Images: HTC One ‘mini’ leaks online


  • OMFCody

    Looks like the speaker cover issue that people had has been fixed with a new slim bezel. Glad to see HTC is still listening.

  • jhk

    I was pretty excited until I saw $550.
    Non-mini with quad core 1.7 ghz + 2 gb + 1080p display with vanilla android is going to go on sale for $599 on google play starting in 3 weeks, why not pay 50 bucks more and go for that instead???
    It would make much more sense if it was priced at $400 or even $450.

    • Harold Mitchell

      True, if you happen to live in the States…but we Canadians with no USA contacts to order on our behalf are out of luck for the Google play store model.

    • jhk

      We will get it eventually, just not on the 26th…
      Nexus 4/7 was available shortly after the U.S. release.

    • TP

      Nexus 4 and Nexus 7 were global launches, Google confirmed they would be available worldwide.

    • Harold Mitchell

      Hope you’re right, but apparently the vanilla Galaxy S4 only available on US Play Store (not that I’m interested in it),but that might be the precedent for selling the One only in US as well.

    • jhk

      If that’s true, I’m having doubts now..
      I may order it on amazon to a depot and drive down to Buffalo for a pick up then…

    • TheTechSmith

      There are some of us who prefer smaller screens. They are easier to operate one-handed. This is a requirement for many people; parents for example. If I ever did buy an Android phone, it would have to be a mini for this reason. To be honest, I think even 4.3″ is a little on the big size. The Android manufacturers seem to believe bigger is better, but at least Samsung and HTC are catering to us with mini models. I like how Z10 works. They put most things you interact with on the bottom of the screen so that you can reach it easily. There is the odd app that has buttons on top, and I noticed the difference right away when switching from an iPhone.

  • St. Misery

    Mid-range phones are rather pointless for Canada and US, where the majority take the contract option to get a high end device for little to no upfront cost, or purchase a low end device outright.

    • Mr_Reliable

      Mid range devices are fine for all those looking to sign contracts without data.

  • bob C


  • nekkidtruth

    Wow. Does that ever look like the Blackberry Z10. The full size HTC One already shared many similarities with it, the mini looks like a straight up clone.