Hands-on with the White Moto X


  • Nathaniel James

    Hopefully the color customization comes to canada

    • Word

      and no freakin exclusives!

  • thedosbox

    Punit Soni (Motorola VP) posted on Google+ that “many camera improvements” are coming soon, so here’s hoping some of the issues can be resolved in software.

    I’m curious as to how much Rogers bloat is on this particular phone. I’ve read conflicting stories about the first phones and more recent ones.

    • silver_arrow

      It’s the same as all rogers bloat, half the stuff are links to websites and the other half some apps you will never use. Also it says “ROGERS” in the top left like an iPhone

    • thedosbox

      Any chance you can screenshot the app menu? There’s a thread on xda-developers where a couple of early adopters indicated zero bloat other than the logo. The one I played with at FS also had no Rogers apps on it.

    • rony

      it doesnt have rogers logo. it shows what carrier is your sim card. i use fido and it shows fido on left corner.
      i have zero boat apps. there was few websites links when i got it which i deleted them . no real apps at all.

    • thedosbox

      Thanks, I guess I should ignore silver_arrow in future.

    • Mark Loney

      Question…Did you buy this outright from ROgers then just put in ur SIM card and it worked with no issues? Im with fido and would rather do that then signing to the devil aka Rogers!!

    • fez

      After the Rogers acquisition of Fido so many years ago they started to run on the same network lock setup….. so for 90% of all the devices out there it will work on both networks without too much headache.

    • Mark Loney

      I actually just checked with the store and well….we of course have to “unlock” it and then we lose the warranty….oh well…

    • fez

      did you try swapping your sim in one of them and see if it works?

    • Mark Loney

      I did not cause i dont think i will be buying outright for 600…..

  • Max Fireman

    Black, White Moto X, Same thing? Yah?

    • thedosbox

      Hint – some people care about design and aesthetics.

  • dkr88

    Now if only I could get this from anyone other than Rogers! Grrr. Carrier exclusives are such a terrible idea.

  • Humberto Giambrone

    I love white phones too, but this was sort of a pointless article.

  • EvanKrosney

    But I don’t want a white Moto X. I want a purple one. Or a blue one. Or a green one. Why bother keeping color customization exclusivity to AT&T? From a business perspective I can see why they’d make it a carrier exclusive in certain cases, but a country exclusive?

    • DuffMcSuds

      You can thank Motorola’s decision to assemble them in the US for that. Not saying its a bad thing, but they just don’t have the production volume that the Asian manufacturers do. They are slowly ramping up production though so there is hope yet!

  • Tim3Tripp3r

    @Daniel From your reviews I have read it sounds like Moto went to the Steve Jobs design school (hardware wise) for the X which is a nice compliment to Moto. I have never been a Apple fan (software) but always have been a admirer of the build/ design quality that went with the Steve Jobs design philosophy, it’s also why I could never bring myself to buy a Sammy – to lackluster in the build department. Also I don’t think the X will stay a Rogers exclusive for to long, colours & carrier of choice 4 everyone I say.

  • DavidB23

    Not the fastest phone around? What phone is faster then? S4 is bloated and laggy, the HTC One, is much better; I rarely see it lag. But I have never seen the Moto X lag. And in every side by side test Ive tried; moto x loads web pages and apps faster than S4 or HTC One.

  • Harold Mitchell

    Must agree that my white Moto X is a great device. The Rogers bloat is non-existent. The phone feels great in the hand and active notifications work very well. While “OK Google Now” might sound gimmicky it really grows on you (in a good way!).

  • William Worlde

    The critic I am saw this headline and thought, “Oh no, here we go again with another mindless recap of the *same* phone simply in a different colour.”. Sometimes it’s good to be wrong.

    Thank you Bader for this; good writing. Sometimes this is *exactly* what I need to know because a frame and its colour does make a vast difference to how any device looks (in both senses) – and even from a gender perspective.

  • Word

    ugh why couldn’t they make it so everyone can use motomaker and just buy the damn thing online outright…i want one

  • HatInTheRing

    Wish the display was a bit higher quality and it had expandable memory for my 40 gigs of apps and music. I’d buy this phone.

  • gommer strike

    So still no customization from Rogers?

    But can we head over to the Moto X site, customize the phone, and then ship it to a US location like Blaine or Pt. Roberts, and from there, take it to Canada and stick in a SIM card from the carrier of our choice?

    • Mark Loney

      Thats what i wanna know…..

    • gommer strike

      I have a feeling that even after we ship it to a US shipping address – we’d still need to take it to an AT&T store to unlock the phone, pay the $30 or whatever they charge, and THEN we can use it on our Canadian carrier…

    • Sequoia46.2

      I thought about doing this to get a cabernet one, but it seemed like such a pain to pick up and unlock when I needed a new phone asap because I cracked my screen on my old phone. The black one has really grown on me, love the weave. Just wish it had blue buttons.