Canadian carriers on BlackBerry Z10 sales: “great interest,” “intense interest,” and “very positive response”

While Canadian carriers are always shy on giving exact sales numbers, we thought we’d reach out to see how the Z10 is progressing on various networks. We’ve connected with all the launch partners today and still waiting to hear from a few, but here’s the buzz:

During the media event this morning Nadir Mohamed, President and CEO or Rogers, said that “thousands” of Canadian pre-ordered the BlackBerry Z10. The email I received from Rogers also noted that “we’ve seen great interest from our customer base in BlackBerry10, and many Canadians are looking for the next BlackBerry experience, powered by Rogers LTE network.”

“Pre-orders at Bell for Z10 were higher than for any other BB before. We’re seeing intense interest today –sales are quite robust.”

“It’s still early, but we’re excited about the potential the new Blackberry 10 platform brings to the marketplace. Since we launched BlackBerry Z10 pre-order on telusmobility.com on January 30, we have seen a very positive response from customers. The BlackBerry Z 10 is now available in store at TELUS locations nationwide and we are enthusiastic about the impact it will have.”