Canada Post mobile app hits 1 million downloads

Canada Post launched their mobile app – available on iOS, Android and BlackBerry – in 2011 and announced today that they’ve surpassed 1 million downloads. There’s no specific number of downloads per app, but this is one of the digital areas the crown company is heading towards as they quickly catch up to reinvent themselves.

The app gives you access to quickly track parcels, look up shipping rates, find postal codes and connect to epost – their ‘digital mailbox’ that allows registered users the ability to securely pay, manage and store your bills online. ePost currently has about 26,000 customers accessing it every month. Canada Post stated that the most popular feature on their app is tracking parcels, which has seen over 12 million people connect via a mobile device in the last 6 months.


Source: CanadaPost
Via: CNW