RBC Windows Phone app “currently under development,” but no release date in sight


  • Keith

    Meanwhile TD bank still has not announced any plans to build a WP app. I’ve had a number of issues using their full site on my WP phone so it is rather pathetic they do not put more effort in this.

    • Tomatoes11

      I own a WP8 device for now and I wouldn’t spend a dime designing a Windows Phone app for my business. My profit margin is thin enough already and the last thing I would do is thin it out even more for a Windows Phone app.

      Apple and big name designers like Prada or LV are few of the only companies with profit margins big enough to spend money or manpower on something that doesn’t help your bottom line whatsoever such as a Windows Phone app. Sorry, but that is just how it currently is.

    • babablacksheep

      Who cares about TD. They’ve been getting worse and worse as a bank, almost as bad as CIBC now. RBC has been the best “big” bank for a while now. Good to see that there will be a WP8 app soon. Now Scotiabank should make a WP8 app, that would be good.

  • Donovan

    Given the very limited adoption rate, this isn’t entirely surprising.

  • migo

    All WP or just WP8 or later?

  • George

    I still can’t understand why these apps (which are frequently mobile websites in a wrapper) take so long to develop.

    The PC financial app is a perfect example. The app is available on iOS and supposedly being worked on for android but not yet available. Using the app, it’s obvious that its just HTML. The app doesn’t even use native buttons, tabs or drop down menus. I can’t understand why there is any delay in bringing it to android (or every phonegap supported platform fur that matter).

    • Brendon

      This is the exact same as the RBC android app, it looks horrible; extremely slow; and not at all useful.

      Anyone waiting for wp, I wouldn’t bother. RBC can’t develop s**t

  • Ka-ra-te Master, The Fifth Dan

    Will RBC have a BB10 app at launch?

  • alex perrier

    I can’t wait

  • Bob J

    Let’s go TD, figure it out

  • Mark

    I want a TD app also

  • Stall Tactics

    Between the time between now and when they plan to write their first line of code, they are probably hoping the Windows 8 phone will die off, thus sparing them the effort.

  • Doug

    I enjoyed using my RBC application with my Blackberry and am disappointed I cannot install on my new windows 8 phone. How soon will an application be available?

  • Mrs Tracy

    I am to also very sad at not having the rbc mobile app on my windows phone. Would love to see one in the near future…Meaning like yesterday…lol

    PLease RBC for windoes mobile app.!

  • Arya

    Me too, they replied to my email and told me that an app is coming. I can’t wait to download it.

  • kstap33

    Still no app…