HTC’s website says Windows Phone 8S coming to WIND, Mobilicity and Koodo


  • iphoneee

    is it coming with apple maps?

    • Just saying

      Dead on arrival same as the iPhone

  • spades

    Great, another low end device. So the only way to get decent WP8 devices is to get ripped off on the monthly plan now?

    • COBwiggy

      It is actually a pretty nice phone, REALLY nice for the price. I had one on Virgin Mobile, exchanged it cause I wasn’t a huge fan of WP8 though. It runs awesome though. Battery lasted 2-3 days on one charge.

    • Senor Chang

      Finally Wind gets a Windows8 Phone, but the HTC 8S is the model that interests me the least to be honest. I was hoping for a Nokia Lumia 820/810, or even the Lumia 620.

      The exclusive Nokia apps and commitment to Windows8 makes the Lumia the Nexus equivalent of the windows lineup.

      If the pricing lines up with what they sold the Lumia 710 for I might buy…but if it comes in over $300, no thanks. Ill just bit the bullet and buy the 920 from Robbers unlocked for a small fortune. Sigh.

    • omar

      i bought it outright when virgin had it for 270$ and have been using it on wind since then. Its very good device for that price. getting this on wind tab is pointless just buy it outright.

    • Darth Paton

      of all the bloody phones they could have gotten, they sprung for the Htc 8S? Is Nokia’s presence in Canada completely non-existent? Literally the worst windows phone any of these carriers could have gotten.

  • magez

    great,are wll hve to get one.

  • Jimmy

    Windows would not add something from Apple. Weirdo..

  • Mark

    The external hardware and the design of this phone is amazing! You really gotta see it in person to understand what I mean. Only bad thing is the memory which is ridiculously small if you have alot of music and videos

    • Mr. Miyagi

      This phone supports micro SD cards.

  • Frederick Edwards

    Nice phone and so cheap. I just bought it outright. Got it for $287 from Virgin in December for my sister with a 16gb microSD. She loves it and is still raving about it on FB.

  • skazzers

    Lumia 710 was still the best phone I used on Wind in terms of reception and signal quality.

  • hoo dat

    I don’t know how I’d feel about buying a new phone from either WIND or Mobilicity right now. WIND has been an organisational mess since day one, culminating in Lacavera’s ouster last week. And it’s pretty much been confirmed that Mobilicity was relying to WIND for a buy out. Now wheat are they going to do?

    I’ve been with WIND for 3 years this month and overall I’ve been very happy with the service. But from a business stand point I’ve never felt comfortable and now with Vimplecom showing something akin to disdain for the Canadian market, to the point of pretending WIND Mobile didn’t even exist at a recent shareholders’ meeting.

    Me, I’m gone in two weeks along with the rest of the massive churn WIND hasn’t been able to control over the last 6 months or so. (Yeah, I know they’re showing positive growth, but at huge expense to their current sub base).

    • placator

      Very true hoo dat…I left Wind months ago…abysmal, disrespectful customer service.

  • JagaJaga

    @hoo dat

    Who gives a $#@! about their organizational mess… Let them figure it out!!!
    I’m with them for an unlimited $29 BTS plan, and know that regardless of what happens, its still cheaper than what any other carrier has to offer…

    Shame that Microsoft along with HTC/Nokia/Samsung did such a horrible job at marketing the Windows 8 phone. The new OS has so much potential, and to shove the flagship Lumia 920 EXCLUSIVELY on Rogers, where it is outshined by an iPhone, and free GS3, Note 2, and other devices is just a shame. It would have made much more sense to introduce it to Wind, where it would be THE ONLY flagship device

    • hoo dat

      JagaJaga, you should care. When the big guys who are signing the cheques more or less give up you know that a company’s not going to be around much longer. Assume that Rogers buys WIND or Mobilicity out, what do you honestly think’s going to happen to your $29 plan? Do you honestly expect Rogers to grandfather it? Fat chance. I’m getting out now for several reasons not least of which is this may be the last opportunity to grab a somewhat reasonably priced plan before the market goes back to its old ways again.

    • hoo dat

      Incidentally, I was with Fido when Rogers bought them out and have seen them in action first hand. They made so many promises about keeping the corporate philosophy as it was, to continue offering the same plans (City Fido was a steal at the time) and yet they never lived up to a single one of them, Fido was almost driven into the ground before the ink had dried on the deal! So, sure, stay complacent if you want, just don’t come running back here complaining about how you’re paying $100 for your less than all inclusive plan.

  • Crocography

    Just switched to Wind last month and so far so great. I really don’t understand the comments that say “disrespectful customer service” because I have had nothing but good people to talk with. (maybe this is just a silent marketing campaign by Robelus)

    But I do want something better than my Nokia 710, and that doesn’t mean a low end HTC phone! Come one Wind get us a nice yellow Lumia 920.

    • placator

      Glad you have no issues yet Crocography, but as you have just switched to Wind I’m not surprised….HOWEVER…just wait until you have a problem with their network or devices…then you will appreciate what I said.

  • gwydionjhr

    And for some inexplicable reason Fido continues to be the only carrier that does not carry WP. Such a shame.

  • DrBadass

    Was just reading reviews from the HTC website, 4 gig memory with microsd is good, but bad thing is you cannot install apps onto the internal memory.

  • migo

    If I were still interested in Windows Phone, and not BB10, I might go for it. If it’s priced right it ticks most of the boxes for me, although being on Wind, signal strength and sound quality would be a concern for me.

    I would think Koodo’s the only carrier of those 3 that it’s actually safe to get on.

  • Jonathan W.

    Glad there’s the option of unlocking a Rogers Lumia 920…and it’s pentaband too.

  • JP

    Koodo employees haven’t actually begun WP8 training, BB10 training yes but not WP8.

  • T1MB0T

    Koodo will have the phone cheaper and with a warranty wind.. not so much.. so anyone hop on the virgin 50.00 plan? LTE and 6gb yikes!

    sorry jabroni!