New Microsoft CEO will reportedly unveil Office for iPad next week


  • Buzz88

    I bet it ain’t gonna be $1.99

  • jon

    who even uses Microsoft office so many free alternatives that are the same. Hopefully the new CEO can revive Windows

    • Stephen_81

      People that actually need the power of a full features spreadsheet program.

      There isn’t a free alternative that even deserves to be in the same category as Excel.
      I can see people using alternatives to Word, as the majority of usage doesn’t dig even into a fraction of the power.
      PowerPoint is still the gold standard for presentations, While I do appreciate alternatives like Prezi, PowerPoint is still the go to for a presentation you are going to need to leave behind.

      And those are just the 3 main ones.

    • Tsordi

      It’s true. I’ve flirted with free/open source alternatives and they’re generally awful. Office 2010 onward is fantastic and I’ll gladly pay a nominal fee for something that just works. I used to spend hours trying to “trick” OpenOffice into doing what I wanted it to do.

    • asdf

      Microsoft Office is ‘the standard’ and substituting OpenOffice or some other freeware does not cut it.

  • Lyndon Boychuk

    Why does everyone feel the need to cater to apple? When was the last time apple took something of theirs and made it available on a competitors platform???

    • Rio

      They don’t need to, Apple is a hardware company first. They use the software to sel the hardware.

      Where as Microsoft is a software company, every minute they don’t have a office suite for the iPad thats every min someone is downloading another alternative.

    • realitycheck

      exactly….. not to mention all the IT departments having to fork over cash now to pay for this to be installed on all the executives ipads just because its an official version of office and they need to have outlook instead of ios mail or OWA…. cash cow…

  • stevedion

    Does it even matter at this point. Seems like it’s 2 years overdue at least! I’d say a majority of people who own iPads already have some sort of solution to open and make minor edits to Office docs…

    • thedesmodes

      I think that there is google docs for the ipad and if I am correct its okay as a document editor.

      Edit: The app is Google Drive for ipad, and its free

    • awhite2600

      Apple now offers Pages, Numbers and Keynote for free with iPads. These applications can perform edits on MS Office documents – with some limitations. Might be enough for casual users.