The New Cheap: A Buyer’s Guide To Used and Discounted Smartphones


  • Carter Loose

    With a phones like the Moto G and E auround now and even the Nexus devices, I find it hard to recommend used and refurbished phones. The Moto G LTE is about as good as most high end phones and lets be honest, to most consumers, ultimately it won’t make a difference if they get a a Moto G or a GS5.

  • Jordan Horvath

    Just a small typo. In the Telus section you say the refurbished iPhone 5s is $0 on a three year term, not a two year term. Great article otherwise. very informative!

  • chopstix21

    Article was written March of 2013, two-years weren’t fully implemented yet. I think this article is just used to fill space for the new 3.0 site layout. But still a very good and informative article.