Galaxy S4 now available in Canada!


  • Rich

    So is the Blackberry Q10!

    • Me OpenId

      Blackberry is dead

    • Rich

      At least 70 million people disagree with you.
      Government doesn’t appear to agree hence the contracts.
      Sell outs in Canada, UK, UAE.

    • chris

      Not according to sales.

    • Stephen

      Except no one cares outside government workers.

  • Samcopy

    Can’t wait for iPhone 5S!

  • Sam Wiggans

    Wish it came to Koodo today..doesn’t make sense why it wouldn’t. They haven’t even said a release date.

    • Mithos

      Koodo is owned by Telus.
      I am sure they’ll wait until the initial push of new contracts are made on their more expensive service first.

    • Sam Wiggans

      I know who Koodo is owned by .. generally when both carriers are launching it they are launched the same day, as they were yesterday.

  • EvanKrosney

    Too late, after seeing the One it’s no competition for me 🙂

    • Stephen

      Too late for HTC

  • bembol

    It’s available in 16GB internal storage? The 16GB S4 I picked up on Monday only had less than 9GB?!?!

    • TP

      Even Nexus 4 with the purist stock Android comes less than 13GB available.

    • Cex2334

      So the gs4 has about 4 GB of bloat then

    • TP

      yes, because Samsung implemented so much more (most of them are just gimmicks to me anyway). Get a 32GB or even 64GB microSD,

    • ffsdgasfdg

      It’s more like the device is partionned. There might be a 4GB system partition which is 80% free.

    • Samcopy

      4GB of gimmick features

    • Jason Nexus

      The nexus 4 with 13 GB so Dont troll the s4 comes with 8gb making it by default an 8 GB device with memory expansion. And only 2.9 GB is available for apps. While the entire nexus hard drive can be utilized. So Dont think for a second samsung meant any good by including SD card support. They knew There schemes

    • Jason Nexus

      I’m r3tarded everyone! XD I love my featureless 8gb nexus 4 with hardly any codec support and no sd card slot!

    • trert

      If it comes with the new zorgon giga flux ram, then that would BLOW MY SOCKS OFF!! I would use it all for processing advanced algorithms in the boot analysis configuration on proctological diagnostics!! That should increase vector velocity tracking by a coefficient of 46.6 when used of course with neutron dividends.

  • Sam Wiggans

    Aaaaand it is available on Koodo

  • wes

    Someone got a Samsung galaxy s 3 to sell?

    • Alexandre Lemelin

      I have an S2 to sell

  • lex

    saw the preliminary specs for the note 3… sounds like it will kill the S4!
    ill pass on this..

    Galaxy Note III
    – 5.99” SAMOLED Full HD Display
    – 13 Megapixel
    – Exynos 5 Octa Core (8 core)
    – Mali 450 (8 cores)
    – 3GB RAM
    – Android 4.2.2 – 4.3
    – Touch Wiz Nature UX 2.0

    im sure the battery life will be amazing, just like the note 2 on heavy use

    • Hilman in Edmonton

      I think this will be replacing my N4, I want the huge display and battery life (love the Nexus but its battery life is killing me).

    • johentie

      have fun carrying around a 6inch phone!! that’s ridiculous!!

    • RoboBonobo

      different strokes

  • lovegimik_scc16

    #GalaxyS4 #Samsung #GS4 #WinSamungGalaxyS4 #GalaxyS4Giveaway

  • delumen

    Curious as to how there isn’t enough supply of SGS4 for Mobilicity and WIND?

    • Davidyyz

      Because Wind and Mobilicity don’t have the same purchasing power as the Big 3.

  • Samcopy

    This phone is only worth it if it’s $0 with 3-yr contract

  • ThisGuy

    My brother got his on like wednesday…

  • m/dmax

    This whole Fido reservation system is complete bullcrap. Good for those who were able to get their phones early. For the rest of us, we’re just left farked. It’s nonsense how some carriers like Virgin and Koodo have the S4 in stock.

  • Stephen

    Yes! Best phone on the market

  • Bubble Snake!

    Still happily using my Palm Pilot 1000. Crystal clear phone quality too, but only allows for one-sided conversations.

  • george

    Finally got a txt from Fido. They are offering $50 account credit if you have to wait 21 days from launch day if you pre-ordered.

  • rocky

    I went to go pick it up at a bell store but they told me that only futureshop or bestbuy has the phones at the moment

  • levaranoia

    I went and picked one up from a rogers kiosk today no problem. Not sure if I’m feeling it tho, I sorta like my optimus g better.

  • T1MB1T

    So wind is for sale.. and now they say for new customers only? what a joke you are.. a shelf stocker and a dope head are the spokes twinks!

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