Update: Winner announced in our Google Chromecast Contest


  • wahwah

    Too bad myself and everyone I know who actually wanted one has one by now. Its only been what, a year since its release?

  • Ryan McCumber

    need it

  • KrispyInTO

    gimme dat

  • Charles Tremblay

    I WANT IT !

  • KiwiBri

    Nice to see more google stuff in Canada!

  • Marco Bairos

    I need this for my life

  • jibjib

    i never win anyway lol

  • Comrade Yeti

    I’ve already got one from a previous trip to the states but I could always use a second for downstairs!

  • Frederic St-Pierre


  • Thomas Milne

    I would love to have this.
    I would love to have this with the MobilSyrup logo on it.

  • MoonCakez


  • Thomas C. Riddell

    I want it

  • Kaldrak

    Sooo need ! Good luck everyone !

  • Jason Russell


  • Dave

    Yes please.

  • Ali Salman

    Moar google 🙂

  • big_al77

    ohh was about to buy it but ill hold until winner is revealed

  • WebWhip

    A Chromecast costs 24 bucks on Ebay. So you want me to “like” you on the promise that “maybe” you’ll give me a 24 dollar toy? Makes you seem not only needy but cheap as well. I know a girl that will give me a lot more than that for 24 dollars.

    • wahwah


    • Blueliner

      I don’t get why you’re complaining.. If you don’t like how they’re promoting themselves for you to enter a contest.. Don’t do it! This is not needy.. its marketing for a business. This is also not cheap, because they’ve done contests for phones and gadgets worth hundreds of dollars in the past.

    • wahwah

      Wah wah.

    • WebWhip

      I think for a couple extra bucks, she’ll even tell me that she loves me.

    • Blueliner

      I’m glad you’ve found the love of your life so easily then 🙂

    • WebWhip

      Hardly. What an odd concept you must have of true love.

  • Martin Chan

    Why not? Need to see if it’s useful.

  • IanDickson

    Cool. Wouldn’t buy one cuz I have a computer hooked up to my TV, but would be neat to have when I go out of town!

  • Ken K.

    Already has one. Don’t mind the second one. Perfect excuse to buy another TV.

  • Thomas Yok

    I’d love to try it out.

  • Šimon Slávik

    Greaaat giveaway

  • Debbie Bashford


  • Lyndon Boychuk

    Wouldn’t mind having one myself 🙂

  • Eric_M1968

    Finally available in Canada and you guys are giving one away….. Sweet first day of spring!

  • Henry Huynh

    Sweet giveaway!

  • Guest

    This would be great for my kids TV in the rec room.

    instead of me having to go in and restart the movies all the times…lol

  • Chris

    dongle me!

  • Damon Rose

    Man this would be awesome to have!

  • ineptone

    I just ordered my first one yesterday. But there’s always HDMI ports available for a second one.

  • Sandy Woo

    Do want!

  • Lori Jackson

    following , sharin g and tweeting on all platforms..including You Tube 🙂

  • retrophiliac


  • Roberta

    I follow us and re-tweet this contest on Twitter

  • petertinh

    Hope i win

  • Sohail

    I can used a second one 🙂

  • Lisa Knox Neutel

    Liked on Facebook

  • Lisa Knox Neutel

    Following and retweeted on twitter @neutkidz

  • Lakh Jhajj

    Won’t win but still ain’t stoppin trying !!

  • kemar7856

    pick me

  • Eric Parisien

    cool gadget, I love

  • Gail M.

    I would love to win!!!

  • Harry Chahal


  • Marc-Andre Taillefer

    need it

  • Jason

    Very curious to see if this can find a spot along with my apple TV and my Xbmc.

  • ASH

    This is would be really handy…

  • jose roman

    these are nice

  • Dennis Koroluk

    I like it.

  • berniecalo

    This would be perfect for our “non-smart” TV! 🙂

  • joseph

    Me Me!

  • Daniel Atienza™

    Goodluck everyone!

  • eszklar

    I have no HDMI-enabled TV or monitor to plug this into. I do have an HDMI-to-VGA converter box though.

  • PatcheZ


  • gurjit

    I always wanted one of these pick me plz ….

  • Jon Strykes

    I’ll take one!

  • Gregory Campbell

    Would be a great addition to have. Thanks mobilesyrup.

  • Michael D

    Me , me, me, me, pick me *both hands raised* again 🙂

  • Mart Angelo Babaan

    My precious!

  • graham jones


  • David Rawlins

    Haha, I’d give it a whirl. Thanks mobilesyrup!

  • Joanna Sibbald


  • Bob Wang

    Can i enter?

  • ryangard

    With the low cost, seems like a decent competitor to the AppleTV and AirPlay functionality that’s out there currently.

  • Sandie Guerrero

    I would love a new HTC. Right now I’m stuck with an LG, but it’s not as great as an HTC. I also love the beats that is included.

  • Jeffrey Del Guidice

    Can’t wait to see it.

  • Pierre roy

    i would love this it seems really cool for the price.

  • Brendan Cardoso

    Oh what an amazing contest! Thanks Mobilesyrup!

  • newfie_godwin

    i think i’ll have to pick one up and try it for myself. haven’t heard many bad things about it in general

  • Andrew Phillips

    I Like it

  • riaz paynter

    i’ll take one

  • jo ruer

    Cast it on me,the chromecast

  • Mandeep Chadha

    Pick me

  • no_one11

    I did it all for the nookie.

  • umhhmm

    count me in !!! i need something to watch 🙂

  • Darci Paice-Bailey

    my son wants this bad..so YES please!

  • psycholamb

    Mmm, Chromecast

  • jeremy kinch

    sure i’ll take one….

  • Xellerator2003

    You guys are freaking awesome with the world and CANADIAN news and giveaways. #Rediculousness. Thanks for being so amazing eh’!

  • Todd Moore


  • Thomas C. Riddell

    I want to win

  • Thomas C. Riddell

    please let me win

  • petertinh

    Hope I win.

  • knobletruth

    Awesome can use it to replace an apple TV?

  • Dave

    Yes please.

  • Gail M.

    I would love to win.

  • Ken Salter

    Chrome cast and Mobilesyrup rock

  • Fahkoff

    Hi mom, it’s me. No, I’m just surfing the net and watching the Junos. Did you know they’re here in Winnipeg this year?

  • Mo Dabbas

    Looking forward to this

  • Pushpinder Purba

    Gimme one

  • Serjical

    I think this would be a pretty cool thing to have 🙂

  • D4Ge

    Yay contest!

  • Brandon James Starcevic

    There we go! I can comment! Amen! Chromecast is awesome, i could finally turn my hunk of junk TV into a smart TV and save myself thousands! Thanks guys!

  • sunshynejo

    Was just saying the other day that this would be something great to have!!

  • bobd1952

    The ultimate tool!

  • Wahab Alam

    I really want it…..:)

  • Jason Russell

    Nice prize as always !

  • Ariel C

    yes please!

  • MarKeeMarK

    I want this one! 🙂

  • Radiantly

    want it

  • stevetherepo

    Chromecast please! Looks so amazing!

  • Ferooz

    how about today is it too late?

  • Edward Zoviguian

    Chrome me up!

  • David Appleby

    What a great way to make your HDTV into a smart tv. The price for the Chromecast makes it very appealing!

  • Christian Labrèche

    I want one of these

  • Ronaldo Pardilla

    Congratulations Damon.

  • Robert Govan

    Would be nice.