WIND launches the Google Nexus 4


  • Huh

    Wind is the greatest carrier. They never screw over their clients or gouge them with high prices…

    • Tom

      “gouging or screwing”

      You forget – this markup is normal. Actually, it appears to me from comparing other phones that WIND & Mobi mark up their phones less then the incumbents.

      The only difference is that this time, we can see the degree of markup thanks to Google. It’s more in your face, but it’s normal.

    • Wind handsets highest proiced in Canada

      Mobi yes, Wind? No way, Wind prices their handsets higher than any other carrier in Canada, to make the WindTab more enticing to customers.

    • Sgt.Romanov

      @Huh , is that a hint of sarcasm in your comment 😉

  • ActivesiN

    buy on a tab for $249 or get it from google for $359 with no tab hmmm…. good thing Im a rocket scientist

    • herpaderpblacksheep

      Baaa aa a a a a a a a a a a

      You sheep are incredible! Hey you anonymous goof, how do you know Google is NOT selling this at a loss? Are you merely being a sheep, or do you have actual proof of this?

      LG is charging OVER $500 to carriers for this phone, and you think Google is getting a discount from LG? After production costs, there are marketing, distribution, R&D, and labour costs that have to be added into the equation. With all that said, the total cost of each phone is AT LEAST $300, likely more.

  • Raid

    If there’s one thing this phone accomplished, it’s that it brought to light how much of a mark-up carriers put on all their phones to make people sign into lucrative long-term contracts.

    • chairitable

      Google is selling the Nexus 4 at a loss.

    • Anonymous

      Who said Google is selling at a loss? Did you ever see proof of this? Or just going with the rest of the Internet speculation?

    • KimJong-iil

      @charitable : and you know this from ?

    • Nitin Gaba

      @chairitable actually LG and Google have both confirmed that this phone is NOT being sold at a loss.

    • Raid

      @Charitable – the average cost to produce a smartphone ranges anywhere between $150-$200. They’re not making a killing on it the way Apple does with their phones but they’re still making a handsome profit.

    • hoo dat

      Raid, while I agree that WIND is charging too much for this phone, I’m just wondering how you know how much they’re paying and how much their markup is? Do you honestly believe that WIND paid the same or even less than the phone is available for in Google Play? Seriously?

    • Tom

      I agree except for the word ‘to’. The carrier makes a huge markup on the phones AND make you sign up for a long-term lucrative contract.

      This also illustrates how crazy the cancellation fees are. The proposed reform of cancellation fees say that you would be charged an admin fee + the remaining subsidy, which includes the big markup we are discussing.

      So even the proposed cancellation fees represent big profit, and yet they fight those because they currently charge about double that – which is really crazy.

    • Raid

      @hoo dat – It’s simple business rules. Google’s price is $309/$359 for the 8GB/16GB models for the general public; people who will be buying 1, maybe 2 phones. When you have carriers who want to stock these phones, they’ll be buying them by the dozens if not hundreds. When you buy more of a product, the vendor will give a discount to provide a stronger initiative for the carrier to buy more.

      Even if Google sold it to them for the same price as they did for the general public (which is very highly unlikely), their mark-up of $200+ fully justifies them selling it for what they do.

    • Gene

      @Raid. Trust me when i tell you, Wind and Videotron both paid over $500/unit from LG. This is a fact.

    • Rio

      150-200$ for the parts but what about all those engineer’s, programmers, designers, researchers, marketers, testers and whole Lotta other people that were involved in making the phone?

      They need to get paid. Google is lossing money on the phone itself but making it off the adds on the phone.

    • herpaderpblacksheep

      Wow, you’re so smart … baaaa NOT.

      All that is brought to light is how DESPERATE Google is when it comes to shoving Android phones into people’s faces. SO desperate, they are willing to subsidize part of the cost of the phone in order to do it.

    • jjyc

      “the average cost to produce a smartphone ranges anywhere between $150-$200. They’re not making a killing on it the way Apple does with their phones but they’re still making a handsome profit.”

      You’re forgetting paying for staff, electricity, shipping, management, R&D etc etc. There are a lot of costs that go into not just the materials for the smartphone. I’m not saying that Google and LG aren’t making a profit, I’m just saying it’s probably not 100-200 like you are implying.

  • wotzit2ya

    I have my $550 ready for you Wind


  • David

    That’s more expensive than Vidéotron.

  • Johnny

    Is this even legal to sell a $359 phone for $549? I know other carriers might be selling it at that price, but I expected better, WIND, I really did.

    • herpderp

      Good way to make money off of stupid people. If you buy it on tab you’re paying $250 up front with $300 on your tab. Even if you stay with them long enough to pay off the tab (3 years max) you’ve only saved $50 and hardly anybody keeps a smartphone that long. You’re much better off just buying from Google for $350 and having no tab.

    • Tom

      The vast majority of Canadians buy their handset from Robellus with at least the same degree of markup, and commit to a 3 year contract with ridiculous conditions.

      You must think that most Canadians are stupid.

    • herpderp

      When it comes to phone services, they are. Is there really any doubt about this? Not “stupid” so much as apathetic. People accept absurd 3 year contracts because it’s normal, not because they’re in any way good or justified.

  • Dan

    RIP RIM!!!!

  • flagejan

    google is selling it at a loss lol, this is a known fact provided by LG and Google lol. fool

  • Jon

    What do you guys think is better?! Or are they exactly the same?!

    The new wind 30, OR the old Unlimited for $29?! And why?!


  • DrBadass

    If I wanted to pay for an overpriced phone I would go with Apple. Come on Wind WTF.

  • R u Serious?

    As usual, WIND is totally delusional.
    However, for some reason this does not surprise me.
    Working for a corporate store since launch, this just makes me laugh.
    Who in their right mind would buy this off of WIND and not directly with google?
    Do you really want to go through WIND’s warranty process?
    WIND does have great plans, but that is about it.
    The call centre is totally useless and clueless, both for customers and employees, coverage is okay, not spectacular. Data speeds are just ridiculous, sometimes unusable.
    Day after day i see more and more people leaving and porting out to another carrier, and honestly, i do not blame them.
    Management keeps creating weird stupid policys that are just pissing off customers right left and centre. The best part is they know they are and they could care less.
    WIND is and has been a poorly run company from the start. You would think that this would change as time went on, but this is not the case, actually some things have actually gotten worse.

    • Telanis

      I don’t know about their customer service (though I do know that the computer system they have to use is awful, not their fault) but their data speeds have always been fine for me. You sure it’s not just your device?

    • R u Serious?

      The program is awful, however if someone knows how to actually use it, its does what it needs just fine.
      The issue is the people who use it, dont know how to use it.
      I dont think my device has data speed issues, i think i would know since i actually work for them…
      Customer service/retail support, useless period.
      What they did to the Mississauga call centre was just dumb. They fired/”laid off” almost a whole call centre that was already trained and well versed in all the computer systems they use only to be replaced by some clueless people that work in India/Philippines/Egypt who have no concept of customer service, speak proper english or even a concept of how things work in the “west”.
      If people think its frustrating dealing with customer service, imagine how us employees feel.

  • Stone Cold

    Wind is ripping you off, and that’s the bottom line because STONE COLD SAID SO!

  • Meh

    Most people looking at this phone wont even know Google is selling it for $360, only the few tech/smart phone enthusiasts. Any other person will be buying it not knowing it’s available else where much cheaper.

    • TP

      Not sure how you can come up with that conclusion.
      Most people that know about this phone’s existence know that because they have been reading articles all over the places and hearing all the reports from their friends, family, and colleagues, saying ‘Google is selling their quad core Nexus at $350!’.
      If, by this time, they don’t know the fact that Google is selling the phone at $350, they probably don’t know what Nexus 4 is. If they do know Nexus 4 now, they probably know that it is available at $350.

    • Meh


      That’s exactly what I was getting at; people looking at this won’t even know what a Nexus 4 is and would not have heard of it before, thus they most likely won’t know that it’s $360 direct from google unless they do some research on the phone first, which most average people don’t either they see what it offers them based on what carriers tell them and decide there and then.

    • TP

      People who don’t know about Nexus 4 will most likely to get Samsung or HTC. Would you be willing to spend $250-450 for a phone that you’ve never heard of, or just get something that you already know (Galaxy S3) for $50 more?

  • Gene

    Clearly you guys have no Idea how a Nexus partnership works. Google got a huge discount, carriers will NOT. It is very simple. Carrier cost quotes on this phone are ALL over $500. Carriers could care less about a hardware profit. Very vey small piece of the pie. They would rather retain long term subscribers than make a $100 on a phone that they have written off due to tab or contract anyway. There is no money in hardware!!

    • Khristopher

      Yet, they won’t give me a Wind Tab on my existing plan without changing to a new plan.

    • Tom

      Wow Gene, that’s the craziest thing I’ve read here.

      The carrier, who have tons of power in this industry, are paying > $500 wholesale for this phone while we buy it from Google at $360????

      Buying it at < $360 per unit and then making at least $200 per person is of no interest to the? What are you smoking?

      If that was the case they would just sell it for $300, get lots of good publicity and new customers.

    • Gene

      @Tom lol yes that’s exactly what i’m saying. You really think regional Canadian carriers such as Wind and Videotron have more buying power than El Google themselves who helped build the damn phone??? lmao. And yes there is no money in hardware. Subscribers is the name of the game. This why we see phones go from $199 to $0 a month after release.

    • Gene

      Also ask yourself this…Why on earth would LG want to sell this phone to carriers at the exact same price it sells to google? Does that make any sense business wise? If LG was happy with what google was paying per unit they would have just kept the play store stocked and screwed the carriers! They are selling to carriers because the wholesale price is much much higher. plain and simple

    • jonny

      I worked for Future Shop a long time ago, and the store owners fully admitted that the “cost” in the computers was not actually their cost, but cost + minimum markup they wanted. That is pretty typical.

      Stores that sell the devices will pay the parent company $500 (for example), but the cost to the parent company will be WAY less, more like $300. They have these pretend “costs” so lower level people cant see how much markup their actually is. Companies like this act more like two companies…a higher up supplier, and a lower level store – each level marking up the price as it goes down the chain. This ensures much more profit can be made.

  • Chris

    Price match?

  • Miknitro

    I doubt anyone that visits this site will buy it as mentioned.

    The rest, separate from their money without knowing any different.
    The trolls will riot in their caves but barely a murmur is heard by the world above.

  • Wind CX

    @ R U SERIOUS….

    According to you …If Wind is so pathetic , why are you still working for them?, I think Employees like you is the reason why their customer service is bad because you do not care. I have a suggestion ;you should quit, I think Wind had made mistakes along the way but by hiring people like you ….by far their biggest mistake.

    I have been a wind customer since 2010 , sure their coverage is not strong , but they have saved me money. Which I am sure people like you don’t care or understand.

    • R u Serious?

      Why would i quit?
      Do you even know what you are talking about?
      How dare you judge my work ethic, you don’t even know me.
      What gives you the right to judge me? Oh thats right, you have been a WIND customer since 2010, so that makes you an expert on WIND and it’s issues.
      Do you even know how WIND treats its employees? Probably not.
      I am a great employee and go out of my way to help all my customers on a daily basis. I actually get many compliments from customers for different reasons. Either because i actually know what i am doing and fast or because i am friendly with everybody.
      Im just stating what is true and what i have noticed.
      Believe it or not, i actually like my job. Otherwise i would not still be there.
      Many of you will remember that when when WIND first launched, they were selling phones almost at cost. This quickly changed and has now gotten out of control.

    • R u Serious?

      The only time when my customer service suffers, is when ignorant, entitled people who think they can treat me how they like. Thats when they get a rude awakening.
      I do not and will not stand for people like this. Wether they are doing this to me or one of my co-workers who are afraid to speak up. This customer will be refused service and asked to leave the store immediately or else security or the police are called.

  • Andrew F

    Google is either selling at a loss or every other seller of Nexus 4 has a much higher wholesale price. Not one outlet in the world is selling Nexus 4 for anything approaching the cost from the Play store. I don’t know why Google is subsidizing phones like this. It’s a huge waste of money, given that the phone is still compelling at $550.

    • TP

      LG providing the hardware to Google at a very small profit (still not at a loss) in exchange of absolutely free advertisements and recognition (Nexus manufacturer), it seems that this is a win-win for both.
      In the end, hardware price is not Google’s interest, they probably care much more about the market share of Android devices, which guarantees more users -> more playstore sales and more ad revenues.

  • Sgt.Romanov

    WIND has huge problems with service break downs and terrible customer service , until this changes I wouldnt touch them with a 100′ cell tower just wayyyyyyy to many complaints for me to consider them

  • Gman

    though I like the service for what I am paying for but if I get a new phone, I probably buy the phone outright than doing windtab thing for the next time. Their windtab deal seems to be getting worse and worse. These guys got to be a bit more confidence, provide good service your customers will stick with you even without any contract

  • bobfreeze

    The reason carriers get away with this type of markup is that they DON’T OFFER DISCOUNTED MONTHLY PLANS FOR BYOD!

    It sounds like a ripoff versus buying from Google, but most people who buy from Google are going to pay the same for their monthly plans, in effect the only advantage is avoiding termination costs!!!

    • I like cake!

      That is incorrect. Bell/Virgin for example offers a 10% BYOD discount. I am sure the other providers do the same. No I don’t work for Bell, I have my own device with them and get the 10% disc. Along with the misses with her own device.

  • Megahertz

    I have been with them since they started and the service has only got better each year.

    Used to be almost $84.00 with tax with Rogers! Sometimes my bills would be around $200 when I called my fam in the U.S. switched to Wind and my bill is $45.00 with tax on the miracle plan. Saved so much money with them it’s unbelievable. Coverage is fine, only remote areas I have issues but I don’t visit those areas often. I had more dropped call with Rogers then I ever did with Wind. And now it wouldn’t matter because I rarely talk on the phone anyway. everything is IM these days. Never had to contact customer service to complain about anything so I don’t know how there customer service is.

  • Bender Bending Rodriguez

    for $360 this phone is good. @ $500+ forget it.

    if your only requirement is to get to say “first!” when it comes to updates, well i feel bad for you.

    Wind won’t sell a lot of these. Its not even a new phone.

  • ehoustoun

    any word on whether they will be selling micro-sims to use with the device?

  • ehoustoun

    any word on whether they’ll be providing micro-sims?

    • androol

      they already have micro sims, just bring you’re old sim card in or if you are a new customer they will give you a new one.

  • androol

    OMG WIND is charging me 550 for it qq cry. Well no one told you to buy it for 550, if you want to buy it straight up price go buy it from google. Otherwise if you are planning to stay with wind for 3 years on the 30 or 40 dollar plan get the nexus 4 off wind you actually save around 28 or 140 dollars on the phone.

  • jack

    WIND(the new WIND executives) I hope you are listing to people here! You are in possession of a great company offering freedom to a lot of Canadians from the robber barons of the industry. A pack of greedy thugs is what they are!
    All companies are locked in a struggle to survive. WIND, you have to do what you got to do, but please keep it PG. Do not let greed overcome your company. Keep a balanced head on your shoulders and please don’t lose sight of your customers, current and prospect! They will lead you to success!
    Customers have every right to shop around! To new customers, sit down and do the math. WIND right this moment makes a lot of sense! Provided the network support is strong in your area you can unshackle the chains and be free of the robber barons. As a new customer you have the right to test out the network and phone free of charge. Even with the Nexus 4 sticker price of $249 it can make a lot of sense. If you want to buy the Nexus 4 outright, there is no arguing, the Play Store is your best bet! Plain and simple!

  • Zakky

    Haha they had an error this morning, outright price was $499.

  • Piff

    Why do you even care. If Wind thinks that people are that ignorant to pay that much then that is Wind’s miscalulation. In my opinion, the Nexus 4 is just a HSPA+ trojan horse anyways. Trying to show people that HSPA+ is a good alternative to LTE.

  • Mike

    I don’t touch anything made by LG.

  • Windy City

    WTF WIND? $190 markup!!! AT least Fido is doing it for $425. This phone is in stock too on Google Play. Ships in under a week too. The annoying thing with WIND is that they only offer up new devices for new customers. Hardware upgrades for existing customers always finish last. Look at the Note 2, if you were an existing customer at WIND you can only get the device this week.

  • c2