Nexus 4 reaches ‘End of Life’ status on Bell, lasted 132 days


  • Guy Incognito

    Bell also launched the Xperia SP for $0 on contract, while dropped the Samsung Galaxy Note II and LG Optimus G to $0.

    • Balls O’Steele

      Nexus 5 should have been released as soon as N4 supply dried up. Another miscalculation by Google!


    I don’t see why they would discontinue it already it’s still the number one phone on the market running stock Android

    • Dimitri

      Nexus 5, LG G2, Note 3, iPhone 5S & 5C, Sony Xperia Z1, Lumia 1020 & the rest.

      That is why. Mostly of the Nexus 5 tho.

    • MrMastodonFarm

      Because Google isn’t selling it anymore?

      They effectively liquidated their own supply, so it makes sense that a company like Bell isn’t/can’t order more.

  • sicsicpuppy

    It was a fine vintage …

  • Jonathan G.

    I wonder how long it will be until Koodo stops selling the Nexus 4. Especially since they are still selling it outright for 350 (at least according to their website they are).

  • Nathaniel James

    Buying it from Google was a better choice anyways.

  • andy c

    Best phone I’ve owned so far. Will upgrade next year

  • Thomas C. Riddell

    Not me I won’t be getting one now till the Nexus 6 I buy phone ever 2 generations

    • fates

      Makes sense, not much reason to upgrade every generation nowadays.

    • S2556

      same. GS3 to probably the new N5

  • MassDeduction

    Every time I see Bell refer to “Superphone”, I want to gouge my eyes out. It’s a term without a broadly agreed upon meaning, and is therefore meaningless. I feel my intelligence being insulted every time.

    • Liberal Phone Person

      you mean like when robellus referred to their HSPA 14.4Mbps network as 4G? Or when rogers called their LTE network “beyond 4G”? when in fact neither was anywhere near the specification set out by the ITU.