Canadian carriers on BlackBerry Z10 sales: “great interest,” “intense interest,” and “very positive response”


  • yoda

    Smashing success already.

    • Tom

      “Smashing success already.”

      We can’t tell anything from the above comments – what do you expect them to say?

      I’m waiting to see how many US carriers pick it up, and to hear the numbers during the next earning report (though even that will be hard to decipher).

    • CRTC

      Getting ready for the firesale

    • Blas

      Getting ready to light CRTC on fire.

    • hoo dat

      @Tom, all 4 of the major US carriers are carrying the Z10.

    • Yumi

      I love how everyone is calling it a “smashing success” when it’s being sold in Canada, which has the size of California. More importantly, it’s dashing success because the loyal BB users who are still on their rollerball Pearl are trading in.

      You won’t see iphone or android users running to this POS with no apps.

      Current BB users are used to no apps, so nothing new for them here.

      Welcome to 2007 BlackBerry!

    • 3df

      Glad to hear it’s doing so well on home soil. Hopefully it’ll still have a buzz by the time it launches in the States.

    • bobblehead

      Anyone surprised by Rogers having the most canned, unnatural quote out of the big three? You can tell that this company is led by a bunch of boring white guys who can’t even speak human.

    • yeswecan

      Uh, yes the Rogers statement is the worst, but they are ALL lame statements from corporate types who don’t speak human and only speak human. They’re also people with no soul.

    • yeswecan

      *only speak corporate speak

  • Hilman

    Doesn’t sound like very good sales from those comments. If you can’t sell it in Canada, you are going to be in really big trouble in the American market.

  • Relax.

    Of course they’re all going to say its doing “great”…What company on earth would ever comeout and admit to a product not selling well…again we won’t really know the true success of the product for a while.

  • Noah

    I’m not interested in the least.

    • JR

      Yup. You’re SO not interested that you not only clicked the link which led to the story which you read and then, after you were so thoroughly NOT interested, you had to post this comment just to let everyone know how NOT interested you are. Okay, I can buy that.

  • Eduardo

    I am re-posting this as apparently comments are being filtered now…

    Eventhough I believe in and support blackberry and I enjoy reading mobilesyrup daily; do you really have to post every single piece of information about BB?

    I am starting to think some of these posts are sponsored.

    • wotzit2ya

      ” this comment was brought to you by Ex-Lax , the freshmaker “

    • Noah

      Yes, some comments too.

  • Brandon S

    I am interested. I would normally support Canadian products, but i couldn’t support them before because their product sucked compare to what was out there. I was a converter before, but I hope i will want to convert people back to Blackberry when I try/purchase one.

  • JR

    I tried one out this morning and was pleasantly surprised. I’m not nor have I ever been a BB user, but for my next phone I’m seriously considering the Z10. It was pretty fast and I was able to stream video with no hiccups while sending a text, it had 7 tasks open and no slow-down. Plus, the keyboard is amazing. Okay, now I’m sounding like a BB rep. Anyway, I think that the Z10 will be able to compete once people have had a chance to actually try it.

  • roger

    The screen is to small, failed!
    4.5 – 4.8 inch would have been perfect.

    • MrHomz

      …So three tenths of a frigging inch makes it a fail? Does everyone need a huge screen? NO. 4.2″ is just fine. They will be releasing a slightly bigger one this summer or fall that is closer to 4.8″ so chill. iPhones are only 4″ and people seem to buy them like crazy.

    • Telanis

      I refuse to buy a phone that big, only reason I don’t have a new Samsung Android. If I wanted a tablet I’d buy a tablet. I got one of the original Dell Streaks (5 inches) and I’ve never used it since the first couple days because of how uncomfortably large it is. Obviously some people like that size but it’s certainly not for everyone, and smaller devices (BB or Android or whatever) are not failing by any means.

    • JR

      Unless you are doing a lot of gaming and/or watching movies/tv/video on your phone, then the screen size really isn’t an issue. For me, the functionality of the phone for business and organization as well as a good, smooth user experience is more important than how big the screen is. For example, the Note 2, while a great phone, is WAY too big for me personally. I held the Z10, used it for about 10 minutes and had zero issues with the size of the screen. I even checked out a YouTube video and could see it perfectly. You know, the Superbowl commercial with the goat that loves Doritos? Funny commercial.

  • Siebs

    What it boils down to is if RIM can win back the Corporate world. They’ve already stated that their positioning for BB10 is BES, and BlackBerry Mobile Fusion nails it. It’s all about marketing now. People need to remember that 1 corporate account can = 500 consumer sales.

  • Relax.

    The sad thing about them selling out right now…is that most of them are sold to people who are just going to try to flip them on craigslist for a profit. There are already people on craigslist asking for “$1000”. I really wish those types of people would go away.

  • Marc

    Blackberry’s has always seemed to do decent in canada, its the us markets that will determine the success or downfall of blackberry.

    • Telanis

      The US is a big market, but China is bigger. India will soon be bigger as the quality of life there improves. Cheaper BBs own the market in other developing nations. Sorry to burst your bubble but while the US is big and important it doesn’t control the success of every global company.

  • Alexandru

    Hi All,

    I am happy to see the Blackberry as company is succeeding.
    Bravo Blackberry! Go forth!

    All the best,

  • LugNutsMcGruff

    Just say No to carrier subsidized phones…

  • Matthew

    It strikes me funny that the pic they used shows the phone not understanding a voice command.

    Nothing against BB (I’m quite impressed with their latest effort), just an amusing observation.

  • All ways write

    These all sound like descriptions for a burning feeling when you pee….

  • apowerranger

    We’ve sold out of all the Z10’s we had at my work, not like it’s a lot but there were 15 or so

  • Paul

    I really have to agree with Roger. I have an S3 and had two blackberries before which I really loved. I am curious about the new device, but at 4.2 inches I am wondering just how much screen am I willing to go down to. In all honesty if it was 4.5 or 4.7 I would have been sold in a heartbeat. The app landscape doesn’t bother me as it will improve with time and people say that Skype and Netflix are must have apps? I disagree. I have Skype on my s3 and never use it. If I want to watch Netflix I will use my Android tablet at 10.1 vs a phone screen size.

  • Ka-ra-te Master, The Fifth Dan

    my girlfriend works at the telus store at yorkdale. more people bought bought the galaxy ace2 than the new bb10 today according to her

  • Ka-ra-te Master, The Fifth Dan

    my girlfriend works at the telus store at yorkdale. more people bought the galaxy ace2 today than the bb10 according to her

  • cayaguy

    I love how the arrogant Nadir Mohamed add’s in “Thousands” does that mean 1001 or 99999? ……also how arrogant this CEO is with this press release he’s got to add in “Powered by Rogers LTE network” I believe mobile syrup was enquiring about numbers here not arrogance about network from CEO’s such as Nadir Mohamed…..such a douche. I guess it goes to show you that BELUS doesn’t have to include comments about their network because in ever press release…they know it’s SUPPERIOR!

    • uzair

      I think thousands means at least multiple of thousands. So between 2000-9999, just from Rogers in Canada. There are reports its sold out in UK.

      If a 1001 was sold, he’d say over a thousand have been sold.

  • spyderwraith

    People are getting tired of Carrier subsidized devices with contracts and locked phones. I know I havent went for a contract in 4 years and I balk at spending 600$ on a phone. Personally, good for balackberry for trying but from what i have tested there wasn’t anything that the device had/has that gives me that “MUST HAVE NAOW” feeling. in so much as signing a three year for it to be 139$ or flat 600$ price tag. If i were to buy it it’d be a nice toy but i will wait until it goes down in cost considerably before i bother

    • seroevo

      I agree with that partially. You’re right, the option to pay $600 for a phone is obscene. But that’s the real problem, not contracts, as it’s the high price that feeds the contracts.

      Unless buying a phone off contract can save you enough month-to-month to offset the additional $500 paid for the phone, there are few advantages to outright vs subsidized. Most of people’s reasoning is more based on principle than practical.

      But if you could get an S3 or iPhone or whatever, outright, for $300 or even decent phones for $100, the appeal of subsidized would drop dramatically.

  • OU812

    I think this is a great start and response after years of being mentally abused from just about everybody. And why do people always continually think it’s the US that will make or break it. I think these same people are the equivalent of those in the middle Ages who thought the world was flat and the universe revolved around Earth.


    KOODO seems to be sold out everywhere.

  • Tom

    its a nice device and hopefully they will update the OS frequently and not let it rot in its present state. Not that the OS is bad but if they issue updates on an apple like schedule that would excellent. To me 4.2″ is the perfect size, I tried one in store and it is a nice phone. I won’t buy one as I use the $10 data plan from speakout and am unsure if its compatible (also its $600 compared to the $250 I got my galaxy s2x for which isn’t the end of the world but it doesn’t make me want to run out and buy on off subsidy)

  • Jesse

    I live in Saskatoon and my wife wanted one on Sasktel (they don’t do preorders) we went to the official sasktel store, they got 15 phones and were sold out by noon, we then went to nearby mall midtown plaza, only received five and they were gone, wireless wave received ten and were also sold out, we went to security cellular plus and they only received 3 of them but one guy never took his so we got it! My wife loves it, but by those numbers it seems they didn’t really roll a lot of units out.

  • Martin

    It’s a lot of pent up demand from blackberry addicts, success will be measured with Q3 and Q4 results.

  • Donald

    I got the last one at the location I visited (11 AM), and all the other stores I went to earlier only had preorders remaining.

    I think it did very well in Toronto at least.

  • Mark

    Bought a Lumia 920 instead and Im really happy! Its okay to support a Canadian company but right now I cant justify paying 149$ on contract for this phone when you look at its competition

  • len

    Its not that I dont want to blackberry to succed. I do, but in order to call it a smashing success, I would like some hard numbers not some marketing fluff…

  • ticksg

    Looking at the thread on lineups at Canadian stores at this really does not seem like a smash hit. Yes, some people were having their phones sent to them directly but, overall, this seems, so far, a bit limp. And as a percentage of the populace, the US release is going to be even worse, unless there is a huge buildup of positive feedback until it is released there.

  • shadyguy

    Funny how so many people believe Blackberry will live and die by the sword of the US – do you think they believe that with the launch being pushed back 2 months. Sure its a huge market but every person and their sister carry’s an iphone because they drink the cupertino koolaid down there. Blackberry does very well over seas and China/japan. They will determine if tis is a success or not.

  • Oh Hi!!

    I work at a carrier and we sold out and have been getting more calls about it then when the S3 launch happened back in June. Also the Big Box store next to us sold out of them early for all their carriers.


    @YUMI that’s because iphone users are what they call sheeps and will buy anything apple even if it’s a piece of sh*t

  • Amy

    Sold out in London, and soon to be Sold out in Toronto too.

  • Trevor

    Finally BB has brought out this killer smartphone. I tried one yesterday and we compared it to an iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy (both of which i already own). The browser on the Z10 is much faster, i love that there is no home button, the apps are fast and the OS is very fast. I would say hands down this phone is the best on the market right now. Apple and Samsung have a long ways to go to catch up. I can imagine that the iPhone 6 will be another tired very similar phone the the 5. Glad BB is back in the game. Competition and inovation are back!

  • Fido Rep

    Actually, the Blackberry ain’t selling at ALL! Those are lies. I’m surprise though, because the new Z10 is actually really nice!

  • T1MB1T

    You forgot to mention WIND! We have the Z10 but will only give it to new subs! YES!! we need to make the sale to Rogers smoother and easier! I know nuke is excited about this because his days of being a box boy are numbered. fat and balding he needs to work less. So I am glad to say warren and Johnn will no longer be the featured act at the Jabroniiiiis rub and tug. Welcome aboard fellas!