Tim Hortons unveils the ‘BlackBerry’ donut

Tim Hortons and BlackBerry teamed up today to hand out free coffee to those visiting the Timmies location on 90 Adelaide Street West in Toronto. The main objective was to promote the TimmyMe app and its ability for customers to pay for their order via their BB10 device.

However, a pleasant treat was on display as Tim Hortons created the “BlackBerry” donut. From the looks of it this is a vanilla dip donut with purple icing, sprinkles and filled with a BlackBerry jelly inside. Also on deck for the festivities is Joffrey Lupul, alternate captain of the Toronto Maple Leafs, who’s buying coffee for everyone that rocks a BlackBerry device. Slow news day, sure is, but you honestly can’t get more Canadian than this!

Via: Twitter