Pebble brings its smartwatch to Best Buy USA, Canadian expansion plans “remain pending”


  • L Joel

    I wonder why cross boarder shopping and online shopping keep us out of Canadian retailers????? Oh i know why… Because any new product goes elsewhere first..

    • Tony Sarju

      And usually cheaper!

  • Tommy Crosby

    With the large amounts of SmartWatches incoming and the rumors from Samsung, Apple, Google and Qualcomm, I don’t understand why they block on the expansion while they are currently the biggest player…

  • Max Fireman

    Gotta love the “USA First” mentality. Forget about where you came from (Canada). Pfff Terrible

  • Sherrf

    Meh, do not care, and will not be purchasing even when it does come to Kanata.

  • Raul Estrada

    That’s why I liked what blackberry did (launched there new phones in Canada before USA)