WIND to launch the BlackBerry Z10 on February 27th for $599 outright


  • hoo dat

    What? Pigs DO fly! WIND has the second cheapest Z10 on the market, I had to rub my eyes!!!

    • GlassBackBadIdea

      $599 outright! still way overpriced in my opinion. Wait 6 months and you will get it for a fraction, when people and companies start dumping it

  • Lazed

    I’m still shocked by the Z10’s high price tag. $399 would’ve been a good outright price to regain lost marketshare. Believe it or not, it’s going for $800 in India – stupid stupid stupid pricing.

  • Dr.Hugo

    I like these prices , I just hope Wind can work on improving their signal im on the fence on whether to go with them because the complaints dont help them

    • Miguel S.

      Mind if I ask WHAT you like about these prices? They’re ridiculous, unless you’re buying outright. Any of the plans equal a full 3 year contract (and you only drop your tab / owing balance by $4 or $3 or $2 per month…basically nothing). Plus you pay more upfront.

      I got mine on Telus and paid $150 (putting “$500” on to pay off over the 3 year contract, or $14 per month. So I paid less up front and owe less as time goes on).

      Now that all the other carriers have the system of just paying off your balance to get a new device, Wind’s system is obsolete, and basically just takes advantage of customers…

  • Z10 Advertorial

    $599 for a Z10 in March, 2013??
    LOL, you are joking right?

    With the barage of 5″ phones, the N4 at $369 at the source and $399 at Virgin, the S4 coming up in one month and the z10 is $600? good luck with that.

    Having said that the BB 9900 wich comes with 2 yr-anniversary cake still sells for $630 no term at Telus!!

    The big 3 can price the phones as high as they want but sales are another thing!

  • Luke iPhone

    I just feel that is way too much

  • franco

    Update on my misery with Wind Mobile. The CCTS called and said they have assigned an agent to investigate my case. This means it has now esculated to the next level. I have tried retracting the money from my bank as requested by Wind. After a 2 week investigation the bank said they can not retract the money because I paid through Wind Mobile Website. I called Wind and they actually admitted for the first time that they are wrong and apologized. They also said that they still can not find the money and have exhausted every avenue and they don’t know what to do next?

    So here I am where I started almost 3 months ago. My account still says 100.80 overdue. Let’s hope this agent assigned can help.

    Here is my letter I first wrote to the CCTS.

    Windmobile is my provider. I signed up with them on December 8 2012. I activated 2 cell phones. My account number is DBC00086975422. My first payment of 100.80 cents was due on December 22 2012. The bill stated that they would take the payment from my mastercard in that day if I did not pay by that due date. I noticed they did not take their payment so I proceeded to pay them myself on December 31 2012. I paid through their website ( I had the option of paying with visa, mastercard or debit. I chose debit. They claim they did not receive their payment. They asked me to email my bank statement to them. I did that as soon as they asked. They called back and asked me to email them again to a different department (customer service). So I did. They called back and asked me to email the bank statement to yet another department (collection department). So I did. The final straw was when they cut me services on both phones today January 23 2013. I called to complain and they reinstated both my lines for the time being until they figure out if I paid them or not. This is taking forever! My second complaint is on my new bill I received and that is due tomorrow on January 24 2013. I signed up with a promo they call friends and family. I am to receive 10 off per line for 10 months beginning on my second bill plus a 5 dollar discount because I got 2 lines with them. My second bill did not reflect any of these savings. When I inquired about this they said let’s solve one problem at a time. My biggest worry is that this will not reflect well with my credit score. I don’t even know if I should pay my next bill. Please Help!!!!!!! yours truly Franco Enea.

  • Filhulio

    hey Miguel S. do the math, To get a comprable plan at one of the big 3 over a three year or even a two year period is still more expensive, even if you buy the phone outright at Wind.

    • Miguel S.

      fair enough, I would rather pay that extra bit and have working, reliable service though. maybe in a few years when Wind strengthens their network it will make sense, but not yet

    • Piff

      You mean you would rather get fleeced than save your money for something else right Miguel. Me personally I just bring my own device to Wind. I agree that Winds phone prices may be high, but their call quality and reliability have vastly improved.

  • baconeater

    Blackberry – why you charge so much for last years tech? I was hoping the price was going to be around $400.

    • Dr.Hugo

      Last years tech ? their OS is so different then the others how is it last years tech please elaborate for us ??? because BB OS is much better then droid or iphone do some research before posting

  • Sweet

    This is too expensive. Koodo sells it for $550. I would have expected Wind to sell theirs for less than that, given that they’re in more need of new subscribers than Koodo/Telus.

    I understand the carriers are trying to make money however they can, but the carriers have to realize that they’re wireless carriers, not electronics retailers. They should be providing low-margin prices for the phones to attract customers to their network and service plans where the carriers will make their real money.

    Now it’s Mobilicity’s turn.

    • gurtej08

      Too much and the carriers should have low margins on the handset? Yeah the BB is priced to high but no one is complaining when the iphone and s3 were priced this high. Why don’t the carriers lower their margins there also.

  • screamer

    600 for a blackberry that is way to much and all people they think that is okay we will talk in two years when blackberry is sold to a Chinese company. You want market back better with a good price. 400 $ and sell it online unlocked!

    • Tarro

      Didn’t even read your post. Automatic thumbs down.

  • Mike

    $599 LMAO LOL really, what a joke lol. This is only a blackberry not a high end smartphone. for $499 people can get a high end smartphone like the Samsung Galaxy S3 which is 100 times better. Rim (Blackberry) is doomed with these ridiculous prices LMAO LOl..
    And from what I’ve been seeing, are high returns of the Z10 after people have played with it for a few days then realize its a piece of junk.

  • R u Serious?

    WIND delusional as usual

  • R.Dot

    Are all of you retarded? The outright price for all high-end smartphones is always $550+; what makes the Z10 any different? It shares the same components as most of its competitors. With WIND’s pricing structure they have discounts on their Tabs which let customers purchase the device at a cheaper rate without having to sign a 3-year contract. Almost no one buys these devices outright. Google was losing money on the Nexus 4 so dont bring that device up in any pricing argument.

    And before you say it, there’s more than just cost of components that go into the price of a phone (R&D, licensing fees, etc.)

  • Dave

    For Wind’s standard that is way to much. Getting beat by one of the subs big 3? Like common.

  • screamer

    Somebody said something about blackberry will be blocked! Wow blackberry will not sell enough with this price first all the fans are buying and than it slows down and down. Always liked the bold 9900 and now you can get it at ebay for 220 $ I don’t want it anymore! Please bring the q10 for a good price and we will buy it.

  • Marwan Sayyad

    I just hope Wind can work on improving their signal . They getting a lot of customers but the signal not improving.

    • migo

      The Z10 should help the perception of their signal.

    • abbot

      I have experiences significant, ongoing improvements since early 2012 in Toronto. It really depends on where you work and play, it seems. I have been with Wind since 2011, and have no complaints.

  • Rafael

    liked, shared & commented..

  • migo

    Still a bit more than from Koodo + unlock code, but the discrepancy between the model number and AWS support makes me think the Koodo one supports AWS for the same reason the Nexus 4 supported LTE, and a software update might take that away.

  • hoo dat

    This may well be available in a couple of days but it’s been confirmed that you won’t be able to buy it if you’re an existing customer! New activations only and NO out right purchases. The earliest a current WIND customer will be able to buy this phone is April and even then it’s unclear if you’ll be able to buy it outright.

  • ar

    Does anyone know if this will be pentaband version?

    • migo

      There is no pentaband version. It uses an MSM snapdragon, rather than an APQ like the Nexus 4. It won’t happen.

  • the man with no name

    Where exactly has this been confirmed? In the article above it clearly mentions that it can be purchased outright for $599. In the previous one they posted the only ones who won’t be able to upgrade are people on EXISTING windtabs.

    Not looking to start anything just wondering the source as I am with them but not on a tab.

    • hoo dat

      My statement needs clarification and I’ve had more info since:

      If you want the phone now either on tab or outright you can go right ahead and get it, the problem is that you’ll have to open a new account to do it. This means giving up your current telephone number and any incentives you have (ie; HMP). If you want to upgrade your device and keep you current number and plan then you’ll have to wait until April 6 to do it.

    • Sweet

      @hoo dat — that really sucks. I really hope Mobilicity doesn’t do that.

  • dayafter21

    I like the people who are talking about pricing the Z10 at 399 and such. Clearly you want blackberry to fail and have no business sense whatsoever. I haven’t read anything stating that the phone sucks. I own a nexus 4 and I don’t expect the next nexus to be the same price. It’s a probably a one off by google.

  • ed

    this phone is selling like hotcakes, you guys hating on this phone are completely out to lunch….

    Reality Check, the average person wants the blackberry experience WITH the consumer amenities…..z10 does this…these people dont give a f**k how many cores this phone has…..these people have more on their plate then blogging this site for the next 20 core…until you understand this, you will continue to be wrong. cheers.

  • drone

    Lol.. you fanboys and your eternal love and devotion to BB devices. It seems you all need a reality check.. or rather a crash course on how the market works.

  • MCF

    $599 outright is reasonable for the Z10 – I have a 9900 with WIND in Calgary and will upgrade tomorrow. WIND’s network has been gradually improving here but if I drive out into the mountains to go skiing I am screwed. Still worth the cash I save – unlimited everything and my bill is always under $60… I tether my iPad to it all the time and no problems. Finding WIND’s in-store service to be really good but useless call centre…

  • abe t

    hey miguel, I pay $40 for my plan with unlimited NA long distance call and preferred rate global long distance calls. who can beat that? the big 3 charges less for that phone but monthly plans are ridiculously priced. do the math.

  • Andrew

    Yes, it’s sad but true, Z10 won’t be available to existing Wind customers until April. Unless, you give up your current account and open a new one. I just confirmed that with their customer service. I’m thinking of getting my wife to open an account with Wind just so I can get that phone early, then cancelling her account. My old BB Bold 9700 is barely holding together! Way to go Wind at rewarding your current customers…

    • manny

      The z10 is available to existing customers if they wish to buy it outright for both prepaid and postpaid customers