Flipboard adds multiplayer magazine curation to its iOS and Android apps

In March, Flipboard unveiled a new feature, magazine curation, that set the tone for its future direction. Instead of being merely a disparate set of loosely-connected categories arrayed in an attractive finger-friendly format, Flipboard users could act as their own publishers, presiding over and sharing virtual decks of their own and others’ content.

Initially available for iOS only, the feature came to Android a couple months later, and now the company has added multi-user magazine curation to the apps on both mobile platforms.

It’s not a huge feature iteration, but certainly a necessary one to ensure that, down the road, brands and marketing partners can utilize the Flipboard platform to its fullest extent. For now, however, a spot in your favourite coffee or surfing magazine just opened up.

What do you think of Flipboard’s newest feature, magazine curation? Do you use it, or subscribe to others’? Let us know.

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Via: Inside Flipboard