Rogers intros the “Save Together Discount” promo


  • Ck2013

    It’s a rip off.. I believe they will increase the plan by 5$ soon

    • MikethemaN

      …they always do. they always do.

  • M

    Mobilesyrup: this promotion has been around for almost a year now (at least in Quebec)

  • iPhoneee’s bro

    This sounds like an exact copy of Wind’s Better Together Savings…

    But i’ll take it, cause Rogers has the iPhone and Wind doesn’t! 😛

  • Philosoraptor

    Isn’t a Rogers plan $2 more than a Bell/Telus plan? So Rogers will therefore let you save 50 cents per line for two lines? How generous.

  • Jon

    I always find it hilarious on this board that every time one of the big 3 raise/drop their prices on anything it’s a rip off.

  • Surveillance

    I’ve been with Rogers for years. I have no complaints. For $60 a month I get 6gb data and all the minutes I will ever ever need. Basically I’m paying $60 for 6 gigs

  • kirilmatt

    I’ve been pretty happy with rogers too however their promos are mostly for new customers only which pisses me off. Also what reason do they have for excluding newfoundland in this promo? Its stupid

    • D Mac

      Because nobody likes newfies.

  • John

    F%*K you rogers and your stupid “promotions”

  • Porilaisten

    The Rogers family plans are the biggest scam of our time.

  • Wilbour

    Doesn’t it sound like an old Pizza Hut commercial?
    5 bucks, 5 bucks, 5 bucks!

  • john

    mobilesyrup comments are jokes. every time the big 3 change something, its a rip off. rogers is giving people discount and you guys still call it a rip off.

    every one of you want the best phone with the cheapest unlimited monthly plan with no contract.just go to wind and get limited coverage with unlimited use. enjoy your expensive phone while still locked into 3 years with windtab with a phone(most of them) that doesnt even connect to big3’s 3g/LTE when you have enough of wind’s bad reception and zero customer service and crappy warranty program.

    i got a rogers 6gb plan for $55. i cant justify paying $15 less per month and pay 399 for a note2 where im still stuck for 3 years with a tab system that is a scam at 10% monthly fee pay back only. No customer service. sales rep dont know anything. bad coverage in toronto, even a little slowdown or a dead zone is not acceptable for me and most business user. NO INTERNET WHEN YOU LEAVE THE ZONE, albeit very expensive. pay for diagnostic warranty with no free loaner.

    downvote me all you want but wind only work for a group of people, most of them just cheap. i worked for wind for a year and a half and i have seen too much. rant over.

  • Monkey Face

    For those you who got with Rogers on a retentions plan, paying $60/mth with 6gigs, please stop your comparisons. Unless EVERYONE can get the same plan as yours, STFU.

    Any Rogers promos are scams. These discounts end up costing you more than actually saving. Sure, you can save up to $25/mth, but Rogers will probably end up taking $50/mth from you instead.

    Suck it Rogers!

    • johnson ng

      Please… it was $60 for 6gb last summer in Rogers. anyone could get that, existing or new customer. Just because you missed a deal does’t mean Rogers didn’t offer it.

    • Slave

      Dumbass, the OG poster said they are paying $60/mth that includes airtime minutes and 6gb of data. Rogers has never introduced a voice and a 6gb data plan to the public for $60/mth.

    • Dylan K

      Actually, that exact plan was available to the public last summer. Anyone on a single line could call in and switch their plan to the 6GB $60 plan. You missed out.

  • Ozie

    Koodo ftw.

  • Andy c

    Plans not eligible: Business Sharing and Pooling plans, Corporate Plans, Retention Plans

    nothing to see here folks. move along

  • The Rock

    I’m also working parting at a Wind store now, I agreed with John, A lot of you people calling The Big three rip off, while you guys wants the best phone with $0 dollar…oh please, are people this stupid and cheap? people always come in the Wind store and expecting $0 Samsung S3 or Note 2 with NO CONTRACT, and rant about Big 3’s 3 yr contract, but end it up going there because they are too cheap and too stupid to pay full price upfront for good phones.

  • The Rock

    part time* typo

  • john

    guys please don’t be so ignorant. You aren’t gonna get a good plan with a good phone with no contract. You have to be smart to get some good deal.

    Christmas and August usually have the best deal for phones, $0 for Note 2 and S3 just this past Christmas.

    Rogers usually have promo plans that are accessible to anyone that calls and ask for it. my gf got the 6gb last summer and she was an existing rogers customer.

    Online forums are good places to find out about new deals.
    Now quit your b*t*hing, it ain’t gonna get you anything by complaining on mobilesyrup.

    and HONESTLY $60 6gb with rogers is better than $40 with Wind. Reception, customer service, warranty, after sales support, etc. It’s $20 bucks diff only, work 2 hours extra or drink a small coffee instead of a medium coffee every day.

    • Slave

      Maybe your gf sucked some CS c0ck to get the 6gb for $60. Did u do the same?

  • The Rock

    just for the record, a lot of people shoot on Rogers, TELUS, and Bell (they are using their services), when a new iphone come out, i’m pretty sure you going back to do a upgrade, and soon as they get home, the going on the internet and b!tch at them some more…why don’t just stay away from the big 3?

  • Adma

    Stopped reading at “Rogers”.

  • noknok

    I bought a Lumia920 with Rogers 3 days ago, but i haven’t activated my number yet.
    So i wanna know if this deal is going to apply to me when i activate my number or no?

  • aaa

    @ Slave, u r the biggest i***t to date, rogers was advertising the 6GB super plan, but sorry u were stuck in a hole to realize that because every other commercial was about that plan… peoples ignorance on this site is f*****g ridiculious, i work for the big 3 and i have people who think wind is the biggest rip of all and they come RUNNING back to us, and yes they know they pay more but i always say, “YOU PAY FOR WHAT U GET”….also mobilesyrup comments r rly biased because everyone here just fights for unrealistic things, like getting rid of the three year contract, do people realize that if that is gone then phones will be $300, and dont say how the states has it for cheaper because the demand is the states is alot higher ie. “supply and demand”…..people just have to put things in perspective and half of these comments wouldn’t be posted here….RANT DONE!

    • Monkey Face

      Hey d*****s, can we get the Super 6gb plan now? No, so why bring up something that we cannot get access to now? Exactly, shut your piehole.

  • john

    we’re suggesting ways for you to get a better deal and all you do is keep on complaining……

    Population per KM is about 33 for USA and 3.75 for Canada. USA has almost 10 times the population of Canada. I am not gonna go into details about how that affect the supply and demand, anyone with high school economics and math will understand that.

    • Monkey Face

      Wow, you think you are smart. Well, Australia has the same population density as Canada and they operate on 2 year contracts. Again, you are a Dumba$$. Supply a d demand is what you like to make yourself sound smart, but you are not.

  • aaa

    @monkeyface do more homework, in australia, u pay $59 for 3gb but then u have to pay per minute and per text so using grade 1 math, it is the exact same as us in canada. also it says right on virgin mobile for australia site, that it will cost u almost $1500 for the iphone 5 throughout your 2 year tenure compared to $700 in canada, so i still dont see how your argument makes any sense??? you r typical of someone who is with the big three but complains for no reason