Good! Smack them again, OPC!

  • FlamesFan89

    “We’re dedicated to protecting customer privacy and thank the commission for clarifying the rules”

    uh huh, sure, it’s because you weren’t clear on the rules that you behaved in this manner.

    In other news, greedy corporations lie.

  • awhite2600

    Does Rogers do this sort of thing too? Birds of a feather…

  • cartfan88

    It seems Bell and Rogers have declared open war on consumers and the CRTC.

  • AW Sudo

    Capitalism at it’s best! Corporate greed thinking they can do whatever they want and give the finger to their subscribers.

    Surprised someone has not brought a class action lawsuit against them. I guess the anti-spamming policy doesn’t have enough teeth.

    Someone should track down the CEO’s personal contact information and automatically sign him up for various services or sell his information to ad agencies…

    I think Rogers is opt-in (not a customer so it is just speculation on my part).

    • thomas nguyen

      the thought process is, let’s do whatever we can until we get caught, and feign ignorance and change to “protect our consumers”

  • Jim D

    Typical of Bell. Hated these guys for a while. They charge for crap you shouldn’t be charged for, the sales people lie to you more than the government, they throw massive over charges (albeit on small occasions) on your bills and they toy with consumers way too much. This is why I’ve been pro Rogers for so long (although I’m on Koodo because of the Manitoba plans) but still… Rogers > Bell by a landslide

  • George

    One color I really hate is blue because it resembles BCE.

  • Matt

    Ya I was able to get out of my 2 year contract because Bell had changed to this serious breach in privacy. And there was no way to opt out. They only had two options. To not have advertisements relevant to me. Or to have relevant ads shown. Zero 100% opt out option to protect all my privacy. I had made a complaint to privacy commissioner and to CCTS and they got my contract voided. And I had no fees to get out of my contract either. And best of all I got to keep my two devices I got contracts for as well. So Bell lost over $1400 of devices I got free. And plus lost me as a customer for life.
    I seriously don’t agree for Bell to double deep to make money off customers. We are already paying for a service. They have no right to also make money on our private information. Facebook is different cause they are offering a free service in exchange for your private info.

  • d a

    SCUM is as SCUM does. BELL IS SCUM

  • Peter

    I like how they throw in Google and Facebook at the end.