Bell 2012 full-year results: Subscriber base now at 7,681,032, 64% of postpaid customers have a smartphone


  • bigshadyray

    No1curr about Bell

    • Brad F

      i wonder if they count people who bought their own smartphones in that smartphone user count

  • Shann

    Well, you can take 2 away from this number if Bell doesn’t fix the Blackberry Smartphone data plan issue. I give them till tomorrow or I”m gone to Rogers.

    • curt

      How would you like it fixed?

    • ChrisinTO

      Hey Shann,

      What is the issue? I thought that smartphone data and bb data were the same now? I ask cause I’m thinking of switching back to a BB from android. Can you clarify?

    • Dimitri k.

      Bell is making you get a BIS special data package for the Z10. No other carrier is doing this. Research it & you will see it. He is correct tho. There is a huge thread about this on Crackberry as well.

  • hello

    You’re welcome, Bell.

  • Ripoff TV

    Unlimited in brackets, eh? 😛

    And their Mobile TV is so overpriced! $3/hour? No thanks!

  • arber

    Doesn’t count if you include a couple hours free with your plans

  • OgtheDim

    Do they define base based on current accounts or on everybody they keep sending annoying “Please come back!” letters to?

  • JH

    LOL at the stretched Samsung Vibrant in the first slide… What a horrible photoshop job.

    • satroyd

      It’s not a vibrant since there’s no Physical button at the bottom of the screen. it’s more like a telus galaxy s fascinate or an S II HD.

    • JH

      Google Samsung Vibrant. There are 2 versions. I was referring to the one that looks like it was stretched in the photo.

  • Superfly

    @shann….. go from east India to r*****s.

  • wotzit2ya

    7,681,031 .I just got rid of Bell today 🙂

  • Joe

    When you are deciding on a product to buy, they are very friendly and courteous. Once you sign the paper, manners out the window.

    • David

      Yep, couldn’t agree more. However its not just a Bell thing, it goes for virtually any wireless carrier based on the pay structure they use with their retail employees, and I don’t anticipating that changing as the landscape becomes more competitive.

  • ron

    So, now that revenues increased, they can raise prices…

  • .

    They signed a lot of new subs up on the $50 Thunder Bay plan. Best plan available in Canada to date.

    And, no Wind/Mobilicity and their regional (being generous) coverage don’t count.

  • Brad

    Thats nice in all Bell…but I have had many many people come in with $1,000+ bell bills due to roaming fees (up north?), fav 10 lists that wherent honored, and etc. Plus when I activate bell its annoying that you have to go all the way through the activation before it denies you on credit. I’ve had it happen to so many customers who thought they could get a phone and then 10 mins later get denied. Why not be like the rest of the industry and do instant credit results?!

    No wonder koodo is growing lots.

  • David

    I’m with Virgin and I’m pretty happy, can’t beat my 1gig plan with 100mins and unlimited texting for 36$/month with my Nexus 4.