Eastlink doubles wireless retail locations (now has two), promises more “in the weeks to come”


  • Bla1ze

    Eastlink has a lot of retail locations. I’m sure what they meant was, they’ll be offering wireless in more of them. e.g. The store at Mic Mac Mall already exists, just doesn’t sell their wireless.

    • Keith

      Unless it changed recently, it’s just a kiosk at Mic Mac Mall. Presumably they will bet getting an actual store now.

    • David N

      Mic Mac isn’t getting a store. Their kiosk now has a section of wireless displays with security tethers

    • Keith

      “Mic Mac isn’t getting a store. Their kiosk now has a section of wireless displays”

      I don’t think that is a good decision by Eastlink. That kiosk is often busy with luddites who still pay their bills in person. It’s not a place I would shop for mobile service.

    • ns.dev

      Last time I was in that section of the mall it was quite quiet. With Toys R Us, ESM, Zellers (under renovation) and a few other empty stores it’s quite depressing.

    • royf29

      Mic Mac mall ahahahahah what a name!!!

  • dave

    Kiosk’s are much better if you are selling only a few items and don’t need useless floor space.

    Millions more shoppers pass by then would walk in a store.

  • iPhoneeeee’s bro

    They dont have the iPhone, why would I sign up with them?

  • Matt

    Eastlink has had a few retail locations for some time now.

    They did move to a larger location within Halifax Shopping Centre recently, but they’ve been in that mall for years.

    What their recent email/release really said was that wireless is only available at those two locations. Not that they only have two locations.

  • angryshamus

    They don’t hav iPhones probably cause there too new, too small and apple.doesn’t make a phone that works on the network eastlink uses…apple’s loss not ours as far as I am concerned

  • Lorne

    Apples iphones do not work on LTE network. Tmobile in the USA has the same issue. Apple needs to get their equip up to the lastest standards or they’ll be left behind