Tim Hortons unveils the ‘BlackBerry’ donut


  • _ThaNerd_

    Loll @ the Leafs donut filled with Boston’s cream…

    • KiwiBri


    • Winston Lee

      Boston cream donut is on the shelf on top of the leafs donut not a part of leafs donut.

    • _ThaNerd_

      Dude don’t spoil the joke… 😉

    • Stuntman06

      That’s reflects their relative positions in the standings.

    • Acer12345


    • Patrick Serrano


    • Nyrol

      Boston creams are filled with Venician cream

    • BGR ia JOKE

      Getting a blackberry donut. I am a blackberry developer and love donuts. What a combo.

    • BGR ia JOKE

      i am a director of a software company in Toronto … i write software for all phones and desktops…

  • Noah Roesler

    The Tim Horton in my school doesn’t have any of this cool stuff.. 🙁

  • Thrasher

    Now, they have to follow up with and Android donut! 😉

    • johentie

      But please no Apple donut…please..

    • Tom

      My sister actually has a Donut phone (not in active use of course) 🙂 That thing is so slow at doing anything that I’d rather use a regular dumbphone, haha.

      I remember attending a Christmas party where my friend baked gingerbread cookies in the shape of, you guessed it, Android bots. Those were awesome!

  • JB

    Very cool! Nice job of Tim Hortons supporting a fellow Canadian Company and Vice Versa. We need more of this in this country

    • johentie

      Exactly.. can’t wait to swap to my z30 and pay with my phone via nfc

    • JB

      Friend of mine has the Z30…..awesome awesome phone.

    • M-Len

      Yeah I got the phone, faster than my partners Nexus 5, which in an of itself is a great phone in its own right. Z30 battery life is simply incredible as well.

    • StevieY

      I can’t wait to upgrade to a Z30 too. Oh wait, Rogers didn’t take it because it’s a low selling piece of garbage 🙁

    • swlee

      I thought Rogers ended up selling it due to crazy amount of customers complaining?

    • AnotherBillJ

      It’s anything BUT a piece of garbage. Rogers didn’t INITIALLY offer it because they already had other BB10 phones available and didn’t feel it was necessary to offer it. They soon realized that was a big mistake and have since made it available for ordering online (which is how I got mine).

    • StevieY

      Tow the BB/Rogers PR line, my friend. It’s selling incredibly poorly at Telus and Bell who have it in store.

    • AnotherBillJ

      It’s selling incredibly poorly because people are not aware of the phones due to sales reps not knowing enough about the phones. Tell a sales rep you want a BlackBerry and the first thing they say is “have you looked at the new iPhone and Android phones?” That’s the main problem.

    • StevieY

      And that’s because they’ve had such poor luck with defects and returns on BB devices that it isn’t worth it for them to even consider BlackBerry devices.

    • AnotherBillJ

      I agree with that, they have had problems in the past with their phones but the problems occurred with pre-BB10 phones. The new phones are a definite step up from the old ones.

  • kilowiko

    Well I guess its time to shun Timmy’s. The leafs are bad enough but bb?!! Double fail.

    • johentie

      U should start hanging out with the hipsters at starsucks then… and then u can be American.. next thing u know u’ll have an iPhone.. oh wait…. u already do… sorry hipster

    • Anthony Roberts

      LOL I am sorry this is too funny!!!! iPhone owners…I don’t see the hype about that phone it is an app launcher and mp3 player thats it lol. If you took iOS and BB10 out of the box with no access to any of the app stores and judge the phones based on features…battery life…productivity….multi tasking…ETC. BB10 will murder the iPhone big big big big big time!!! (iPhone 5S and Z30) comparison

    • kilowiko

      Nexus 5 owner here dumb a*s’s.

    • Wizzy


    • AnotherBillJ

      I wouldn’t be too proud, the Z30 is every bit as good as your toy.
      (And I love the way you spelled ‘dumb a*s’s’. You’ve done a real service to Android users worldwide.)

    • Nadefrenzy

      Starbucks might be associated with hipster culture. but there’s no doubt that their coffee is 10x better than the crap that Tim Hortons serves.

    • Tom

      And you’re hurt by this… how?

    • JB

      Because he’s insecure about himself, and his choices he must hate others and their choices, and or promotions in order to justify his choices…..he uses that nasty hatred as a replacement for the missing security in himself

    • kilowiko

      No. That mantra is served only by bbry h0m0s, like yourself.

    • M-Len

      Who uses homosexuality as a negative in name calling now days? good lord buddy grow up.

    • M-Len

      It makes me sad when a canadian persons day is ruined by two great canadian companies working together and promoting each other. Sad.

  • KiwiBri

    what next, the “beiber”‘nut ?

    • johentie

      The Americans already adopted him… thank god..

    • bembol

      The reason I why no longer watch the Late Night or News.

    • Stuntman06

      They are trying to deport him.

  • Super_Deluxe

    No Raptors Donut Tim Hortons? For shame Tims, for shame! -_-

  • EvanKrosney

    As a Tim Hortons employee and diehard BlackBerry fanboy, all I can say is that my life is now complete.

    • Brigitte Sabourin

      GIVE UP

  • Zee

    They should make the Rob Ford donut but the catch is it’s the size of a cake

    • ToniCipriani

      Is it just like a strawberry or blueberry donut, except instead of icing sugar it’s crack? That’s actually a good deal for the price of a donut…

  • AppleBerrySandwich


  • Nathan

    I’m gonna go get one of those doughnuts. I haven’t had a doughnut in a while.

  • Wizzy

    Way to pick 2 winners! Lol!

    • Columbo

      Technically, the Leafs are Canada’s top team right now (check the standings!)

  • StevieY

    Leafs next to the BlackBerry donut? How appropriate, the two biggest losers in their respective specialties are side by side!

    • mwahahahaha


    • Jakob

      They’re 4th in the East right now and the top Canadian team…

  • Dirty_Harry2

    Finally a blackberry worth spending money on.

  • Lyndon Boychuk

    They’ve got blackberry in the blackberry donut which makes sense obviously, but what are we to expect to find in the leafs donuts? I wouldn’t mind hearing the official number of coffee’s this hockey dude had to buy. I’m assuming the number was somewhat sad…especially if there was a one coffee limit per bb user. Not trying to be rude here or anything, its just that I expect this number to be somewhat lower than what they’re hoping for since it is being offered at just one location. I doubt many people are driving across the city for this which I guess also depends on how broad this promotion was.

  • letmehavefun

    I don’t think BB donuts sold at TimHortans are going to make BB make More and More money….That is their own ways to keep company allive…… Anybody who goes to TimHortans should not buy a BB donuts…. They can buy Maple Leafs donuts….. BB times are dead……. no more Blackberry…….

  • Rory

    It’s pretty sad that even a simple donut can bring out the anti-BlackBerry wankers. If you hate the company as much as you claim, why spend so much of your time reading and commenting on these stories? Move the f**k on you sandy vaginas.

    • AnotherBillJ

      “Sandy vaginas”??
      I liked your comment on those words alone!

      (Though I agree with your thoughts exactly.)

    • Jakob

      The irony of how a sugar-packed donut can bring out all the bitter BB people..l


  • Nadefrenzy

    inb4 will these be out/MIA before the quarter ends?

  • AnotherBillJ

    This is a nice story to see. BlackBerry, a company whose best days are ahead of it, Tim Hortons, the epitome of being Canadian and the Leafs. Uh….I’m looking for something positive with the Leafs…..give me a minute……almost there, I’m sure….. 🙂

  • fonefuner

    Bb or leafs, it’s going to be shxt at the end of the day

  • JTon

    don’t be a dick