Evasi0n jailbreak now available for iOS 6.0+ devices


  • lukeiphone

    YAYYYYYYYYY IPHOONEE!!! I know android users are jealous

    • lukeiphone

      Jailbreak is very simple to use, worked in first try.

    • Legendary

      While I am happy for iOS users getting the jailbreak that they’ve been waiting for, I don’t understand why you think that Android users would be jealous of people gaining functionality that you just have to hit the “Allow installation of apps from unknown sources” button to get on Android.

  • what?

    BREAK THAT APPLE in to pieces.. and find a parasite that you already bit…and it transforms you… into pieces..

  • Nascar Dog

    Installed the 6.1 jailbreak OK but cannot install any apps with Cydia. Get NetDB errors…

    Cydia is working fine because I can install the apps on my old iPod Touch just fine.

  • Mark

    Keep getting a message saying “You must run this app as Administrator.”

    But I am …

  • inc

    although i have jailbroken many times in the past and i am always skeptic on how secure my data is during the jailbreak and once jailbroken.

    I love some of the tweaks but do i risk it?

    • Ron Mexico

      Used to be that some apps that depend on a secured OS would put up warnings not to run it if your device was jailbroken. Paypal comes to mind. But as they move to support Android, I think they’ve realized people are willing to live with unsecured platforms, even banking apps.

  • Beso

    Very simple and very easy just like absinte sp? JB process!

  • hahaha

    Buying expensive device to be cool and you have to jailbreak it to use it like you want..

    Funny guy those iOS users !

    • Ron Mexico

      yeah because Android users aren’t having to flash ROMs to use their devices as they want.

      Critical thinking: it’s not for everyone (especially some Android users)

    • b

      @Ron Mexico

      I think he means iOS jailbreak is required to do simple tasks (i.e. Use your device as removable storage).

      Android users who jailbreak are going above and beyond those basic things that they have by default.

    • Mark

      Buying an expensive device to get a Premium quality device period.

  • patrick

    Yes, us, android users are very jealous Google realease the source code of every firmware to “prevent” very jealous users to “jailbreak” their phone. Actually, in case you didnt know, everything you can do by jailbreaking, we can do on a stck android version thry apps widely available in google’s app market. We are also very jealous that we dont have to wait MONTHS at a time for the community to release jailbreak tools so we can start using our phone like we want. Poor us, we are so restrained under google’s controlling policies

  • DMan

    Jailbreaking. Turning iOS into Droid since 2008. (Yes, I know Droid wasn’t out then, but you get the point!)

  • meh

    Oh, maybe time to update my ipad2 from 4.3…but then why bother, it is always out of ram anyways.

  • will

    android system sucks!

  • Superfly

    People still buy iPhones and ipads? Huh. .. news to me.

    • well duh

      Of course it is news to you superfly. Comprehending current events and reading ability aren’t expected to be your strengths as an Android user. Without those skills, I expect there are many things that are news to you. Many, many things.

    • Tutti

      Must be the APPLE TAX! I mean, why WOULDN’T you pay it willingly??



  • Sam

    The only thing ios fans have on andoid fans is the ease of jailbreaking (rooting). With android, it’s never as easy as 1 or 2 clicks. Install this driver, find this file, click on this, click on that, read this read that.

    • Thomas

      im not sure if you heard of one click root methods. just hit up xda n look for it (:

  • J.T

    i have a 4S but i don’t see a need to jailbreak anymore. So what if my icons don’t twirl scrolling pages and being able to turn off wifi without going through settings. Dont see a need, but if you do by all means enjoy.

  • Dave

    Big thanks to Evasi0n. It works like a charm. I’m installing
    vShare after I got cydia installed. By the way, eat your heart out Droidfanz.

  • Cody

    Stuck on the “Finding Offsets” screen…

  • Cody

    Half an hour later iPhone comes back, just give it time 🙂

  • imrangr1

    @DMan: you stole my comment. but I’ll still put it:

    Bad Luck iPhone users:
    Jailbroke the latest iOS (6.1)

    Still can’t do half of the things Gingerbread OS(2.3) can do.