Samsung Galaxy Note II sales top 5 million in two months


  • Rich

    Hopefully they come out with the multi view update here in Canada soon!

    Phone is an absolute beast nonetheless

    • Max

      Go to XDA and go to AT&T development, root and install a ROM. Multiview works wonders.

    • Dan John

      I’m loving mine so far! Just got it on Thursday

  • Max

    BB 10 will top 5 million in two days!

    • icyhotonmynuts

      5 million returns that is.

  • Patrick

    Great numbers! I am so proud to be a Samsung Galaxy owner, thumbs up if you truly are a proud owner as well!

    • hoo dat

      Being “proud” of being an owner of a device seems a tad sad. Almost as sad as those who are embarrassed by certain labels and brands. Sorry, but I think you really need to focus on your priorities.

      (Prepares to be flamed).

  • hoo dat

    I truly don’t get this phone. I was watching a woman use one at Union Station the other day and it looked ungainly as a phone, the thing dwarfed her head! As a tablet it’s too small, as a phone it’s too big and where the heck do you put it when it’s not in use? It’s too big for a normal pants pocket or hip holster. I’m sure it’s a nice phone to use, I wouldn’t expect anything less from Samsung, but it seems like it has a split personality disorder.

    • tech

      Lol that’s a funny way to put it. Yea that’s one reason I stayed with my S3. I like to use my phone while biking and overall with one hand. But I guess people who get note eventually figure out how to use it and which pocket to keep it in. 😉

    • jay

      well i was really thinking to get one but my S3 is still a good phone. since i buy every year a new phone i will get the note 3. i tried it for 3 hrs and worked fine for me. fit perfect in my pocket and i use hands free cslling all the time.

      do i need a tablet and a phone? guess not!

  • Brad F(anboy)

    *Shipped*. 5 million units *shipped*. These 5 million are *not* in customers’ hands.

    • Brad F

      shipped is sold to them u i***t

    • Jerrik

      @Brad F(anboy): apparently you don’t read very well. Last time I checked, s-a-l-e-s spelled “sales” not “shipped”.

  • tech

    Hey Bart. Yea mostly companies can only do that. Only Apple has a store which keeps track of their sold numbers. I don’t think even Apple would know how many rogers sold and has in store.

  • Lukeiphone

    iPhone 5 – 5 million in one weekend! Top that Sammy!

    • Sam

      That’s just ridiculous talk. Obviously population of sheep out does human beings.

    • Brad F(anboy)

      @Sam If the iPhone was only sold to “iSheep” they might’ve sold a few thousand in the first few months after introduction, then sales would’ve cratered and they would’ve quietly gotten rid of it like the PowerMac G4 Cube, or Ping.

      Good marketing gets customers through the door once. Good products get the customers through the door every time after.

  • Dave

    Sammy sells 5 million phones every every weekend, they might not all be s3’s or notes, but all their products combined…

    • Brad F(anboy)

      Might as well combine every product from every company ever, then.

      “Wow! Look at those massive sales numbers!”

  • Slype

    I’ve used the phone and I have to say that it is a sweet phone. I takes all of 24 hours to get used to the size and the only downside is the snickers you hear from the ignorant ones who have no clue what the phone is capable of. It puts a lot of other phones to shame and that includes the iPhone.

    The multitasking itself it amazing and it’s great to listen to Pandora while surfing the web and texting friends all on one screen. I don’t bring my tablet with me everywhere either anymore as the size for watching movies is great and the pen feature rocks.

    Also outputting to a 27″ monitor viw HDMI and connecting a mouse/keyboard via bluetooth makes this the true successor to the Atrix. If I have to hear the odd i***t say “wow, look at the size of that phone” to get all the benefits. That’s okay. The same guy will be complaining about something else he has no clue about in 5 years anyway.

    • Ray

      The phone IS huge, though. There is no way around admitting that, no matter how you slice it. But hey, for people with bigger hands, who require a larger screen real estate, this thing is a miracle!

      I’ve played with it, and while it is an absolute beast when it comes to performance, the size of it was just too awkward for me to hold it comfortably, so I had to pass.

      A great phone, nonetheless!

  • Miknitro

    I might entertain one when they leave amoled behind.
    Until then, pass.

    • randy

      you know the note 2 is not a pentile amoled screen, right? I have had a few galaxy devices and this screen is much better than previous generations

    • Brad F(anboy)

      They don’t call it PenTile anymore, but it’s still not an RGB subpixel arrangement.

    • tech

      Use this years amoled and u will love it. Its very good colour combination. LCD 2 is great but their colour look boring at first u might think amoled is over saturated but then soon realize how much its better and required since LCD is very dull.

  • Alex

    While the iPhone did that in a weekend.

    • Timon

      After Apple has told me that I was holding my phone wrong, I have officially moved away from their products. Just the arrogance itself, with which they have deliverd their news, was enough for me to realize that Apple basically thinks that their customers are dumb. And let’s be honest here, most of them are.

      No more Apple Tax for me, thank you very much. I actually feel mad at myself for buying into the Apple logo for so long.

  • superfly

    The difference is that apple sold 5 million iPhone 5’s over the weekend to people who were told by apple they had to buy the new one. Samsung sold the note 2 to people who chose to buy the phone themselves. Apple = blind sales……..Samsung = educated sales. Soon the blind will see and realize they have been living in bondage to apple for too long, and apple and its products will be extinct. Its already happening…….so long iPhone, so long apple. Bye.

    • Brad F(anboy)

      “told by apple they had to buy the new one”? Yes, Apple Geniuses were storming into people’s houses, holding people at gunpoint, shooting their dog, and DEMANDING the money.

      No, wait, that’s a police raid. Apple only allowed any willing people to pre-order the iPhone 5 and over 5 million people did exactly that.

  • RogersRep7

    It took me a while to get over the size factor, but once I physically had the device in my hands I was smitten. I don’t talk a whole lot on my phones, but browsing, video, twitter, books, etc., THAT I do a lot of. This is the best phone I’ve ever had for what I do personally. I didn’t think anything would take out my Nexus from earlier this year, but I’ve been proven wrong. If you’re curious at all, get to a dealer / FutureShop and play with it, you’ll see what I mean.

    I don’t get why anyone would bring up another device, whatever floats your boat right? But I will say, I own an iPhone 5, and while it’s an awesome music / podcast device, for all other applications, I PERSONALLY found it boring. Nothing wrong with it, just isn’t as interesting as what other OS’ bring to the table.

    I advise people all the time, get what YOU will find useful and fun, whether it’s iPhone or otherwise. Just don’t say I didn’t warn you about that Blackberry over there.

  • Kid.Canada

    @Tech – That’s not true, all phones get counted once the shipment is received and total received is entered into the system then its automatically entered into the system once the phone is sold then the “higher ups” who can access the inventory from all stores send that data to the manufacturer when they request it which is how they know when to send new stock. I know this because I work in inventory at Bestbuy and that’s how we do it.

    • tech

      Oh…thanks for information. That’s great best buy does that but places around the world and other retail store with not as good organized system can be blamed ? And may be Samsung itself too for not enforcing inventory.

  • Briggs

    I’m finding it tough to decide weather to get this or the Galaxy S3. I’m using a palm pre 2 and still love the fact that I have a keyboard, but am thinking it’s time to upgrade given the improvement in processors, screens & available memory. I also love the fact that I can buy a wireless charging back for these phones that will work with the palm touchstones I already have at home, in the car, and at work.

    Aside from the screen size, the major difference I see is the note boasts twice the ram (2gb vs 1gb) and a quad core processor vs a dual core. Does this really make much of a difference?

  • Rich

    Sigh… always have to listen to Apple vs Samsung arguments.

    • Aaron

      There is no argument…

      Apple – overpriced, locked, behind the curve, telling you what YOU want.

      Samsung – moderately priced, open, innovative, giving you what YOU want.

      Nothing to argue about here at all.

    • Brad F(anboy)

      @Aaron So behind the curve that 2 years after Apple introduces AirPlay Google says it wants to copy the feature. But in an “open” way.

    • tech

      Brad f. When u get that big fat cheque from apple can u take me out for a beer?

    • Durango

      You want to have a beer with Bradley?? That would be the most boring hours of your life, man. “Apple this, and Apple that”. Ugh. Trust me, you don’t want to do this to yourself.

  • Darren

    I picked one of these up and specifically bought it from the telus corp store so I could return it if I couldn’t get used to the size. Within hours I can say this is the best phone I’ve got in years. Now when I pick up my wife’s 5, it feels like an apple tv remote. It’s not too big 99% of the time, it’s the size most phones will gravitate to as peoplele try them and find the same thing imho

  • Leo

    Coming from a Note to the Note 2 the battery life is incredible. Samsung has done a really good job this time around delivering a device that can easily get you full day and still have roughly 60% battery life remaining. Currently running 2 days without a charge with heavy usage and 25%. For those who complain about the size simply get the GS3 atleast you have a choice, try ask Apple for larger screen you get the iPad Mini which is really more itouch than ipad. The note 2 to can easily be used with one hand as you can confgure it for single hand use if your hands are small. Sorry I got big hands so this device is perfect for me. Exynos in this version makes this a beast device plus I have the HDMI dock on back order, can’t wait to plug this into my tv.

  • 5GS

    I am one of those 5million users 😛 I am absolutely loving it. It got rid of my desires to have a nice smart phone and a tablet. It does both for me. I am absolutely in love with it and have to say its a unique state of the art device. Battery is absolutely stunning.

    At first you would think its huge to handle but once you get used to it. Size doesn’t feel that big. Actually now that i see iphone 4s. It seems absolutely tiny.

    I am loving it. You should try it as well.

  • Vince

    Amazing device, lost a bunch selling the original but worth the upgrade. Will be keeping this one a long time.

  • Dalex

    My friend got his on Wednesday. I am incredibly jealous… It is without a doubt the phone of the year. The battery life is superb, the screen is quite nice (not One X levels, but still beautiful), the responsiveness is top notch, it comes with Jellybean out the box, the s-pen is definitely not a gimmick anymore… I’m tempted to shell out 700$ to buy one off contract, its that good.

    Besides for the construction, its the perfect phone without a doubt.

  • Steven

    This phone does not even have IE10, the world’s best browser.

    No one has ever said “Sure, I’d like to buy a phone with last year’s browser on it”

    – Sent from my Red Unlocked Lumia 920

    • Anti

      Nice reverse trolling there, Steven! Transparent, but nice 😉

  • Romeo G.

    any idea on when the 32GB/64GB note 2 comes to Canada?

  • outburst

    It took me about a week to get used to the size but I could never go smaller now.
    And agree with the comment above, the best reason to have a phone this big is to have a giant battery too. Battery life is incredible.

  • Pete

    Bought S3 4 mnths ago, sold it and bought Note 2 – couldn’t be happier, its perfect for video, browsing. I work from home so don’t really need to carry it a lot with me and I use BT for calls when outside but really didn’t want a separate tablet, this completes everything. I don’t mind a bigger screen than this too
    This has a separate market altogether so if your embarrassed the sheer size and what people might think you then stay with a regular phone

  • screamer

    Next year the note 3 is for me! Still love my galaxy s3

  • screamer

    Hello randy is the screen worse 300$?

  • bembol


    Battery Life is amazing, unbelievable HEAVY usage and I can get 10 hours! Usually I can go 1.5 days before charging.

  • rspear

    I waited a good 8-10 months for the iphone 5. After doing my research I opted for the note 2. I am so pleased with my desicion. My buddy (one of the biggest fanboys going) was blown away by the unit. He’s now researching for the next big android. (S4?)

  • Henaway

    I’m at least a year, maybe more from a new phone, but had the note ii in my hand last week. My wife wants one too, especially after she saw the pen. She didn’t think it was too big to use as a phone at all. Seriously, if you think it’s too big, look at something else. That’s the beauty of choice, something apple doesn’t give you.

  • hmmmm

    I love mine as well! everything has been said…best phone ever…doesn’t even hurt my eyes from reading on it all day at work…can’t wait to get a decent case, the Otterbox Defender looks crazy for this phone.