Update: Samsung says they’ve sold over 30 million Galaxy S III devices


  • Miknitro

    Congrats Sammy!
    HTC owner.

    • SAM

      OHHHHH SAMMIE!!!!!!
      OHHHHH!!!!! OHHHHHH!!!!
      OH SAMMIE MY SAMMIE!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Ruter

      Great! they managed to sell 30M at $600, so now they can afford to drop the price.

      With LTE AND SD card slot if they drop the price to $460 ($100 more over the N4) they might sell another 20M over the holidays. At $600 or even $500 people might skip LTE and SD and save the difference.

      A side point: what’s up with Bell and TELUS they only show outright and 3yr price. What happened to 1 and 2 yr?

    • boojay

      I’m also happy for Samsung.

      Another HTC owner.

    • Nexus 4

      GALAXY S3 DOA!!!!!!!!!!!

      NEXUS 4 FTW!!!!!!!!!

  • Alex

    Sheeps. Sheeps everywhere.

    • Me Ted

      Bastardised English. Bastardised English everywhere.

  • ASH

    Go Sammy!

  • J

    I love my GS3 looking forward to the Jelly Bean update later this month! I had a Blackberry before this, its so nice to have a phone that restarts within seconds and doesnt require constant battery pulls. Great job Samsung!

    • IJustDontUnderstand

      Haha, I remember my 9700. Oh…all those battery pulls and waiting 2 minutes for the device to boot up each time.

      Glad those days are over.

    • IJustDontUnderstand

      And congrats Samsung! Well deserved success!

  • artstate

    I really have been seeing a lot of them

  • eshizzi

    What do you expect when you have an awesome product, that actually delivers on & exceeds expectations! Listening to customers pays off! Nice work Samsung!

  • mjolnir

    impressive! keep up the good work

  • Hooligan

    way to go samsung!
    HTC owner

  • Denny Smith

    I gladly diched my tired, old IPhone for this, and haven’t regretted it one bit. Way to go, Samsung!




  • Max

    Can’t really be suprised. I have one and it’s a sweet device. Congrats Samsung. F*ck the patent suers.

  • Boss! but still going with the Nexus 4 🙂



  • Robert

    They’d be nowhere without Google + Android. Otherwise, you’d be stuck with Bada.

    So…congrats Google!

    • Slappy

      That’s like saying apple would be nowhere without FreeBSD.

  • Bubble Snake!

    Gratz! Very impressive numbers

  • Stuntman

    SGS3 sales actually went up after the release of the iPhone 5. I thought the SGS3 would take a hit this past month.

    • phreezerburn

      Why? The iPhone 5 releases as vastly less than Apple’s two year uber 3D liquid metal pitch then goes on to blaming the user base for their inability to operate the device while firing top people for product awesomeness wasn’t exactly inspiring new users to adopt the thing.

    • Mr. Miyagi

      I am thinking a lot of people were waiting for the iPhone 5 and were disappointed by it… Apple made their decision a lot easier to go for the S III lol!

  • Dopey Mobi Chicka

    Gosh, why are those people ugly? PSY, why are they using ugly people in their pictures?

    • phreezerburn

      Why real people? I think Apple holds an aesthetics patent for using hired models and actors to portray users and staff in images and video for the purpose of communicating visually.

  • Pat


  • rip rim

    I’m happy to be one of the 30,000,000 million people.

    Congrats Sammy.

  • drone

    Congrats Samsung!. I’m really happy for them.

  • superfly

    Can’t wait for the s4.

  • Bruce

    I don’t think they represented all the racial demographic in the photo. They might offend some ppl.

  • Randy

    Glad to be one of them.

  • iphone5

    GSIII, will you marry me!

  • metoo

    WOOHOO!!! Go Samsung. Die Apple!

    (wait, why can’t say well done to Samsung without mentioning Apple? Neurotic obsession?)

  • AppleBoardMember

    GSIII is nothing but a shadow of iPhone. Android is nothing but a shadow of iOS.

    iPhone all the way!

    • OGOD


  • Tyler

    Samsung should celebrate with a price drop!

  • YAY

    yay for cheap iPhone clones!

    • PR

      if they cloned the iphone, why dont i see the following on any apple devices?

      5GHz Wireless support
      WiFi direct file transfers
      bluetooth file transfer
      removable battery
      sideloading apps out of the box
      standard microusb connector
      MHL Support
      720p or higher displays
      file browser support
      usb mass storage mode
      customization or interchangeable on screen keyboards
      working map program
      bluetooth mouse support

      just to name some things

    • pacalis

      You’re not alone. I find the iphone screen too small to see anything too!

    • Hank

      lol “working map program”

  • Fluke_skywalker

    So glad my gs3 has NFC…in a recent poll here in Canada I think I read 87% people are in favor of mobile phone payments so it seems NFC will start taking off. Thanks samsung for making my phone way more future proof than the iPhone.

  • John

    You people should be wishing rim to be profitable. Yes they make bad products, but it’s part of Canadian economy; not a foreign company.

    • shootpoo

      who cares if they’re Canadian, if they don’t bring innovation to the table, then they can rot for all I care. They are a disgrace to all Canadians.

  • m

    30,000,000 suckers worldwide who got suckered to buy this expensive horrible designed phone.

  • James lauer

    Great,now if they would only get C.S. that actually can handle a repair request for a easily shattered screen…at least 5 calls,3 disconnects,3 days,at least a hour of on hold time,one ticket number and I still have a busted screen GS3.


  • sak500

    Glad to be one of them millions of owners. BTW @ j whose waiting for JB, go check XDA website, the JB’s been out for a month now and have been using it on mine.

  • Hinds2009

    Congrats Samsung for a great product!

  • Adam P

    Great math there mobilesyrup! “This converts to one Galaxy S III sold every 45 seconds”

    More like two Galaxy SIIIs sold every second… One every 45s would only equal ~350k units over 6 months… I’m really starting to get annoyed by all the inaccuracies in this sites reporting!!!