Update: Eastlink stores start promoting wireless offering, launching this week


  • Comment Master

    Cant Wait !!!!!!

  • Battery Size!!

    I do like EASTLINK, but they make you thing of BB with their delays over delays:
    First they were going to be FIRST in the area with their LTE,
    then they don’t care about being first anymore, because coverage and quiality is more important; then they delay it by 6 months; then again to 2013 and we keep on waiting!

    The Wireless service situation is the same: delay after delay with NO FIRM DATES. I wish them the best.

    By the way: That picture must have been from November, right now that store along Main Ave is covered in snow and you can’t see the top of the phone (which is good, who wants a Sony phone?, why not a Samsung?)
    Good Luck Eastlink!

    Those guys at

    • Doon

      What are you babbling on about?
      They’ll let anyone on the Interwebz these days, it seems.

      Anyway, as long as Eastlink is not another Videotron, then we’re in good shape.

      I am looking forward to seeing pricing and plan features.

  • Hub

    I wonder if they stroke *good* roaming agreement with other AWS carrier or if it is like Videotron.

  • ThurnisHaley

    Is it an HSPA or LTE AWS network?

    • LTE

      Its a LaTE Network!

  • Cell phone guy

    I can confirm this image is from the downtown Halifax location on Spring Garden Rd (just drove by 30 mins ago, and you can see the Rogers store across the street in the window). From what I’ve heard, they’ll have the Xperia T, iPhone, Samsung S3 and the Z10 for sure at launch. As far as price, not a word yet! It’s definitely going to shake up the market out here.


    There is roaming agreement and EastLink has both HSPA and LTE networks … a lot of good things are coming

  • LTE Baby

    NO iphone… but who cares.. they have good selection of phones already… i am sure Eastlink will be big challenge for RBT… All the best Eastlink!!! can’t wait for friday….

  • thecellguy

    The lackluster execution is a look into the future of their wireless. Although I think they will remain competitive I feel we may have another fighter brand focused only in price and not quality. Also they roam of Rogers so good luck if you travel to newfoundland. I hope east link is around for a while and they keep employing people and continue to create jobs for the Atlantic..

  • A

    BTW, in case you didn’t read it, their LTE footprint = their 3G footprint, there will never be pockets according to the press release tonight.