BlackBerry World conference renamed to “BlackBerry Live”


  • theone

    hmmm seems RIM hired a new Advertising firm or PR firm they are shedding away the image of old rim,,, Good move on their behalf

    they want BB10 to have nothing to do with the old BB

    • Blackberry World

      Latter part of the year is now Jan 30
      “Superheroes” are now “Bold”
      BBX is now BB10
      BLackberry app world is now Blackberry world
      Blackberry world is now Blackberry live

      It would be hard to keep track of all those things,but still easier than playing angrybirds on a Blackberry!

  • TrDx

    Is there a reason they made it coincide with Google I/O? Any developer that develops for Android and BB10 would go the Google I/O. All that’s left are the devs that don’t do any Android work. Let’s hope BB10 is all that’s hyped up to be :D:D go RIM

    • Blaine

      That is not a problem. BlackBerry World, now BlackBerry Live, was never a dev conference. Last year was a 1 time thing when they held BlackBerry Jam along with it. Because they ended to get the dev alphas into the developer hands. So having it the same week is not a problem. As well BlackBerry set the date a long time ago. Google IO moved thee conference back after RIM annoyed, so Google must be the one that is scared.
      Read all about it on my blog:

  • The Other Dave

    Live, rhymes with give as in “We hope Blackberry Lives another year”

  • skazzers

    The PR / Marketing team change their app / event names fast than they change their underwear.

  • Bubble Snake!

    It’s like bacon, but without the bacon.

  • JustMeAndMe

    Are they sure RIM will be still around in May?