Nexus 4 to be $549 outright at WIND Mobile, launching February 4th


  • SgtBullmoose

    What a ripoff.

    • Mexico Ron

      For everyone complaining about it being more expensive that buying it straight from google, try putting on your thinking caps. Google is selling it subsidized already when the sell it direct. Their cost to the carriers is probably the same as their retail prices. The carriers add markup, like any retailer does.

      I can’t believe some people are so dense they think google’s Nexus price reflects reality.

    • Read the Signs

      It has been established that Tmobile in the US has the N4 for $549, and that for some reason your options are:

      $549 (620 with taxes, you have to pick it up at a store) or

      $430 ( Taxes in and delivered to yout place 100% free of bloatware)

      The strangest thing of it all is that the N4 is available now (2-3weeks) and the $620 option has no value added. Your choice.

    • KL

      Don’t know why people are downrating Mexico Ron, this is what happens when a reseller isn’t subsidizing the phone like Google was.

      I’m no fan of Wind, but it’s pretty hard to fault them for this. People who knows Google sells the N4 for $309 and $359 will buy it on Play and see if they have it in stock, but people who don’t know or just want to “save” $100 up front will go with the Wind Tab.
      It’s business, products are marked up. Deals like buying the N4 on Play doesn’t happen very often.

      If Google didn’t sell the N4 subsidized in Play, will anyone complaint about paying $549 for it? Doubtful, $549 is a very fair price normally for a phone like this.

    • Acco

      KL and Mexico have a point – you guys are ridiculous for downvoting them. To be fair, I don’t like Wind’s signature $50 markup on all phones they sell to push people onto their tabs, but it’s still better in the long run.

    • some guy

      @Mexico Ron
      Really? You really believe that carrier mark ups are ok?
      You don’t think they are gouging you enough already, that they increase the price of an item which has a no contract, direct from Google price (not a sale price) of $350, increased to over $500 and that’s ok?

      Well if that’s the case, I have a brand new in box SGS3 here, I’ll sell it to you for $1000.

    • some guy

      Subsidized would generally entail some form of contract or guarantee of revenue. Google is selling the N4 at that price point with 0 guarantee of money generated from ads or content purchases.

      Carriers however offer subsidized plans because they have (more or less) a guarantee of revenues. Therefore, a carrier subsidized N4 should be the same price as the Playstore variant, with a reduced contract/tab price to entice users into signing up on said contract.

      So for those of you who like to bend over for the carriers… enjoy. I’ll just keep fighting the good fight.

  • wotzit2ya

    Something doesn’t compute at all lol

    • wotzit2ya

      But I guess some might just be dumb and give a $200 profit to Wind

  • Nemet

    $309 phone, now on special for $549….

    So what’s the premium for? The availability of the phone?

  • Bill Murray

    Uhhhhh what?

  • Eric

    If your a smartphone Noob, then all your base are belong to WIND…

  • thuan

    Wait so what is wrong with buying out right from google!

  • Andrew Goldenberg

    Buddy of mine works at Wind Mobile here in Ottawa, and I can confirm this pricing.

    I told him there’s no way anyone is going to buy a phone at $549 when you can get it for $359 elsewhere…

    • wotzit2ya

      Duh , but , let’s not assume everyone knows that it’s $359 directly from Google .Some people really don’t do any research on product prices .

    • Reality Check

      How can you have a wicked phone like this and afford using it to its true potential on a Rogers, Telus or bell network? A Rogers customer pays in 3 year contract at $75 a month equals I get 4.5 years of service when I buyout the out the phone at $40 a month. For Internet I tether off my phone… which is another saving of 3years X 12Month X $51 = 1836. So Compared to a Rogers customer. I get an extra year and saving of $1836 over 3 years… for me its more than worth it…

  • passingwing

    lolwut? dafuq is this ish? doesn’t wind know i can get it off google for $309? and i don’t need to be a new customer to wind to buy it?

    • 0defaced

      i’m only paying attention to you due to your stupidity.

      stop pro-creating.

  • hoo dat

    And so WIND continues on its relentless journey to out Videotron Videotron by charging even more ridiculous prices than they do.

    Well done!

    • skullan

      You’re going to be saying this about all the carriers.

      No one who gets a Nexus 4 is going to release it for the same prices you see on Google Play.

      To create some continuity between before it became on sale and after again.

      “OMGZ Whyz u wantz dat Nexus 4 fone whenz uz couldz has the Nexus 4 fer two-hundredz cheeper!”

      Sigh, I miss the almost I can has Cheeseburger responses of the Nexus 4’rs in response to any other phone someone may want.

    • hoo dat

      Skullan, you’re incorrect. I don’t expect the carrier to sell it for the same price as Google Play, it would be impossible to do so as the wholesale price to the carrier is higher than the Google Play price by approximately $105. But what I’d do expect is for the carrier to new fair.

      WIND over the last year has set out a policy of selling their phones for ridiculous prices to make the tab seem like a logical alternative. They have consistently been the most expensive carrier for hardware by quite a considerable margin, even beating Videotron along the way, a task I would have thought impossible 18 months ago.

      People are free to buy it from a carrier if they choose as far as I’m concerned. I just think they’d be foolish to buy it from WIND.

    • hoo dat

      Sorry, auto correct decided to come out and play today! 😉

  • oasis

    and they call that subsidized?

  • Peter Griffin

    Are those deals for the 8gb or 16gb model? If it’s for the 16gb then the only way it’s worth getting is if you’re on a $40 plan and know you’re keeping the phone for at least 3 years since the balance of the tab automatically gets erased. So you’d save about $140 in the end if you factor in shipping from the Play Store as well as the additional taxes on the $110 difference. Any other scenario and you’re better off buying it direct from Google.

  • Z0RrO

    $549 for the 8GB or 16GB ? Anyway, for this price, I guess they added LTE with better battery 🙂

  • Ryan

    Wow, this pricing sucks. I’ll wait the 2-3 weeks and buy one on the play store for $310.

  • xyz

    Just buy it from Google and brig it to them. I am sure they will be happy to sell you only the service.

  • blekdar

    Same thing on tmobile in the us, its cause Google subsidises the nexus 4 upfront, making very little to no money on the purchase. That’s cause they’ll make up for it on the play store and Google services. Since wind is not Google, they do not have this luxury and want to make money on the phone.

  • cet

    Ridiculous – YES, Unexpected – NO

  • screamer

    You guys still don’t understand? The carriers are making the pricing. Otherwise who sign up for a contract?

  • Jason

    I just bought the 16GB and bumper off Google Play for over a hundred dollars cheaper. It is still available also so you would have to be an i***t to get it through a carrier.

  • wotzit2ya

    This proves canadian carriers are crooks

  • yo

    What the hell is the point? My might as well buy it from the play store…

  • Tony

    Currently you have to wait for availability on Google play store so you just gotta ask yourself is the 120 +tax dollar difference worth waiting 2+ weeks to receive the phone itself..(425inclusive online)..if I wanted this phone and didn’t want to wait for it I would probably buy it… Or wait for price drops on kijiji hence the phones availability now

  • hhero

    So for that price get the optimus g much better

    549 vs 649 not much difference

  • Dimitri.K

    And people b***h about the Z10 being $600. The carriers make the pricing, not the manufactorer. Now do you guys see it?.. Google sells the Nexus 4 around $350. The carriers sell it $550.

  • TouchMyBox

    There’s obviously a very real reason for this. Google only subsidizes/has a sick deal with LG for only the phones which Google sells. LG is then free to make nice margins off of phones they sell to carriers.

    Though you’d have to be silly to not buy it off Google Play.

  • marorun

    Working at telus here.. you know how much telus pay for the bb z10? 250$ piece… same with all other phone telus pay them half price thaya Why we can as employee get Them for 300$ (any model beside iphones as on those apple Sell them only 50-100$ off retail value)

    Got myself a LG optimus g thats way.
    Now i be damned if other provider dont do the same… sorry for my english i am from quebec.

  • David

    That’s even worst than Vidéotron.

  • MER1978

    Wind should have made a deal with google to advertise that you can buy the phone on the play store + in store offer great accessories in addition to convincing N4 customers to sign with their service… offering the same phone for so much more just makes them look bad.

  • iliketospam

    So late…Too late.
    If they came in a month ago, then yes they’ll stand a chance since google was out of stock. Now that google brought stock back(aka, they always had stock but just wanted to screw with us and BlackBerry) there’s no competition.

  • andy c

    this instantly becomes the best android device on wind for the next few months (unless you are into phablets)

    for the record the phone is not 359 from the play store. you still have to factoring the approx $16 they charge for shipping. still cheaper from the play store though

  • daredeshouka

    Wind is entitled to make a profit but $549 is far too greedy. On the bright side, when we all get tired of our Nexus 4’s for the next Nexus phone, we might be able to sell it for a profit lol because of these silly carriers!

  • ile2010

    I understand that a carrier will charge more outright than Google, but it’s the price after subsidy that’s ridiculous. Even if Wind kept the $549 price, but lowered the tab price to $149, it wouldn’t necessarily be a ripoff.

    It would then only suck if you decided to leave Wind.

    The 16 GB N4 is 375.99 before taxes (why does everyone forget about shipping costs?). I’m not gonna buy it for only a $116.99 discount on what’s essentially a 3 year contract. I’m certainly not gonna take a $16.99 discount and I’d have to have a double-digit IQ to pay $74.99 MORE than the outright Google price and still owe Wind $100.

  • Waiting for Razr M HD w/3300mah

    Ever since Anthony left Wind has been doing stupid and dumb things like this.

    • hoo dat

      Sorry, it’s precisely because of Lacavera that WIND is making bone headed decisions. You can trace it back all the way to the firing of Ken Campbell, probably the craziest decision they’ve made to date. It’ll be interesting to hear what Campbell have to say once his NDA expires, but he’s probably too much of a gentleman to blab.


    hahahaha what a joke, android users are true suckers. i wouldnt pay $5 for a android. BB10 FTW !!!!!!

  • Rich

    Introductory pricing is always higher when it first comes out. It’ll drop a bit corresponding with demand.

  • Turbo E

    The phone is almost 4 months old. Its not new. If anything carriers should offer it at the same $ as Google and offer a small discount for contracts.

    • MrMastodonFarm

      @turbo E, the phone and isn’t 3 months old yet, not close to four. Google is subsidizing the phone through the play store. I am shocked some of you are surprised at its “true” price.

  • RS

    That’s f*** ridiculous! The phone’s not worth 549! A nexus device shouldn’t be bought through the service provider.

  • rockman

    This is just the carrier’s price.

    We get ripped off on technology of phones anytime it belongs to a carrier.

    This is only exposed here further.

    I wish all phones were simply sold outside of carrier ownership.

    • MrMastodonFarm

      If only there was some way you could get the nexus 4 outside of the carriers. Cheap and carrier unlocked. Wouldn’t that be amazing.

  • d3v14n7

    Typical Wind nonsense… No huge surprise here. And yet, all the Wind zealots are in here defending Wind for ripping off their own customers, how sad… Yet another reason why Wind is no better than any other carrier out there. I wonder if Wind’s CEO is going to go cry about it to the government or media, like he did/does with spectrum since no one will give him prime spectrum for free…

    • hoo dat

      He can’t, he doesn’t have a job any more 😉

  • Pete

    Just buy it at Google play for $300 bucks. Why pay a premium from Shitty Wind Mobile and spend $249 extra. Just wait for it to ship in 1-2 weeks and save $250 plus tax.

  • tomatoes 11

    Still a better deal than a $699 iPhone 5.

    Most people have no clue about the play store let alone the Nexus 4.

    The people who like the Gnex but not enough to follow the Nexus 4 will buy it from Wind.

    Or the people who want to sign up with Wind.

    Wind probably rather you not buy it outright anyways. That way they always have stock for the people that want to sign up for a plan with them.

  • Jerrik

    You people obviously don’t know how business works so I’m not even going to vent.

  • Jimmy.D

    If it would have been $400 I would highly consider getting it. But $549 is Outrageous!

  • Tal

    There are a lot of oddities in the world. But to buy it for 200$ more for no reason at all is kinda the top. It sounds almost illegal to charge that much without letting the uneducated bunch that they can have it for 350 on the google play store.

  • WhichPhonet

    I think you guys don’t understand how the phone service companies work ? They are not there to make money by selling phones but phone plans. It is not in their interest to sell phone outright. That is why they put the phone without plan expensive so that people buy it with plan. This is where they earn money. Just like Credit card companies, if you pay always on time you are not the good customer for them, they want you to pay on monthly bases because that is how they make money on interest.

    So stop comparing Carrier shops with phone selling shops. You can compare the price if the phone was Sold by Futureshop or Best buy etc. but not when it is the carrier.

    Also I don’t think they get phone at higher price then what is sold on play store, that will be crazy and no one would accept to buy at the price if google is selling cheaper. They just sell it on higher price to force people to take Plan

  • nexus lover

    i paid $50 on a wind tab. best deal ever. girl made a mistake and had to override the system. then they had to honor the price otherwise my lawyers were ready

  • zayed

    how much will cost BlackBerry 10?
    i think $949

  • nate44

    I already ordered mine from Google. I guess, I’ll just insert my wind SIM card on it. Right?

  • ehoustoun

    Worth noting that it’s still available via the play store, so it’s not even as if the carriers can play the availability card.

    I hope this phone tanks on carriers and sells tons through google to send a clear message to manufacturers and carriers.

    People do want to buy their own phones untethered from carriers and they want to be able to purchase a phone at a reasonable price and not have to subsidize the cost with contracts and tabs.