Samsung Galaxy Note II users to receive Jelly Bean upgrade with Multi Window support on Wednesday


  • TCK

    Another useless feature being pushed as a good idea.

    It is getting ridiculous and doing nothing good for Android.

  • LJK

    Rejoice indeed! It may be late but Multi Window will be awesome.

  • Bollocks

    I call B.S, first it was “soon” after release in november, then “almost here” mid january, I’ll believe it when its on my Note. Samsung Mobile Canada is a joke.

  • D Allan

    My international unlocked version of Note 2 has this update 2 weeks ago already.

    • nely

      I have the international version and I’ve had multi-view ever since I got it around 2 months ago

  • outburst

    It’s a gimmicky feature which is better for showing off to pals than it is for actually using.
    TouchWiz sucks. My Bell Note 2 is now running Jelly Bean 4.2 thanks to Cyanogenmod.

    • TCK

      You’re right on. Useless in a day to day use.
      Just for the show.

  • screamer

    When gets my galaxy s3 the update???? Takes to long for me. However I think they should push out 4.2…

  • emc

    That’s what they said last month. Just hope Samsung and the carriers deliver on that promise this time.

  • Dr Tone

    I’ll believe it when I see it…

  • vn33

    Waiting patiently for JB on my original Note 🙁

    • Ron

      I got sick of Rogers saying that the original Note JB update would be out “late December” then pushed it back to “early January” and now it’s pushed back to “late February”. I installed Paranoid Android’s custom JB ROM. It works great and is much faster than the stock Samsung ICS ROM (and it’s not even overclocking the processor). I am not responsible for anyone attempting to install a custom ROM as it may void your warranty or brick your device.

  • kspraydad

    …Strange…I’ve had this on my Roger’s GNote II since early December.

  • Edward Szklar

    My GF got the update on her TMobileUSA Note 2 a few weeks ago that she’s using on Mobilicity. Multiwindow is nice.

  • nexus lover

    good luck getting it from wind. those jack offs don’t update phones. as a matter of fact wind has never updated not one phone. not even the s3.

  • StEC

    Pffft… I’m still waiting for my long promised update to Jelly Bean on my Galaxy S2 (GT-19100m)!

    I’m done with Samsung not sure where my money will go next time I’m shopping for a new phone but it certainly won’t go to Apple or Samsung!!!

  • Josh

    I use multi window every day. I get plumbing part quotes in pdf and the enter them in a spreadsheet. It is awesome. Makes my PC almost obsolete.

  • ZR27

    imagine “other” phones got this feature?
    they wouldnt last more that 2-3 hours.. lol

    i have multiple apps, and floating apps running on my note 2 all the time… and its tough to kill

    the phone hardware, screen size and “stock” battery is more than capable of handling this feature with success.. no need to squint your eyes on a tiny screen, or plug it into a wall for extra juice 🙂

  • JonSone

    What about the original freakin’ Note? Did they forget about it?

    My first and last Samsung phone. This update means EVERYTHING to me.

    My life revolves around getting the Jelly Bean update…please, for the love of *dog, give me my update!!!

  • m00rb

    When does 4.2 come out? Oh ya, last fall. Good thing we’re getting 4.1.2 in February. Maybe 4.2 will drop for the Note 2 when Key Lime Pie comes out.


    will this work for an unlocked rogers note 2?

  • kspraydad

    Not sure why I got downvoted …I bought my gn2
    on contract from rogers in november…had a screen issue and sent it in for repair…when it came back in early december is had multiwindow working on it.

    Bully for me I guess…

  • Jake

    Still waiting on the original Note JB.



  • Teflon

    Pissed off at samsung. I feel their ads for the note 2 is false advertising. However having multi Windows will be a savoir. People that don’t think its useful must not need to multi task. Being a coach with three kids organizing activities into my calendar will be so much easier. On another up note sask-tels new LTE is sick. Getting between 20 and 25 mbps on both download and upload speeds consistently. Good job sask-tel. Now get me that up date.

  • Alexandru

    Hi All,

    My last phones where only Samsung.
    They present their current phone as the best for the sales purposes. Then we buy and get into the nightmare update scenario.
    I think Google should have a say into this.

    They should change the license and make clear the Android OS should be updated by Google while part of the carrier / manufacturer agreement the client (us) would accept the manufacturer’s software they wish to install.
    To us the clients should be given the choice that unless is not a system app any other app coming from the manufacturer or carrier to be able to be uninstalled.

    I am on Note 2, but I keep a close eye on BB 10.
    If proven to be ok as a phone, I will sell my Note 2 and get a BB Z10.
    Why? Because first of all, it is a secure phone. For every app I am installing it is given the opportunity to accept or not the access to the phone features or my personal content. This is not possible with Android.

    Recently Canada and Netherlands commissioners of Privacy filed legal suites against software makers on Android for illegally syncing personal data of its users without giving them the permission to accept or refuse.
    That’s the situation with Android as os. Massive breaches of privacy.
    Why Google is not doing something about this? The user should be allowed to refuse access to their phone features and personal data. The application should gracefully downgrade its functionality to what is allowed by the user.

    I will definitely give a chance to BB Z10 or any similar phone coming from Blackberry as company. They deserve our support for their great job in designing a great software platform and doing the right thing to survive in a tough market.

    All the best,

    • Adrian

      You really are stupid. Go ahead, thumbs-down this because the truth hurts. Moron.

  • Air

    Where can I buyunluck or international Galaxy Note II?

  • stevestjs

    I had the International Note 2 but then switched to the Bell version for LTE and I can say that the multi window is a cool demo but I did not find it very useful at all.

  • stevestjs

    It’s here. Mine is downloading now on Bell network.

  • gizhola

    Telus update is now available too.

  • someguy

    Rogers Galaxy Note 2 ,successfully updated to 4.1.2 with multi-Window as of Wednesday February 5 2013 5: 30 AM.
    Thanks Samsung

  • Willowz

    Rogers is receiving it. Downloading now.

  • Me

    Telus just got the update this morning.

  • nene

    Got update on telus. Got error about modified phone first, after a quick google, had to take our sd card and restart, then update worked, re-inserted card and it works!

  • Jie

    Does anyone know if the update re-locks the phone when you used the free SIM unlock posted back in December?