HTC One begins receiving Android 4.2.2 update in Taiwan, adds lockscreen widget support and clear notification bar


  • Tommy Crosby

    Something never change:
    April 2012: HTC One S/X without Menu button
    August 2012: HTC One S/X updated with Menu button option
    March 2013: HTC One without Menu Button
    July 2013: HTC One updated with menu button button option

    • Zed

      ikr?! I got used to it, I guess.

    • OMFCody

      It blew my mind that HTC did this the first time, let alone a second time! The addition of a long press menu is what excited me the most with this update.

  • Henry

    Hurry up and get on my phone!

  • Theo

    Sweet, looking forward to the update!

  • o_zzy

    Looking forward to this coming to ARHD

  • SDS

    Looking forward to Telus releasing this software before Christmas…. Usually happens.

  • R. Pratt

    “deep, dark secret” Really? Are you suggesting no one knew that the phone came with 4.1.2? Makes a great headline though.