Samsung Galaxy S4 sales reportedly surpass 6 million units


  • akash

    How big that hand is???

    • Nadefrenzy

      Very big.

  • Nadefrenzy

    Great phone.The only “issue” it has is that it’s not as “aesthetically pleasing” for some. But hey, haters gonna hate. Well deserved.

    • Stephen

      only supernerds on techblogs who quickly forget that OEMs with a bad history of hardware failures have earned it while Samsung and, to a lesser extent, Motorola, are making decent devices. These same supernerds justify their HTC devices not having an SD Card and removable battery despite the fact that they were the ones championing the idea for years

  • dave

    Any word on the 32gb version coming to Canada?

    • Chizom Wali

      Don’t think so :(. Samsung said that the demand just wasn’t there for the S3, so they’d stop selling the 32gb version

  • policeandroid

    from the source same what mobile syrup getting their info; said that they SHIPPED not SELL 4 million not 6 million. wowww mobilesyrup!!!!!!!

  • TP

    maybe 2 million units are on ‘order’, but not shipped yet?
    that’s called normal business, not ‘Korean math for business’ which is a common sense.

    • Quico

      You can’t compare the PlayBook to the S4. People are actually buying the S4, telcos wouldn’t be ordering piles of them if they were sitting on shelves. When it comes to the S4, shipped very nearly matches sold.

    • TP

      some companies count ‘ordered’ as ‘sold’ when the transaction is done and they receive the money. Some companies count ‘ordered’ as just ‘ordered’ until they ship and take the transaction and get the money. They all depend on how they use those terms. HTC may have won in many reviews, but they did not win anything related to this article.

    • TP

      You can call it whatever you want, but that’s how business is and that’s how business people use the term ‘sales’, ‘sold’. Suppose you order something from my inventory, but the product is coming tomorrow. You agreed to pay now to secure the stock. I may call it ‘the product is sold to Brad’ because I have your money and the product will be shipped to you. This case it’s not lying and the usage of ‘sold’ is perfectly correct.

    • Mindmeld

      Who are Samsung’s customers? Who pays Samsung for the phones? End customers? I don’t think so. When Samsung ships and gets paid for those shipped units, Samsung has “sold” them. Money in the bank. What’s so hard to understand? How many are in the end-customers’ hands? Less than 6 million, obviously. However, that’s just a performance metric. It has nothing to do with units shipped and revenue recognized. BTW, when BB reports a Playbook shipped number during the quarterly earning’s call, it means those units were shipped and recognized according to GAAP. BB might have actually shipped more and even got paid for them but based on accounting rules, some of those units could not be recognized. Yeah, a little confusing if you’re not in finance but trust me.

  • TP

    i agree. i can claim ‘i heard someone who works at Samsung saying they sold 10 million S4’. Unless these numbers are official, they are meaningless and they must not be on news.

  • Stephen

    Suck it HTC you garbage phone makers. RIP HTC, RIP BBRY

  • Me OpenId

    and Samsung doesnt even exist, so dont order phones from them next time…

  • Connor Schenkey

    I just bought the HTC One and hey it’s a great phone. But I can safely say when I went to Telus and compared it to the S4 I was quick to discover that overall the S4 is the better phone.