TD Bank decides not to make a Windows Phone app, says there’s not enough users to justify it


  • some guy


    • Bobby

      Can’t wait for them to make a BB10 app before Windows!


    that is way you have to go with ANDROID

  • Miknitro

    Really not surprising.

    • kenypowa

      Totally not a surprise considering WP 7 and 8 has something like 2% market share.

    • thatshipislonggone

      @kenypow : i doubt if it is even 2%

  • Dimitri k.

    There we have it folks. If the banks say this, then its true. They only make apps for the platforms that they know they will get customers with aka IOS, Blackberry & Android.

  • ile2010

    Don’t care. Their iOS/Android apps look like web apps anyways.

    I only care whether or not makes a WP/BB10 app.

    • hoo dat

      You should care. The views of a large institution, such as TD, that has a large demographic are indicative of what’s happening in the marketplace. Obviously TD, out of the millions of customers they have, don’t see enough WP users to create an app. If I were Microsoft I’d be at least a bit concerned.

    • Scott

      I’m sure Microsoft cares a great deal, but I don’t see why we should unless we are using a Windows phone.

    • hoo dat

      Scott, my comment was directed at ile2010 who apparently does have a WP and claims not to care. If I were a user of a WP then I’d be concerned that a large corporation is not planning on developing an app for my phone whether I use it or not.

    • ile2010

      I don’t currently own a WP8 device. I’m saying that TD’s apps suck on both iOS/Android devices (both of which I currently have). I don’t use it on these devices, so why should I care if it isn’t available for WP8?

  • oldschool

    I was torn right now about going to the Z10 or a Lumia, as small as this is, I like the TD app on my GS3 and hated when i didn’t have it on my old Lumia 710. Guess I’m going with the Z10.

    Side note: the only app I miss from iOS is the official LCBO app, curse you iSheep for having that one when no one else gets to.

    • Mr. Miyagi

      Just pin the TD EasyWeb site to your home screen…

    • Tom

      If the official LCBO app is anything like their website then nothing is lost.

    • Crocography

      Or switch your bank. I thought about switching the bank but then I just pinned the website to my home screen.

  • Plazmic Flme

    That sound? Oh, that was the sound of you getting kicked in the crotch.

    They’ll probably make a BB10 app before they make a Windows Phone one. Especially with what’s coming down the pipeline with BlackBerry and NFC…

    • schultzter

      Why make a BB10 app when you can just port the Android app?

      At some point (if they aren’t already) people are going to get sick and tired of supporting all these platforms. It’s iOS, Android, and HTML5 for the rest of you!

  • gloith

    Sorry Td, my company didn’t give me enough hours this month so I will not be paying my account fees.

  • aryana

    This bank in the picture is located in a nice sunny place ha! Winter Go Awayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :/

    • Herpdingle DerpBerry

      What’s your number? Come over to my place, it’s sunny and warm there.

    • Dave

      That’s Toronto, Bloor and Sherbourne. I’m not saying it is, but that photo could well be today: sunny but cold, with no snow on the ground. Notice there’s no leaves on the trees in the background, so it’s definitely a wintertime photo.

  • Kelso


  • Steel Curtain

    Reason why I sold my Samsung ATIV S. Lack of Apps.

  • Morgan Freeman Lookalike


  • jimbob

    I’d go with TD Bank, but they don’t have a big enough market share 😛

    • roach_779

      Toronto Dominion? Hmmmm…why would I want an app from a bank that is only in Toronto when I live in Vancouver? Such a small bank should expand all over Canada and get big, maybe it can have some of my money…maybe.

  • johentie

    That’s the bank at bloor and sherbourne

    • Indeed

      420 Bloor Street East, Toronto, ON, Canada

  • InfinitiGuy

    Smart move. Windows what?

  • NoWorries

    Coming from TD, not worried at all. TD’s technology has always been behind the other banks. If you’ve seen their back office systems…you’d feel like you were back in the late 90s/ early 2000. Comes as no surprise, their CIO is an i***t

  • puetro

    In other news Pita Land also announced that they are not gonna make an application for Windows Phone.

    2 fortune 500 company in one day…

  • Joe Jim Bob the third

    Just checked on my Z10, no TD Bank App to be found. Is there a TD blackberry App for BB OS7 but not BB OS10? If true, that’s just bananas.

  • coop3422

    I’ve banked with CIBC and now TD. Much prefer TD, and they have an Android app that does what I need, so I’m happy. Actually I wanted to buy a WP just to play around with it, but they didn’t have a TD app (among many other apps I use). Guess no WP for me for quite a while lol/

  • Keith

    You suck TD.

    • Keith

      I should have added that their website doesn’t work with WP unless you put the phone’s browser in mobile mode which is really inconvient because it is better off in desktop mode for everything else. It’s almost worth swithing banks for.

  • Porilaisten

    RIP WP?

  • Rich D

    as one of those silly WP7 users, and a TD customer you’d expect me to say this sucks. in reality, its a smart move, since even I want to get off the windows phone bandwagon.. only question now is BB10 or Droid

    • thatshipislonggone

      go with droid or ios 🙂 enough testing beta products.


    OUCH….that has got to hurt!

    on another note…I think that TD location in the picture is actually located across from Rogers head office.

  • cranky

    I have called the td 1 800# a number of times asking about an app for my windows phone they never really gave me an answer I guess I have it now !! Not happy with this as I like my phone more then I like td and the Mobil site sucks as I have to change my browser settings every time I want to do on line banking

    Sent from my
    Windows phone

  • Blas

    ING seems to be the only one offering services to Windows Phone users.
    This isn’t enough to get me to change banks though.

  • Nick

    Not surprised, one of the worst banks to bank with, that’s why i chose CIBC, no app required they use a mobile site which the app essentially is and it works with ALL mobile platforms. TD doesn’t care about it’s customers nor how they treat them. Just another good reason i closed all my accounts with this bank.

    • Jaga

      yeah and CIBC works like 10-2 everyday, so if you ever need to go to them have fun and go out of your way to get to anyone, whereas TD is mostly open 8-8, and has Customer Service 10x better than CIBC

      Maybe you just had a bad experience at 1 branch, switch a branch or something
      Unless you were asking for something unreasonable like waive all fees, TD is pretty accomodating and competitive

    • Nick


      I had multiple issues, at more then one branch. I don’t care if my bank is open until 7 or 8 at night because I’m competent enough to do my banking myself, used PC for years. Because my banking needs changed I looked to other options. Plenty of CIBC locations here are open just as late as TD, depends on your location. I’m not the only one that has had problems. Their fees weren’t my issue, their business practices were my issue. My car payment would come out, leave a couple bucks in my account, their service fees would then come out….instead of going into the negative they would take back my car payment, charge me an NSF fee and then take their fees. I closed everything the second time they did this. The managers and staff don’t communicate and their call centers are staffed by i****s. Everyone you talk to gives you a different story. TD is crap and don’t even get me started on their Mortgage services…

    • Brad F, Brad F(anboy), and jack


      You need to be competent in when to use “then” and “than” before you can do banking on your own.

  • Sean

    Now maybe they can at least focus on updating ancient feeling iPhone app and web presence.


    LOL! This is like revenge for Windows Canada Facebook page taking a dig on BB a couple days ago.

    Windows phone = HUGE fail

  • Joseph Morin

    If you want a mobile bank app, switch banks. I’m happy I’m with RBC.

  • jlm

    Guess Im switching banks. Sick of android’s crappy stability and Apple. Havent played with a Z10 yet but love windows phone

  • Herpdingle DerpBerry

    Meanwhile Royal Bank *IS* making an app for Windows Phone 8!

    In conclusion:

    – TD sucks. I haven’t been a TD customer for years.
    – Royal Bank is better.
    – All of you anti Windows Phone herpaderps are real Dingleberries.

    So I could care less, as the best big bank in Canada is already making a WP8 app.

  • Sean

    So banking is not really comfortable, unless in the way TD wants.

  • Nate

    In a crazy turn of events, TD declaring they will not make a native app for Windows Phone was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Windows Phone declared a failure.

  • H Singh

    windows app doesn’t have enough market share. Microsoft sucks windows 8 desktop by adding little apps like windows phone. really change the meaning of desktop. its no longer user friendly, fast quick user interface like windows 7. even on windows 8 desktop app format nobody gonna like banking app instead of secure desktop browser. BB10 is better option. Much more secure than windows phone for online banking.

  • Senor Chang

    Once RBC makes their windows phone app, the others will follow. Much like the Canadian Telecom industry headed by the colluding RoBellus

  • Aldanger

    Then there’s me, cruising along with my CIBC Android app while I wait for Ubuntu phones.
    Yes, you read that right. Ubuntu phones. I wouldn’t mind a WP8 or BB10 device, but I’m getting tired of Android and I despise Apple.

  • Jimmy

    I don’t trust banks or their apps that they probably had coded overseas running on my phone.

  • Jaffna Guy

    better have one for BB10

  • Drew

    Screw you TD. I`m switching banks.

  • james

    So they can’t spend lol bit money on devolping an app? Td is so 90’s when it comes to online banking experience. I don’t even like the td app on my iPhone, limited features.

  • Andrew Wilkie

    It’s reasons like this that people shy away from the Windows Phone. If more companies supported it, there would be more users. -_-

  • yvrgal

    It’s a shame. Windows Mobile 8 is by far the best I have used.

  • shaunguthrie

    I think there is a shift starting, as Blackberry continues to fail and Windows has surpassed in the last two quarters as a strong 3rd platform (ahead of Blackberry) you’ll see more people take notice.

  • Shai Petel

    I just posted an unofficial app to the store, search for “TD Bank Mobile” should be published today/tomorrow

    • 2Sides2Story

      I like the app. It was great and very comparable to that of other platforms. Although I find the TD position on this to be deplorable, how can I guarantee security of bank accounts when the app has not been created by TD? I have since uninstalled and changed my password. I applaud your efforts to provide what this huge bank is too short sighted to provide in customer service, but my sense of security is not there.

    • Shai Petel

      You are right, I have removed it from the store.
      I did nothing except frame the TD site in a more convenient way inside an app, but come to think of it – you are right, no one should trust an app builder with his bank account, and I don’t want to encourage that.
      Also, I got messages from TD lawyers asking to rename it and not use the TD logo… Still, a shame they do not bother building an official app.
      I still use mine, but it is out of the store, if any one wants I can share the xap file for you to install via USB cable privately.

    • 2Sides2Story

      Thanks Shai. Currently the biggest issue facing Windows Phone in Canada is the catch 22. Carriers cater to Android and iPhone because that is what sells. That is what sells because that is what is offered. I can’t speak to Android but I have used the iPhone and I currently have a Lumia 920 and my wife has a 930. Both a superior experience to the iPhone. TD app can easily be simulated via pinning their mobile site to the start screen. Not having an app is Hardly a big enough obstacle to justify changing bank but it still smacks of dismissiveness by TD Canada Trust.

  • neodoru

    one word:

  • kaboomcanuck

    I’ve switch from iphone to WP8 and I honestly thing it is a must better experience. The only issue is the lack of apps. I’m closing my accounts and refusing to bank with TD over this because with over million dollar profit each year you cant pay someone to make an app to even make a SMALL percentage of your clients happy? If it costs you 100 000 so what?? If you make 500 000 off those clients that user WP8. Even if you don’t make money off them your still VERY VERY well off. This message says we honestly don’t care about our clients happiness if there is nothing in it for us we wont be doing it.

  • shaunguthrie

    Here is the thing that just floors me, they have a Blackberry app however Windows Phone has more market share than Blackberry. So perhaps they are calling the kettle black here?

  • offbeatbop

    They changed their mind and began development of a Windows Phone app a few months ago. I came to this article through a Bing search and it freaked me out because I thought they changed their mind again.

    • shaunguthrie

      I saw this as well via a Tweet to them.
      TD (Canada) ‏@TD_Canada 22h22 hours ago
      @LordGuthrie We hear you! An app for Windows is definitely in the works. Continue to follow @TD_Canada for future updates! ^GP
      12:28 PM – 16 Oct 2014 · Details