Samsung debuts Galaxy S4 ‘Black Edition’ with Note 3’s faux-leather backing

One of the chief complaints of Samsung’s massively popular Galaxy S4 was its slimy, Hyperglaze-infused backing. The material the company began using with the Galaxy S3 — a flexible, scratch resistant plastic — has worn out its welcome, and the faux-leather skin that adorns the Galaxy Note 3 has become the de facto replacement.

Now, Samsung is drawing down on such a product, releasing a series of Galaxy S4 and S4 mini devices (in Russia only, unfortunately) that contains the best of both worlds. Dubbed ‘Black Edition’ products, the two handsets look identical to their international counterparts on the front, but sport more comfortable and, to most, more fashionable, appearances.

Since the S4 is close to being replaced by the S5, which may or may not come in both plastic and metal flavours, this move merely reinforces the fact that Samsung has learned its lesson, and will strive to make up for past mistakes. We can only hope.

[source]Samsung Russia[/source][via]Android Central[/via]