Android 4.2.2 spotted running on the Nexus 4, are we due for an update?


  • Anonymous


    • Just licking Android asss

      Android licks asss 🙂
      Who knew that Google would be giving out rim jobs.

  • iphoneee

    will it come with apple maps?? will it infringe on iOS’s patent?

    • Carlo

      Haven’t you heard…. Google & Apple announced that they merged today… your iPhone will be getting upgraded to Keylime Pie tomorrow. 🙂

  • DK

    Definitely need this update. I’ve noticed lots of little glitches and recently my Nexus 4 eats through the battery for some reason. I used to get 20+ hours and now I’m only getting 10-13. Frickin weird.

    • S2556

      probably a rogue app eating up your battery

    • gnote

      boohoooooo! your Nexus 4 has issues on the newest version of Android…

    • Just licking Android asss

      Probably Google asss raping you.

  • Derek

    I doubt this is legitimate. There is nothing in the official repositories yet.

  • B.W.

    It’s not just the Nexus 4 that is plagued with random reboots and other issues under 4.2.1. I’m seriously considering downgrading my Galaxy Nexus to 4.1.2 due to all the annoyances in 4.2.1. My phone seems to reboot at least 2-3 times per day.

  • LEKO

    I haven’t rebooted my Nexus 4 once since I received mine. I have more than 3 weeks of uptime at the moment. Damn stable!

    • B.W.

      I’ve noticed the 4.2.1 random “reboots” don’t reset the up-time, yet on several occasions I have glanced at my phone and noticed the start-up animation being displayed. I guess the Linux kernel stays up, and it’s just Android that’s restarting. I also have an app that auto starts at start-up which I manually exit. Thus I can tell my phone has restarted when that app is running again.

  • Karl

    I hope they fix the Wi-Fi issues. My Nexus 4 won’t auto connect to networks well. I have to restart Wi-Fi each time I want to connect to a network. Very annoying.

    Anyone else experience this? Any workarounds?

  • Casey

    I have a Nexus 4 on Telus. I love it. Not a single problem so far. Currently at 26 hours on the current charge, with 22% battery remaining. No reboots. No instability.

    • Karl

      Do you play many games or listen to music? I get about 9 hours-if I don’t play any games.

  • Terry

    I hope they don’t remove the option to get LTE on the Nexus 4… but they probably will.

  • Herp Derp

    “Android 4.2.1 has been riddled with bugs on the Nexus 4”

    Am I the only one who has had a totally smooth and stable experience on the Nexus 4?

    • jnrbshp

      besides one app force closing (the verge, has since been updated) i have not had any problems with my n4 after 1 week of ownership.

    • Tom

      Mine seems perfect. Great phone.

      I’m sorry that others are having problems with theirs – I would encourage them to wait until there is more stock and then return theirs for a replacement. You shouldn’t have to put up with serious issues.

      I’m guessing that Google’s replacement procedures and policies will be miles better then the carriers – correct me if I’m wrong.

    • andy c

      Had mine for a week. The only issues I’ve had are with the pulse RSS app. No reboots or random freezes

  • Shervin

    Great. Now if only I could get my hands on this phone :/

  • KimJong-iil

    yes please. my Gnexus was great till i got the 4.2.1. It was working fine with even 4.2.

    Battery life is down by half , the default launcher crashes , screen lock hangs at times , notifications reduce the volume of music playback.

    4.2.1 is the worst build i have used in gnexus.

  • gaudette

    Had the Nexus 4 for almost a month now and major bugs or restarts. I have to force stop Facebook due to it using the gps non-stop once it’s opened. Ends up using 50% of the battery usage.

    I can get great battery life but that’s because I have google now, gps, and syncing turned off 100% of the time.

  • roman

    Only bugs I’ve encountered are in the camera app. It’s slow to rotate, and it doesn’t take photos sometime, I have to restart the app.

  • mark

    It wouldn’t make sense to remove LTE, carriers can disable LTE on a per account basis and most LTE plans differ from non LTE so it would be dumb to remove it although I don’t use it on my N4 because of battery suck

  • Malik

    Looks more like a kidney bean then a jelly bean

  • Skippypaccino

    I hope they bring back flash! I miss it. Maybe I’m the only one but I can’t seem to be able to run the videos on 99% of the websites I visit.

  • ihitmyheadalot

    All the mindless android fans who are as bad as the apple drones they despise can take the opportunity to write their excuses for why the bugs in the nexus 4 are justified in 3… 2… 1…

    • countthismonkey

      nice to see you’ve learned how to count backwards from 3 – good lil boy.

  • Hogan

    Here’s one bug I keep experiencing on 4.2.1 on my previous Galaxy Nexus and on my current Nexus 4.

    Vibration notification on Gmail despite having turning vibrate notifications off in the Gmail app. Same goes for a lot of other vibrate notifications like Facebook.

    Hope they fixed this in 4.2.2

  • Ivan

    The baseband version is different, its .44 vs .33 in 4.2.1 which is most likely LTE removed.

  • Mark

    Not just the Nexus 4 with some bugs. My Gnex is dropping wifi and bluetooth is disabled. And my N10 is also dropping wifi and has some sluggishness on touch input. That’s the price of being current folks, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. The X.X.1 versions always have a few little bugs to work out.

  • Strangersonthebus

    would be awesome to see someone who discriminated equally against either ecosystem.. but its pathetic how android users will always defend the problems with their product no matter how severe while condemning even the slightest of anyone elses. its ridiculous.. and they down comment.

    • Carlo

      So let’s get this straight. You use a pseudonym to complain that android fans defend their preferred OS and pointing out the flaws in others and down voting your comment.

      Let me guess, you like all the apple apologiests out there think Siri & Apple Maps are just fine, and there was no antennagate with the iPhone 4, but Android is laggy and bug ridden. :-p

      Perhaps next time you’ll consider the pseudonym “Hypocrite” next time because it would be more descriptive of what your are.

      FYI, I down voted your comment…. You’re welcome.

  • Metal fab

    So glad I moved from android 3 days ago. 2+ years of constant bugs, weak radios and waiting for carrier updates. AppStore has everything I need for free and OS updates are direct from Apple. Bye bye droid.

    • countthismonkey

      open that pocket wide they’re going to go deep, here comes your beloved apple

  • deltatux

    I don’t see how the kernel is a tester kernel, Google’s not known to change the kernel version in these maintenance releases (maybe they backported the patches but no major changes). That kernel from looking at the build number looks like it’s a production kernel and built by the user that normally handles kernel compilation upon release.

    Until 4.2.2 comes out, I’m not holding my breath. In the meantime, XDA-Developers seem to have been optimizing and fixing the code themselves.

  • Strangersonthebus

    @carlo Like your first name does anything different then a pseudonym. you’re just grasping at any opportunity to use a triple score word to try and appear intelligent. I think anyone with half a brain will see that android handsets are just as guilty of problems like gps in the original galaxy s, the wifi issues in the htc x, the radios shutting off when the screen goes off on a nexus. If you had half the brain you pretend to have you would have noticed my comment mentioned wanting to see open mindedness and equal discrimination. I didn’t defend apple nor did I claim it deserved any credit for what I agree are obvious flaws in a product. However I also didn’t take either stance as I live in a household with android and apple products and each is used as if fills a particular need. (for example i enjoy my appletv) What i did however comment on is how ridiculous users like you are who throw around terms like sheep and hypocrite when they should be looking in the mirror and recognizing an open minded customer when they see one. Thanks for proving me right.

  • J

    Please don’t take away my LTE!

  • Cyrano

    … Im still waiting to order one
    well… or the fifth nexus

  • Rithesh

    Does Ice Cream Sandwich on the Galaxy Nexus have ability to Sync Tasks with Microsoft Outlook?I rellay need ability to sync my Tasks and other stuff that is on my Microsoft Outlook to the smart phone.And then if I add a Task to my Smartphone, I want the new task to go my Microsoft Outlook.I posted this on the forums a while back but no one from Google responded :(Anyone know a tool from Google which allows me to Sync Tasks in Microsoft Outlook 2010 with Google Tasks?If there is no tool from Google, anyone know a free and open source tool that allows you to do the same?Open Source because I don’t want to put my Google Account password in some software that is not checked by others (i.e. no backdoors that send your passwords to author).Oh and by the way, why is Google Tasks an orphan project?It seems that only Google Tasks doesn’t have its own separate website. Makes me wonder if Google is still working on it, to improve it etc.Would rellay love for this to be Out of the Box in Galaxy Nexus.Or I may have to wait 6 more months for Nokia to come out with their Windows phone.Then I can finally junk my old Palm PC (or is it called Pocket PC – I am not sure) which I think has “Windows Mobile 5.0” and is able to do all syncing with my Outlook and other Office apps out of the Box.I don’t mind using Google Products on my SmartPhone, I just want it to be able to have ability to sync with Microsoft Office.Right now I use a Palm PC and a separate cell phone (not a smart-phone).