HTC One in Black leaks online


  • Ghoul

    I thought the white looked like a BBZ10, but DAMN that black really shows it more

    • phreezerburn

      If not for the HTC emblazoned across the front, I’d have thought Z10 immediately too.

    • 3Yr Contract

      The phones are ok (When compares to the LG, the Sony and the Samsung ones) the problem with the HTC “Ones” (ha!) is that you have to deal with, bootlockers, fastboots, and comand lines that look taken out of DOS. ( Early computers)

      If you could deal with HTC phones the same way you deal with the Samsung ones, HTC could compete.

      The day manufacturers accept that: The easy to flash roms, the more support from XDA, the higher the sales: that day they will start competing with Samsung.

    • Plazmic Flme

      Thank you to HTC for going with the standard Black color and not stupid colors like pebble blue, etc like Samsung. GS3 in black would have had mega sales, above and beyond what they have now. The majority of people don’t want white phones that are going to show how dirty it is after a few weeks of use.

    • til-bar

      It’s like the Z10, but high end.

    • S2556

      Its the HTC iphone 5s!
      apparently the licensing deal they made with apple influenced their design team a little.
      I wont buy HTC because they lock their bootloader down like the pentagon.

    • Brad F(anboy)

      What are you guys talking about? Clearly this was the natural evolution of phone design. They got the inspiration from a pail of Jell-o.

  • yoda

    Its an uglier z10……NO THANKS

  • Agreed Z10 Clone

    Totally agree, looks very much like a BB Z10.

  • Agreed Z10 Clone

    At least you don’t need a runtime to run Android apps right Z10 owners? Lol

  • cybik

    Looks like the bastard child of a Z10 and an iPhone 5.

    • Brad F(anboy)

      Nonsense! It’s the natural evolution of phone design!

  • Ry

    if you’re gonna make a phone white, make it ALL white, what’s with this broken colour scheme trend, it’s tacky

  • nik

    the white one looks nice! but its htc so ill never buy it

  • dv

    Looks so beautiful.

  • Aidolon

    2300 mAh counts as “massive” these days?

    • some guy

      For HTC it does…

    • Plazmic Flme

      With bigger screens and LTE, 2,300 mAh is nothing. We need to go Razr Maxx HD sized or nothing! 3300+!!

  • Sterling

    Wow… Maybe BlackBerry can sue HTC for copying their design!! Seems like the “in” thing to do….

    • Ka-ra-te Master, The Fifth Dan

      LOL Blackberry stole the iPhone5 design, Android Apps, and the WebOS & Meego interface.

      You DingleBerries fansharts should be the last ones pointing fingers.

      Shameless beggers

  • yoda wont..they arent patent trolls like apple

    • Sterling

      I know they aren’t… and that’s why i put the quotes around the “in” part.. cause I know BB doesn’t do silly things like that.

  • Michael

    Microsoft should sue them right away, that windows phone live tiles, since when did Android become Windows Phone.

  • Bill Murray

    Is this a joke? Looks like a z10

  • Rich

    “looks like a BB Z10”. Lmao! The BB Z10 looks like every other phone out there except the GS3, a big black rectangle. Stop saying this looks like a BBZ10 when it just looks like pretty much every phone.

    • pacalis

      You’re just showing off that you can type without your glasses on.

      This phone looks nearly identical to the z10, including the logo placement. The only thing that makes it notably different is the screen is bigger, pushing the image sensor higher. The z10 has some fat bezels and that’s where they put the image sensor.

  • kenypowa

    and why do they move the home button to the right? wtf are they thinking?

  • Nideiki

    The mother of all battles has started, N4, Z10, HTC1, and what next. It really looks like the z10 but let us hope Apple do not complain and pretend they invented the rectangular shape and sue all of the above.Almost everything at my office is rectangular, monitor, keyboard, PVX, even my face lol.

  • robbers

    BB Z10, is that you?

  • RyanOver

    Last Year I was hype about the HTC One X but because it was only on Rogers(and then Telus) I passed, and stick to my Old HTC Incredible S. but this year it is. I just want it to come with a Snapdragon 800 and not a Tegra 4.

  • RyanOver

    This phone will not be the flagship device, just like last year we taught that the HTC Ville(the One S) was about to be flagship device, but then 3 days before MWC, rumour about the HTC Endeavor(One X) started. we were blown away by the design etc..
    but apparently people prefere plastic s**t(S3) instead of quality(One X)
    thiks is like getting yourself a Toyota instead of a Bentley for the same price.

    • Dalex

      Except I took that supposed “Bentley” (One X) and got stuck with a locked bootloader (that took DOS commands to unlock), a horrible sealed battery, no expandable storage and display that now refuses to turn on. Should have went with the Toyota…

      Seriously HTC is terrible. Samsung is the only one that gets it and will dominate 2013, just like it did in 2012 as soon as the S4 is announced. The only possible competition is from Google-Moto with their X phone. The rest of the OEMs are atrocious.

  • Zaafir Siddiqui

    I am like the biggest HTC fan bui I’m quite disappointed with this one. I don’t like the design, it looks too much like an iPhone more than the Z10 cuz of the chiseled edges.. sigh oh well, still going to get it!

  • Zaafir Siddiqui

    plus the HTC emblem should’ve been at the top!

  • Cody

    The lack of a menu button scares me senseless….

  • drone

    Wtf is this? The ONLY thing HTC had going for them was the sleek, sexy, glamorous polycarbonate look with the HTC One X and the Droid DNA… this just looks like a toy.

  • Mezy12

    Lol people and there no design self. Htc this phone is beautiful. If you think htc has made a better phone then this before then im glad you don’t work for them. Htc is stepping up

  • Miguel

    Way to go HTC! This is looking hot.

  • Horacio H

    This phone’s design looks way better than the Z10, why would you even compare the both, Iphone 5 LMAO i rather choose this look..

  • ABS

    I love HTC phones but no no no no no…

  • pin

    M7 and HTC are total s h i t. Just fold already HTC you worth less bunch of a s s f u c k e r s.

  • Me too!

    Wow — another me too product that looks EXACTLY like every other phone on the market now.

  • Just Another Guy

    Honestly, both this phone and the Z10 look like they took an iPhone 5, and put the screen on the other side. It’s like Apple said “kiss my a*s!” and they did.

  • Schadenfreude

    Who cares if it looks similar to the Z10. That should be a good thing as it will help BlackBerry survive. I on the other hand like this newest HTC phone. I’ve always preferred Sense over TouchWiz.
    Thank god HTC doesn’t do those girly colors that Samsung likes to do.