Minuum teases typing integration with more wearables as SDK approaches public release

Minuum continues to impress by being one of the few input startups focused not only on improving the virtual typing experience on smartphones and tablets, but on emerging tech like smartwatches, glasses and even Kinect-like sensors.

In a demo video showcasing its upcoming SDK, Minuum’s parent company, Whirlscape, stated that it is “working on a series of wearable typing demos” to be posted to its YouTube account over the next few weeks. This is a run-up to the release of its typing SDK for developers, who can then turn around and integrate the technology into their own wearable tech.

According to a company blog post, “the Minuum SDK lets you rapidly prototype new ways of typing with wearable and other smart devices—grab an Arduino plus some sensors, and you can be typing within minutes!” They already teased Minuum paired with a Galaxy Gear smartwatch, but we’re most excited to see what it can do on consoles and camera-based sensors.


In other Minuum news, the Android keyboard has been updated to version 1.2.3, fixing a number of issues with auto-spacing and predictions. The keyboard has also been re-skinned, with a flat, high-contrast look that is lovely to use. As you can see, the new look translates well across both its one-dimensional and full-sized keyboard layouts (toggled by tapping on the keyboard with two fingers).

Minuum is a $1.99 download from Google Play.

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