Apple debuts initial batch of Apple Watch video tours


  • 5tinkyPete

    Video #11: How not to seem like a total wad for spending $500 on a watch that’s dead by noon and sucks so much juice out of your phone that it dies at the same time.

    • BeforeOld

      What’s it like to be so poor that you resort to making fun of people that can afford nicer things than you?

    • FlamesFan89

      It’s interesting that you assume he is poor. My guess is, that since he clearly has a strong grasp on how to spend money wisely, and not frivolously, he is likely very secure financially.

    • BeforeOld

      There is no assumption. People that aren’t willing to spend on luxury brands like Apple can’t afford them. If price wasn’t a problem (as it’s not for me) then they wouldn’t bring up price point.

      Hell, I’m even buying the more expensive version with the sapphire crystal and steel body.

    • FlamesFan89


      Whatever you have to tell yourself to justify overspending.

      “Luxury brands like Apple” he he he, I’m going to laugh about that one for days.

    • Tyrannosaur3464

      oooooooh rektem.

  • Fogman

    Hum… interesting to see how Apple designed the SMS functions. Even though you can discreetly take your SMS, dictating a reply is not really discreet (and I have a Moto 360 so I know what I’m taking about)… The only + I can see on the Apple Watch is the ability to create a SMS (which is not possible by default on Android Wear).

    • georgejia

      I am pretty sure the google now commond message … works on the watch. Since you have to dictate one anyway, I don’t see the need for an extra button just to start one.

    • Fogman

      Let’s review the process to send a SMS on Android Wear… You have to say “Ok Google” or touch the screen, then, you have to select the command “send a SMS to whoever”, then you have to dictate the name of the person (fail – should be a menu on screen), and finally, you have to dictacte your SMS (fail again – should offer the option of sending pre-defined messages). I don’t see the need of an additional button, the options should be just by default offered on Android Wear. I just hope Google will learn from the Apple Watch os…

    • BB BB

      Samsung Gear also does this job much easier or Fleksy messenger let’s you type one out

    • FlamesFan89

      Let’s review the proper way to send an SMS.

      Step one, retrieve phone from pocket
      Step two, send SMS
      Step three, continue your day, confident in your ability to avoid looking like a child pretending to be Dick Tracy.

    • Fogman

      Haha, I’m telling you FlamesFan89… You get used (and enjoy) to check your watch instead of retrieving your phone from your pocket 😉 ! And you get stats about your activity during the day (with more accuracy than your phone).