Twitter for Android gets redesigned in first official beta


  • kid_jenius

    looks a lot like metro design (ala windows phone), nice!

    • deltatux

      This looks more like Skype’s Android interface had a kid with the Holo UX. Doesn’t really look like Metro much tbh…

    • Anaron

      I disagree. The current version looks more like the WP version than this.

  • Matthew

    I’m not surprised by this update. Android users have other options that have been blowing away Twitter, namely Falcon Pro and Carbon. With this update, not being able to to in-line with instagram still has it behind the two apps I’ve named. Also the blow line, just so wrong, still can’t accept it.

  • Joseph Munford

    wont let me join the group….

    • Mike Simpson

      probably for the better.

  • Patrick Serrano

    wow love the blurred design there

  • David Foggia

    The group doesn’t show anything. DA fuq?

    • TomsDisqusted

      It’s a closed beta – you have to join the group to get access.

    • David Foggia

      I did join the beta. About a week ago. But when I joined, it didn’t change anything. Now I want to redownload it from the group, and literally, nothing shows up. I favorites the group but it shows up as empty

    • Mike Simpson

      androids for you…

  • thas ★

    Didn’t the beta testing agreement say that you had to keep these new changes a secret. It’s open enough to expect leaks, but still…

  • Elisa

    seems like many apps are moving towards this kind of design… reminds me of rdio.

  • Tommy Crosby

    Apple won, seriously, this look more like an iOS 7 app than an Android Holo app.
    (iOS7-ish elements: the light blue, the blur effect, thin lines/icons/text, the dot to mark pages)

    Edit: On my device, I don’t have the blur nor the dot…?)

  • Mike Simpson

    very iphone-ish by design.