Brace your thumbs: Flappy Bird to return


  • Dimitri

    I will stick to my Real Racing 3, FIFA 14 & Tetris for the time being.. I rather not deal with angry birds / Flappy birds.

  • HD Z

    I really don’t get it.
    There is thousands of bad games on Play Store.

    • Dimitri

      Same can be said about IOS as well. They have tons of the same games just different colors / views.

    • HD Z

      I really don’t get why people here, always feel like bringing Apple into any discussion,

    • Dimitri

      I really do not know why people like to bring Android into this either. The article did not mention Android or Apple. ( your post Play store = Android)

    • wahwah

      Dimitri is a blackberry wanker. He depises apple and doesn’t like anything that is unrelated to his platform of choice. Sire loser comes to mind.

    • Dimitri

      Really now? How so seeing as i am using a Note 3 & reserved the S5? Just because i own a Z30 doesn’t mean i am ” Blackberry wanker”. Learn to use proper English & then come back to speak.

    • chris

      Because iOS has the only other notable mobile marketplace, and he was contributing discussion? I really don’t get why people here, always feel like bashing Apple in any discussion,

  • WhoCares1000

    I bet those people that bid thousands of dollars on an iDevice with Flappy Birds feel pretty smart now.

    • Dimitri

      My guess is they do. I heard a few people shelling out $1,000+ for a device that has Flappy Bird on it. I wonder what they are thinking now as they just spend that much money on a device just for Flappy Bird. I find it silly & outright stupid to do that.

    • Garrett Cooper

      He said the people who bid, not the people who sold. Of course the people who sold feel pretty smart. The people who bid are i****s, but I’d of said that before the news of it coming back anyway, this game sucked. I have it on my phone, played it once and never again.

  • Dimitri

    I wonder if your family knows how you come online & TRY your hardest to troll & bully others online & yet fail at it. I wonder.

    No i just dislike games like this. That is all. What does Blackberry have to do with anything. Quit while you are at it my friend.

  • Dylan D’Croix

    As I previously said, I still expect to see this return to the app store as payware.

  • chris

    It’s weird that you know so much about Dimitri, and chose to bring this into the discussion. Pick your battles, wahwah. Go live your life.

  • j38j3

    Douglas, you really believe that this application makes sell for thousands of dollars on eBay? Every single one of those bids are joke bids. No one is paying 1 cent more for any phone just because it has Flappy bird on it. if anything, people who advertise Flappy Bird as being included with the phone are getting less for the phone because real bidders don’t bother bidding on them because the price will be driven up by the hoax bidders.

  • Ricky Cheung

    tolled rolling stone? you probably meant told?