Samsung officially announces the GALAXY S4 Zoom


  • peter000

    That looks awesome. I’ve had this precise fantasy phone/camera in mind for awhile now. Bring it!

  • Babulal

    Loving the specs. Bonus is Jelly Bean.

    If they could only improve the looks and offer silver/black options as well, they will nail it.

    • trickster_qc

      jelly bean is a bonus? how come?

    • Plazmic Flame

      Galaxy S4
      Galaxy S4 Active
      Galaxy S4 Developer Edition
      Galaxy S4 Google Edition
      Galaxy S4 Mini
      Galaxy S4 Zoom

      How sustainable is this business?? 6 different models and we haven’t even gotten into the two variants for North America and Europe/Asia (processors), then add in the color options? Wow… I don’t see Samsung being able to keep this up forever and that’s just one device. Unless they have an unlimited money cheat activated….

    • WP8

      You like the fact that it uses the Cortex A9?

  • Sam Wiggans

    That’s cool as can be, but the shape and size has to be extremely inconvenient for being a phone too.

    • hunkyleepickle

      If the lender could have at least gone flush with the back when not in use, then they would have had something. As it stands, I can’t see myself being the tool with the camera held up to my ear on the bus….

    • Deli

      same thing people said about big phones, look at now, people are using 7″ tabs as phones.

    • alphs22

      Those people are the same tools he’s talking about.

  • Photog

    This is going to make things very interesting. I won’t need a phone for a while since I just purchased the HTC One but i will be watching with interest. I’m a lot more excited by this then a damn “smart watch”.

    Technology is awesome!

  • Croc Ography

    Not in a million years, will wait for the Nokia EOS.

    • Stephen

      Nokia garbage

    • domi1kenobi

      I’ve had all Galaxy S’s but even I am waiting for the Nokia Lumia EOS.
      This one is just too bulky and will lag like all the other Galaxys (hell even my S4 lags). I played with a Lumia in the shop and they are very snappy.
      Cause you really don’t want lag when the moment occurs that you need to take a quick picture!!!

    • EvanKrosney

      +1, I believe that improving sensors and crop resolution is the future of digital photography, and for smartphones it’s WAY more practical.

  • trickster_qc

    why a qHD screen?

    why a smaller battery?

    • EvanKrosney

      Because if it had an HD display, you’d be asking, “why an $800 price?”

      In regards to the battery, there probably just isn’t enough room to upsize it given the large elements of the optical lens and sensor, and it has lower specs so it doesn’t need a massive battery like the S4.

    • trickster_qc

      the difference in price between an HD display and a qHD display is minimal. it would not justify such a price hike.

      Just enough room? They slap a S4 to a camera and they don’t have the space for a battery 10% bigger? That is simple not possible. They simply made a decision in regards to cost and profit.

      And maybe the phone has lower specs, but it’s got a ZOOM and camera functions that needs a lot of power.

  • hyperhyper

    Interesting. While some are going to see it as non-functional, others might. I’ve seen some people write about it and say “Why bother?” but if we all subscribed to that thinking, we would still be using 3.5″ screens because we were told they were optimal and that we would never need anything else.

    Kudos to Samsung for doing this – if anything, they might find a niche market with it. Heck, the Galaxy Note was a niche market and it’s now turned into a much larger one (no pun intended).

    I would be curious to see a comparison for the camera compared to the HTC One, Galaxy S4, Nokia 920, Nokia EOS and the iPhone 5

  • Seppo

    Sad device compared to Nokia’s EOS. This is a brain-dead exercise simply gluing a camera and smartphone together. Clearly too bulky to actually carry around and use as a phone. Nokia EOS on the other hand is still small enough to function as a regular phone, and thanks to Nokia’s 5+ years of engineering in Pureview smartphone photography (e.g. Pureview 808), EOS will actually produce better photos as well. In other words, only EOS is a true convenient all-in-one replacing two devices.

    Samsung 0 , Nokia 1 …

    • Andre Avigdor

      The difference is that Samsung actually has products that people can buy now… The Nokia EOS doesn’t even exist yet lol… Look around, how many people do you see using 808’s vs. Samsung’s lineup of top selling phones like the S4 and Note 2, etc… which company do you think is doing better from a business perspective… the 808 is a great camera, but a horrible smart phone that was outdated from day 1…

    • domi1kenobi

      You can always buy RUSHED products first. I really don’t wanna be seen with this ugly 80ties device. Comes with a backpack I assume?

    • TomsDisqusted

      This is about optical zoom. That has always been the achilles heel of even the best camera phones. Nokia is continuing to refine within the existing limitations while Samsung has done something truly unique and finally addressed that achilles heel. Whether enough people care to make this a success (and whether Samsung got the details right) is yet to be seen, but I’m impressed that someone has finally taken on this challenge.

    • Deli

      Tell that to Nokia when they even lost marketshare in Finland to Samsung,

  • Phil Rod

    smartphone camera… Smanera! I copyrigthed this guys… so don’t use it….. Ok, I guess I won’t use this abomination of a name either…

  • Rhett H

    Won’t that battery be absolutely destroyed by the camera it’s carrying on its back?

  • wildspin

    If you guys have actually tried with any Samsung camera, you wouldn’t disagree that their image quality is the lowest bargain basement junk in their respective category!

    Camera spec wise, the S4 zoom isn’t better than the previous GC100.

    On the rumor side, Sony will announce a Cybershot smartphone on June 27th …

    • Deli

      Galaxy Camara 2 to be announced soon to possibly have mirrorless lens,

  • ShadowFist23

    From the press release:

    You can also edit images and even order prints directly from the device through a partnership withblurb*

    I wonder how long it’ll take them to notice that.

  • daftchemist

    I like the idea but I think the large camera portion should be left to the galaxy camera. But if this sells then I’m all for it.

  • hurric

    after seeing this , I find myself moving farther and farther from Samsung Products. I had a Nexus S (replaced by Nexus 4) and still have my galaxy tab 1 but that’s it for me with Samsung products for now until they stop this madness.

  • LeafsFanGirl

    I love Samsung. But that looks ridiculous. I understand that everyone wants a phone that can take excellent pictures. But I do not want to carry a phone that looks like a camera.

  • Eli_Vance

    Terrible design. Nokia EOS ftw

  • peter000

    The point is, it’s a camera first and a phone last. In between it has a great way of instantly editing and sharing photos to Facebook, Flickr, or wherever, without having to download to a computer. Convenience!

  • Dylan D’Croix

    Stop slapping the “S4” name on things. This has absolutely nothing to do with the S4. Screen size is different, screen res is different, different processor, different camera, different textures, different amount of ram, different amount of built-in storage.

    Call it the Galaxy Zoom or something… stop putting the name in every version of your phones. It is incredibly annoying.

    • Mogflames

      I had a similar complaint when it came to the US commercials addressing the Note II as “The Samsung Galaxy S3 Note 2” … just, no. It’s the Note II. thats it.