Snapchat 2.0 for Android brings video support and better navigation


  • np

    stupidest app out there

  • Darth Paton

    I use snapchat to send people death threats that I don’t want the police to see! So useful! (JK)

  • pimp

    DAMNNN!! who these broads be?

    • lmy

      those aren’t real people. it is just a picture.

  • pacalis

    And everyone goes to jail.

  • Michael

    Darn Mobile Syrup there are other operating systems out there that has apps you know, show more Windows Phone apps for example, its not only Android and iOS users who visit the website you know.

    • S2556

      My guess is probably 50% android, 25% IOS, 15% BB, 10% WP 7 & 8. I think they are hitting their demographic mostly. They do have posts about all of the OS.

    • CanadianMarijuana

      no one cares about windows phone

  • CanadianMarijuana

    I’d for sure finger bang the pu$$Y juice outa them girls

    • Anonymous


  • Bubble Snake!

    I like midgets and ponies. Since neither midgets or ponies are in that picture, I SUPPOSE I’d settle for tossing either of those chicks a load of man-mustard.

  • royf29

    OMG! These chics are soo hot