Additional details on Virgin’s new Silver, Gold and Platinum monthly plans


  • iphoneee

    is that next iPhone info??? I dont see apple maps

    • Plan Shopper

      When I see RIP RIM I just keep thinking:

      Rebuild In Progress RIM

    • ToniCipriani

      MS really needs a Report button for comments.

  • D

    Pretty bad… Just signed up for a 3 year at futureshop yesterday and got the $56 dollar canada wide calling and 2 gigs of data

    • CharlieMPK

      I got the same plan through the actual Virgin store the other day. I love it! They better not be switching pre-existing members to these newer plans. If so, I’m not going to be happy…

    • Brad F

      i would check your contracts to make sure they didnt bs you about the data, on their website it clearly says 1GB. this is, of course, that you really did get it on the 16th (yesterday)

  • anonymous

    Where is the RIP RIM guy?

    • takethemnow

      shhh – quiet. He finally took his meds.

    • Brad F

      can’t believe people can spam faces and i cant paste ascii art here.

    • Keith

      He saw their stock price yesterday and dropped dead.

  • Squint

    Bit of a spelling mistake on the Platinum info image. It’s Canadian not Canadaian…

    • Netguru

      They must of contracted out the spell-checking to MobileSyrup!:)

    • Netguru

      s/b must have

  • screamer

    Rip apple

  • Bad Apple

    What a crock!
    They are all Sleeping Beauties – aka robellus…
    Can’t they finally agree? Unlimited everything, including NA calling, no roaming, for $60/month – I’ll sign up entire family including dog and a cat…

    • ile2010

      Unlimited plans should not be more than $50/month. If Wind can do it for $40, the incumbents can for $50.

    • kb2755

      Not even truly unlimited, for $80/month you’re only getting 3 GB of data.

  • Crusader

    Reading all these plan is like torturing yourself and signing the contact is like going into trap.
    Thank you Wind for coming to Canada and saving us from these hungry and greedy corporate.

  • JC Fung

    Fido and Koodo’s marketing depts: let’s copy Virgin’s and then we’ll name them Ruby, Diamond, and Sapphire plans!

  • no

    that there is fools good boy

  • Kevin

    How can Virgin say “Loads of data” under platinum…when it begins at 150mb goes to 3 gb?…..

  • Stevey

    RIP Apple

  • Porilaisten

    “Loads of data”

    Bitc# Please


    How can Bell and VIrgin offer plans to members in Thunder Bay for $50.00 and that includes unlimited wide canada calling , texting and 5GB of data plus VM and CD and then they throw these plans at us and try to say they are giving us a deal and value.

  • Al

    More joke prices from a relative of one of the big 3. Most people couldn’t care less about “unlimited” minutes. People use data for making calls now through skype and other apps.

  • mike

    the platinum plans say loads of data! really 150 mb isnt loads of data! why must vm crap on our plates and tell us its steak ! is twosee retarded rip rim over and over . do they let mental ward patients use the net now ?lol

  • Peter

    Thank you, Wind.
    Big3 free for 2 years.

  • Paul

    Fido is in trouble with there 80$ plan.

  • Jimmy

    If I’m not mistaken, if you are the age of majority in your province…you can use bank card to pay instead of credit card (virgin mobile) with WIND you need a credit card.

  • Mike

    Now that people are using less minutes and more data, these carriers are coming out with plans that have lots of talk time and not a lot of data.

    Thanks guys. You’ve been very helpful.

  • Mark

    Gotta love that the $70 Platinum plan includes less than their $60 Gold plan.