Windows Phone Store has 200,000 apps

Microsoft has done a respectable job of increasing the number of reputable apps within the Windows Phone environment this year. Over the past number of weeks the company announced, or released, many high profile titles, including Instagram (beta), Flipboard, Path, Vine, Subway Surfers and Temple Run.

In a recent post, Todd Brix, General Manager for Windows Apps and Store at Microsoft, stated the Windows Phone Store is seeing “over 12 million transactions per day” and now has over 200,000 available apps to download. This number is up from 190,000 apps and 10 million Windows Phone Store transactions per day about 3-weeks ago.

Of course, if you’re counting the number of available apps to download, this pales in comparison to Apple or Google, who have approximately 1 million available apps each. At the end of the day it’s great to see popular apps coming to Windows Phone. It would also be good to see more manufacturers developing new devices for the OS (other than Nokia).

Source: Windows Phone Store
Via: PhoneArena