TELUS starts taking BlackBerry Q10 pre-registrations


  • BlackBerry

    My Z10 came with apple maps :'(


    is this BB10?

  • Len

    I wish mobilesyrup would do something but troll… its getting stupid…

    on a different note, if I had to get a BB this is the one I would get

  • Bill Murray

    This is the phone to get

  • Dan S

    As much I love my Z10.. only had it for a day… Q10 looks more like a premium device.

  • Senor Chang

    Which is the flagship BB? Z10 or Q10?
    I assume the Q10 will not have all the BB10 games due to the smaller screen?

    Hopefully rim can clarify some issues…

  • Happyboy

    I’m still Concerned about apps and why on earth wood blackberry want to run android BlackBerry should be focused on getting apps themselves and show The potential that the BlackBerry has to the potential customers I’m not going to get a blackberry 10 any time soon if at all I need my phone to be Useful not Useless and iPhone is way more then useful for me