Nokia updates its Maps, Drive+ and Transit apps with HERE branding, launches on all WP8 devices

Nokia Maps, Drive+ and Transit are dead; long live HERE!

The Finnish company furthered its push towards brand continuity with updates to its Windows Phone suite of cartographic fare, releasing HERE Maps, HERE Transit and HERE Drive+ Beta. While there aren’t too many changes to the visual design of the apps, nor has the feature list been significantly boosted, the company has successfully integrated them; you can access one app quickly from the other, allowing for simple transitions from car to transit to foot and back.

Nokia has also released its suite of apps to non-Lumia devices, so all Windows Phone 8 users (in Canada, that’s the Samsung ATIV S, HTC Windows Phone 8X and 8S) can benefit from the service’s offline mapping features.

HERE works best with Nokia Lumia, but in a joint effort to further strengthen the Windows Phone ecosystem, Microsoft and Nokia are making HERE Maps, HERE Drive and HERE Transit available to people with any Windows Phone 8 smartphone. This exclusive offer is available in US, Canada, Mexico, UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain.

Nokia has also announced that it’s bringing LiveSight, its augmented reality technology, to HERE Maps in a coming update.

Like Google Maps, HERE will sync information from the web to mobile, so your saved searches will transition seamlessly over the HERE Cloud.

HERE’s to you, Nokia. Download HERE Maps, Drive+ Beta and Transit.

Source: Nokia Conversations