Koodo Mobile to release a Windows Phone 8 device, plus employees start BlackBerry 10 training


  • s_hanson

    Telus employees finished their BB10 training this week.

    • takethemnow

      Two many meds 😉

    • There is the BB10 koodo article, next up telus, mobilicity

      Where is the fido, telus, mobilicity article about employees training for BB10?


  • Sean

    Tel us was supposed to release the lumia 820, maybe that’s the one koodo is getting

  • Darth Paton

    i’m hoping 620 or better yet, 820. 8X would be decent too, but probs no 920 🙁

    • Frederick Edwards

      620 is just suppose to be hitting Asia this quarter, even though I want that too. Likely the HTC 8s or a budget Samsung like the ATIV Odyssey.

  • Oldschool

    Nokia lumia 620 in black is on its way to telus for February.

  • cobwiggy

    I bet it will be the Nokia 820

  • Mark

    Would be nice if they got the Nokia Lumia 820

  • Waiting for Razr M HD w/3300mah

    Bet they won’t mention that the battery lasts only 1/2 day!

    • Nothin But RIM

      Bet you will mention it because you are waiting on a phone that has a 3300mah battery.

  • Blas

    Would be cool if they got the 820, but it’ll probably be the 620 if anything.

  • noknok

    If it’s gonna be a Nokia phone i might upgrade my Lumia 610, if it’s gonna be a Htc phone i’m jumping ship to Rogers for a red/yellow Lumia 920

    • Darth Paton

      You are upgrading from a 610 on koodo to a 920 on Rogers? Talk about a price leap!

  • Toto

    Was playing with Gladiator this morning. Not impressed at all