Google Glass Update Lets You Take Pictures By Winking

Google just released their latest software update to the Google Glass Explorer community. Since its initial launch, Google has been consistently adding new features to Glass. This month’s update, XE12, brings with it “Wink,” the ability to take pictures by simply winking your right eye. Considered an “exploratory feature,” it can only be used with the updated variant of Glass —  those who purchased their pair prior to October 28th will need to have their Glasses swapped.

The update also adds a lock screen to Glass, something sorely missing since launch.  The patterned lock screen gets activated anytime you power up or when the On-Head Detection feature detects you have taken Glass off. Google has also released Hangouts and YouTube Glassware with this update.

The XE12 software release comes just after the MyGlass iOS app was mysteriously released and then quickly removed from Apple’s App Store this afternoon. And also comes just one week after a major release of the MyGlass Android app.

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