Jelly Bean now powers 13.6% of Android devices


  • EvanK

    Nice to see that ICS and JB have almost caught up to GB as the most used OSes.

    • Ron Mexico

      So less that 15% of Android users have a usable OS? That is pathetic.

  • Tom

    Beyond Google Play, I’ve seen reports today that Blackberry has confirmed that they will be updating the Android compatibility of BB10 from 2.3 to 4.x.

  • Mr. Miyagi

    Who the hell is still on Donut, Eclair and Froyo??

    • Andy c

      the sucker i sold my LG EVE to on kijiji a few years back

    • Ron Mexico

      More than 2/3 the number that are on JB. Isn’t that the saddest thing you’ve ever read?

    • Curtis

      People who keep their phones for 4+ years….

    • Tom

      My parents, aunts, uncles, some of my non-tech savvy friends. Froyo, Eclair all came out in 2010, that’s just 3 years ago. Lots of people in canada sign 3 yrs contract, so they keep their phones for a good 3 yrs.

  • ASH

    ICS here…on Galaxy Note

  • Nexus



    i fear that when key lime pie is released. most devices will struggle to get it 🙁

  • sid

    just traded my iphone 5 in for a note 2.. so i think i’m on the jelly bean 4.1.1.

  • crimsona

    Obviously the jump in JB is due to the Galaxy S3 getting it in terms of sheer sales volumes. The Nexus is a drop in the bucket relative to the Galaxy series

    • Ron Mexico

      Agreed. Numerically speaking, it seems there really isn’t an Android market, there is a Samsung market. Or rather, for new device sales the VAST majority of Andriod platform sales are either highend Samsung or cheap POS models. The rest are statistical fleas.

  • Johnny

    With so many people still running old OSes like that, no wonder why many iOs devs don’t even bother bringing their killer apps to Android :(…

  • Brandonn

    Believe it or not 4.1.1 was a mistake for my SGS3. My google.process.apps always crashes now. Yeah it’s smoother/faster but it’s a bit more buggy.

  • montgomery

    What would be more interesting to see is this breakdown by regions – Americas, Europe and Asia. It’s highly likely the pre-GB versions are coming from Asia where there are more cheaper handsets.

  • Henry

    @johnny Not sure that is a real problem. I deal with phones and customers regularly at my pawn shop, the people that are running old school versions of Android don’t even know what that means or the difference. They also don’t download much apps, they just use what they have. All worthwhile apps are written for GB and higher and all phones older than that suck anyway.

  • Mefirst

    On Virgin Mobile and my S2 is still on ICS… Guess I will wait for the S4

  • ol’skoolfool

    Still rockin Froyo on optimus one…but not for much longer

  • gnexuser

    Running 4.2.1 on my Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 10.

    Looking forward to the 4.2.2 update if it will fix the WiFi and Bluetooth issues.