Android 4.2.2 reportedly coming to Nexus devices this month


  • Kid.Canada

    So wish Google pushed out the updates for all Android phones, that way we would have wait on carriers and OEMs who “drag their feet” to push them out. My Galaxy S3 hasn’t even got 4.1.2 yet. Thank you Samsung Canada and Rogers!

    • Kid.Canada


    • anona

      Enjoying 4.2.1 on my GS3 since I hate the TW crap but love the hardware.

  • Frank

    Exciting, yet I’m also apprehensive. My Nexus 7 was buttery smooth and fast with 4.1. The 4.2 updates made it come to a near crawl, even after disabling currents and all these other tricks I’ve read about its better than it was, but still… True this could fix that, but I’m scared the same may happen to my Nexus 4 (if not now, when KLP comes out). Its amazingly fast and I don’t have any issues with it. I worry if I update it will reduce it’s performance too… Maybe I’ll hold off for reviews, I don’t know.. *sigh*

    • Zeeb

      If you preferred your Nexus 7 at version 4.1 you can always restore it to that version. Grab the factory image for 4.1.2 directly from Google. Same goes for Nexus 4 if the newer update slows it down.

  • Tom

    Please don’t link to, or listen to, IBTimes – it is a very slimy site.

    For one thing, every page has a video that auto-starts, and will auto restart after a minute if you stop it (this is the only site I’ve come across that does this).

    Also, they will publish anything – they were one of the sites that pushed the LG is stopping Nexus 4 rumors.

    In this case, the idea that 4.2.2 is coming soon is not exactly breaking news.

  • TZM

    I’ll wait until CM rolls it out.

  • chuck

    They need to fix a few issues for sure. For me 4.2.1 feels almost like a third party rom. There are a few bugs but nothing that makes the device completely unusable. I’m hoping the issue I’m having with the gmail app is a bug in 4.2.1 because its happening on both my nexus 7 and nexus 4. For some reason every once in a while I’ll hit reply on an email and the app completely freezes. It happens on the same emails on both devices. I can force close and try again on the same email and the app freezes again on either or both devices. As well the gesture keyboard issue needs to be fixed big time!

  • thatshipislonggone

    4.2.1 is the worst android version i have used on my gnexus. the standard launcher keeps crashing , the 4.1 was smooth but not this.

  • Nick the Rat

    maybe im just lucky, but im not having any issues… well, sometimes the n7 will freeze or crash, but thats only if i keep it running for a few weeks on end


    I need a nexus. hopefully htc or motorola makes one

  • pixielark

    you people having trouble with 4.2.1 should seriously consider factory reset your phone, without even using any backup software to put load of your junk back beside really basic stuff like sms.
    i always do that to all my friends phone, and none of them complains to me about 4.2.1 on gnexus or n7

  • DeepSlicedBacon

    MY mother’s Galaxy Nexus is still running ICS. How does one perform an update? OTA in the about phone menu?

    She is on Wind.

    • ilesal

      Phone settings/ about phone/ update

    • Eduardo

      If that doesn’t work:

      1. Go to Settings -> Apps -> All

      2. Find Google Services Framework.

      3. Tap on Force Stop.

      4. Select Clear Data

      5. Try Updating again…

      If it doesn’t work right away, try it a few times, it should work.

  • Gsizzle84

    High five if you own a Nexus device.

  • Weston1975

    I’m still waiting for Rogers to get their act together and release the 4.2.1 on my galaxy nexus.

    • Netguru

      It is not Rogers…it is Samsung Mobile Canada.

  • Netguru

    Correction: 4.2 has not been released for the Galaxy Nexus in Canada.

    • Mike Kennedy

      My buddy has a G nexus and it’s running 4.2, he is on Mobilicy with a totally unlocked version he bought though.

  • LW81

    Hope they fix Bluetooth. My Nexus 4 doesn’t detect my bluetooth earpiece. #firstworldproblems right?

  • Vineet

    I m with Mobilicity and on 4.1.1, all the Galaxy Nexus from carrier are yakjuux which is controlled by Samsung not Google as far as OTA updates are concern which is kinda a sux. Either we have to root to yakju image or wait till Samsung wakes up.

  • ggff

    Hope it improves battery life on the nexus 4

  • EddieWinslow

    I hope this fixes the bluetooth streaming issues.

  • fandroid

    Have had my Nexus 4 since middle of December. Battery life definitively improved after a few recycles.
    Really hoping that the 4.2.2 update fixes the wifi and camera shutter issues.
    Otherwise it is an amazing device.

  • BC Bud

    What are these Wi-Fi problems you guys are having? My Nexus 4 doesn’t have these problems. The battery life is amazing too. I have taken a lot calls today, surfed the net while on the can, sent a ton of texts, and even watched a couple movie proviews. The battery is sitting at 67% and it’s been 9 hours off the charger. My Galaxy S3 would be at about 25% at this point and getting plugged in to last me until bed.

    • drone

      BS. My Note 2, after 32 hrs, was still at 53%. S3 should be somewhat close to that.

  • An

    Hey, what wallpaper is this?

  • ali

    After 10 days of using my nexus 4, I have just found out that its Bluetooth is broken and I understand nothing from what is being said. My friend who also bought it at the same time had the yellow issue on the screen. So now we both are waiting for a replacement.I am a bit disappointed

  • chitty

    Very disappointed to see over delayed OTA updates, especially on Google’s Nexus devices.

    The only thing I miss about iOS, everyone gets the update at the same time.

  • pauljr8

    After 3 months of broken BT on my N7 and no response from the developers over such an important feature it will be refreshing to know that maybe my device will be fully operational again without having to go backwards through software. I don’t go that way.

  • Clyde

    Where can I get that wallpaper?

    Anyone know what it’s called?


  • Alex Siuda

    where can i find that wallpaper please?!