Update: HTC One Mini “will go on sale by August,” a few more specs revealed


  • hunkyleepickle

    If they could somehow price this thing at 400$,I could see this being a hot item with the unlocked device crowd

    • Anthony W

      I agree. They really need to price this lower than $400 unlocked to attract anyone.

  • EvanKrosney

    At $550 you’re better just spending another $50 and getting a Nexus edition One.

    • Sam Wiggans

      ..if you live in America, or are able to get one from America which the general population isn’t

    • EvanKrosney

      I disagree, I’d say that the majority of Canadians living near the border have pretty easy access to an American shipping address. I get all my American packages shipped to Kinek offices for $5, and then pick it up at the border. It’s pretty simple.

      Granted, if you don’t like near the border, it’s a bit more of a hassle. However, Winnipeg’s only about an hour away from Pembina, ND.

    • Henry

      Yeah, partially right. I do in fact live within 30 minutes of the border but I already got a One so I’ll just install the vanilla rom when it’s out. They did say we would have a way of doing it, guessing it won’t be hard.

    • Guest

      Although I agree if it was more widely available, I’d love to have that version.

    • EvanKrosney

      +1, I’d love to see a version in the Canadian Google Play store.

    • Aiden

      You’re forgetting the whole point of this phone though; it’s smaller! If people want a larger phone sure they can get the One, but for people who want a smaller phone, and there are lots of people out there like that, they can get the One Mini. I see this phone selling well, but obviously not as well as the larger One.

  • Sanjay Kumar

    Hope this one comes to wind

  • psygone

    Still too expensive. We need decent phones around $200-$250 so that people can afford them without contracts. This would force the carriers to compete on monthly plans allowing consumers to leave for better offers each month.

    • Nauman.Choudhry

      And if they were priced at $200-250 where would manufacturers make any $$. There are a reason why there are high mid and low devices to catch people in all brackets.

    • Dave

      There are phones at that price… they are entry level devices. Not everyone needs the latest and greatest i.e. older people, in my case my parents, since getting rid of the land line, they both got entry/mid level devices out right and that’s all she wrote! (and a 25 dollar plan). And it’s ‘decent’ for their needs.

      If anyone could help me out with this, I’m not sure why people need to keeep switching thier phones every six months when they don’t have finances to do it. First off it’s not Necessary to do so, My s2X is a year and half old and has the latest and greatest (due to rooting & flashing sure yeah). But I spent ~$550 and haven’t had to spend more since. My advice to my friends has always been get your first phone (contract or not) then saving $50 every month for 1 year and you’ll be able to buy out the next latest and greatest out right (excluding taxes).

      The way I’ve always seen it is that every other phone is either a big jump or a little jump i.e HTC Onex –> One X+ –> One. Or S2(X,LTE, etc)–> S3 –> S4.

      tl;dr” So why put in the extra money if: 1 you’re going to switch phones already in like 6 months, when you can do it in 12 and save yourself much needed money ($600 is a lot to the average person, and can do a large number of things for many people). 2 you already know these things are expensive as (hell) to begin with

  • Aiden

    This seems like the best of the Mini phones so far. I’ll wait to see what else is released but I plan on getting this for my girlfriend in the fall most likely. She uses my old Nexus S and that size is perfect for her, so this would be the closest equivalent.

  • Philosoraptor

    I have a One and would prefer a slightly smaller phone, but at $550 it would have to have nearly identical features to the One (quad-core, 32 GB, IR). I can forgive a 720p resolution. Maybe I can forgive a dual-core SoC, but not less than half of storage space (~25.5 GB available on my 32 GB model, safe to assume that a 16 GB model would have ~ 9.5 GB available) and absence of IR.

    • jhk

      What is so important about IR.
      Are you that lazy to grab a remote that is sitting on your couch?
      Is it “cooler” to wake your phone, unlock the screen, open the remote app, and turn on the TV?

    • Philosoraptor

      Are you so smug that you feel the need to tell others how to use their smartphones?

      By your logic, what’s so important about a smartphone? Are you so lazy to get your a*s to a desktop PC? Your local library has one you don’t even have to pay for.

      God forbid a $500 phone should let us replace $100+ universal remotes that control our multiple home theatre components (5 in my case). It’s easier to wake the phone, launch the app and have immediate control of the components than to use at least 3 remotes for any given task.

  • hurric

    it’s funny/sad when mini is bigger than iPhone5

    • EvanKrosney

      Funny, but not necessarily sad. Lots of people like smaller phones. I prefer 4.5″ and above, but that’s just me personally.

  • Savbers

    Price should’ve been like $300

    • jhk

      cheaper than Nexus 4? Really?
      I’d rather pay for quality.

    • Savbers

      have fun paying almost $600 for a “half version” of a phone.

    • jhk

      Announced to be at 350-400 range, and I bet it’ll release at 350 to compete with Nexus 4.
      I guess paying half price for “half version” makes sense, no?

    • Savbers

      It most likely will release for $500 and $0 on a 3-year contract.
      Lets be real here.