Update: Eastlink stores start promoting wireless offering, launching this week

Last week we let you know that Eastlink would be making an announcement this week about launching their wireless service (see here). Our sources stated we could expect something by Friday and this seems to taking shape. Eastlink’s LTE network will go live in Halifax and looks like their stores are finally coming to life. There’s still no word yet on the monthly price plan structures, but they’ll offer customers no-contracts and bundling options with current Eastlink services. As for devices – the poster on this store in downtown Halifax shows a Sony Xperia T Android handset coming.

In addition, confirming our previous post is Natalie MacDonald, VP Regulatory Matters for Eastlink, who’s speaking at the CRTC’s public hearing for the proposed “Wireless Code” stating the we can expect a launch “this week.”

Everything should unfold in a couple days… if not before.

Update: According to Eastlink’s opening statements and presentation during CRTC hearing for the Wireless Code confirm the wireless launch “in the next couple of days.” In addition, Matthew MacLellan, Eastlink’s President of Wireless, is reportedly “x briefing the local media about our product line-up, our service plans, and our new network.”

Update #2: A report in the Globe states that Eastlink will open on Friday in Halifax and launch the Sony Xperia T, Samsung Galaxy S III, LG Nexus 4, BlackBerry Bold and Curve, then later next month the BlackBerry 10 devices. In addition, “Over the coming weeks, its wireless products will be sold in more retail locations across Nova Scotia and PEI. It also plans to open six to nine more stores over the next 12 to 18 months.”

Source: CPAC & CRTC (PDF)
Via: Twitter (1) (2) & Globe