1Weather for Android gains tablet interface, lockscreen widgets in version 2.0


  • Richard Lagravese

    Looks cute but doesn’t tell me exactly when it rains. Skymotion does it for me. Dunno why they keep putting these out when other, more precise apps are out there now. Sorry.

    • Sensei Trotter

      Agreed!! Doesn’t tell me exactly when to expect precipitation…. old news. nice ui tho

    • Jer

      Agree too! App looks nice but doesn’t tell me expected snowfall amounts. I don’t care so much if it’s going to snow, but are we getting <1cm or slammed with 25cm+. Makes a difference planning-wise… just saying.

  • Marilena

    Another skymotion fan here. So accurate awesome app.

  • Non

    Ugly useless battery eating app. Weather Eye is much better

  • Tom

    Why does a weather app need the “RUN AT STARTUP” permission?

    This suggests to me that it runs all the time in the background – is this an option that can be turned off?

  • jaydee

    Unless I’m mistaken I think Weather Bug is the only one that will get severe weather alerts in Canada. That really annoys me.

  • placator

    Just put your city’s Environment Canada page as an icon on your mobile.

    • Blackberry World

      How do you do that?
      -Do you mean leave an open page in your browser with envorontment canada/local weather and just refresh it when you need it?

  • TCK

    How ironic.

    The more it looks like the Windows Phone visual design language, the more people like it.

    • d

      That is the holo language sir. And you have not pointed out any ironies.